14 Plus First Love Story Movie Explained in Hindi

We all know the feeling. The first love. The moment when Cupid’s arrow hits right in the heart, and one’s whole being is suddenly directed towards another human being, and one can only think of this person. The need to get a glimpse of the other. The first groping contact where the whole world is at stake. And the bubbling and jubilant feeling when you feel that the interest has been reciprocated.

All the questions about what, when, and how. The first sweet, trying kiss. And sprinted out of Yellow Brick Road while exploring each other’s bodies. It is banal and that is why it is so difficult to convey on a canvas because the simple and banal are always the most difficult. Precisely for this reason, the Russian director Andrey Zaytsev’s film is so liberatingly wonderful, because it manages to capture all of the above phrases and moods in the most beautiful way.

The young Alex lives in a desolate housing estate with his overprotective mother, who cannot accept at all that Alex is growing up. If a scene in a movie on television gets too daring, she immediately clicks away. She holds hand-wringing scares about the dangers of watching porn online and being with girls.

14 Plus First Love

And she frantically tries to hide when she herself has master visits. But the development is unstoppable. Alex avoids the mother’s embrace with the teenager’s completely hidden irritation. He turns up the music in his room and escapes into the company of his two closest friends – in short, does as most people his age would react. And then one day it happens. Alex and his friends pass a group of three girls Alex squints hypnotized at one. She turns her head and face behind the big, dark sunglasses and the bang lightning strikes down. Via the net, Alex finds out that the girl’s name is Vika and goes to the neighboring school, who are arch-enemies of his own school. But while it may cost earwigs from the skinhead-clad older students from the neighboring school, Alex does not give up. He “just” wants Vika, who leads on Facebook with provocative selfies, and he gets her. Usually, Russian films – including Russian youth films – are not exactly known for their sweetness and softness, quite the contrary.

14 Plus First Love Story Explained in Hindi Romantic Movie. 14+ 1st Luv 2015 Film कुंवारा प्यार The story of Vika and Alex could very easily have taken a different harsh and tragic turn, but that is not Zaytsev’s errand. He wants to tell a sweet and uplifting story about pursuing love and makes it beautiful and tender. Everyone will be able to nod in recognition of the dilemmas in “14+”. This is especially true of its target audience, which shares age with the film’s title. At the same time, Zaytsev tells his sunbeam story against the background of Alex’s and Vika’s desolate setting in the concrete world of the Russian suburbs. “14+” is also another underlining of the BUSTER Film Festival’s theme of courage. Alex thus shows both emotional and physical courage in his tireless struggle to reach Vika.1 You can easily accuse “14+” of being too rosy. But why do it when it just tells the story that one would like to see? Love can be complicated, but basically, it is banal, and when it succeeds, it is wonderful. It does so in “14+”, which is also visually very successful.

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