Stunning Uses of Tiger Balm

46 Stunning Uses of Tiger Balm – The Most Complete List at all times

46 Stunning Uses of Tiger Balm – The Most Complete List at all times

The usage of the balm is innumerable and sometimes even unknown. Many people know that it is very effective against muscle pain, but in reality, its benefits go beyond this single use. Here is a complete list never conceived before on the different jobs that this magic ointment can do for you:

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm


1. Muscle pain: It calms the pain of sprains due to sports injuries or caused by accidents inside the home or elsewhere. (Red Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

2. Neck and shoulder pain: This widespread pain is caused mainly by poor sitting posture in the office all day and this condition is also often called the office syndrome. Sit with your back firmly inside the chair. Remember to NOT sleep on a bad mattress (older than 8 years or low-quality ones). The balm will help if unfortunate pain does happen. (Red Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

3. Insect Bites: The ointment effectively and instantly weakens the itchy skin caused by mosquito bites, flies, and fire ants (Solenopsis Invicta) caused by its very aggressive venom. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

4. Sore throat: Apply the balm well on the throat to make it penetrate and let the herbs do their magic. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

5. Headache, Migraine: Apply on your forehead with a little bit of white balm and massage gently to loosen the tension. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

6. Stomach pain / Painful Menstruation: In case of pain during menstruation, apply the ointment two to three times a day on the lower abdomen and carefully massage for a minute. This will relax you and it eases your pain. It can also be used for all other stomach pains issues. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

7. Stuffy Nose: Put a small amount of white Tiger Balm under the nose so that the product’s essential oil can effectively unblock the nasal passages by inhaling it. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

8. Dizziness: After a busy day, or after a sleepless night, you may feel dizzy. To regain strength, open a jar, inhale the scents of the balm in order to relax and regain your spirits backs. (White Balm)

Tiger Balm Soft Lavendar

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

9. Drowsiness: You have seasickness, or have motion sickness while sitting inside the care, have always the travel-sized jar in your wallet for soothing your discomfort. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

10. Anti-inflammation: If you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, gout or other inflammations of muscle tissue, the Tiger Balm Red or oil is the remedy to use. Indeed, it has the magic of improving blood circulation to relieve muscle tissue inflammation. (Red Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

11. Toothache: Put some balm on a clean cloth (alternative use a cotton ball) and rub on the painful area and miraculously the pain will subside almost instantly. It is strongly dis-advised not to swallow the ointment. You can also apply some balm onto your side of the cheek where it is hurting. The warming essential oils will be absorbed into the skin and teeth root areas of soothing your pain for good. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

12. Burn Relief: Apply only the white version on minor burns caused while cooking or on other accident-related occasions. This way, you will calm the pain of the burn and it will prevent these small unsightly blisters appearing. Please do not use the red balm as the burn needs to be cooled (absolutely no heat). Another method is to have a small bucket of cold water, add some ointment into it and soak the burn area for 3-5 minutes. In case of a serious burn, consult a doctor immediately. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

13. Cold and flu Relief: Feeling Chills, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing at night, yes these are all common symptoms a cold/flu: Put some balm on the chest and massage until you feel this sensation of heat invade you, inhale deeply for one or two minutes until returning to your normal breathing pattern for a nice relaxing and deep sleep. (White Balm)

14. Improve Blood Circulation: In winter, if you have cold feet and hands, the red balm can come to your rescue. Indeed, it can help improve and stimulate blood circulation. Carefully massage the cold areas with this old ancient ointment and surrender to this heat that will win you quickly over in the form of warmness. (Red Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

15. Itchy Skin: It can be itchy in many ways, by touching a plant like poison ivy or having an allergy to perfume or food …. Apply some of this ointment to the itchy area, and that relieve you is on the way. Please, remember to find the cause of your itchiness to avoid it in the future. (White Balm)

16. Diarrhoea Relief: This diarrhoea can make your life very miserable, undoubtedly. How to get rid of it? 2 solutions are available to you:

  1. Take a little bit of Tiger Balm and massage around the belly button area and cover it for two to three minutes with the palm of your hand. You will feel the heat spreading around your belly which results in the desired effect.  Or
  2. Opt for a more radical but more delicate. Dab some balm on a cotton sheet and cover the anal area with the sheet for 3 to 5 minutes. Thus, the essential oils of the balm will calm the colon and stomach areas reducing this uncomfortable diarrhoea. Use with caution. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

17. Pain-Free Exercise: Many athletes who put a lot of their effort into the competition will see an increase in uric acid in their body which leads to chest pain. In such cases apply the balm before running or doing your exercise on the chest to improve blood circulation resulting in peace and comfort during this sporting exercise. (Red Balm)

Tiger Balm Red 10 Gram
Tiger Balm Red 10 Gram

18. Cramp Relief: Put some balm on a wet towel and rub around the cramped area. The balm will work after five minutes. (Red Balm)

19. Reduces Eczema: The Balm works as a powerful moisturizer to stop this inflammation condition on the skin. (White Balm)

20. Reduces Fever: The cooling patch of tiger balm is a natural way to reduce fever. It is effective for both adults and children. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

21. Athlete’s foot or Mycosis: You feel itchy between the toes and your epidermis is raw, put it on the infected area which will act much better than the chemical-based drugs. (White Balm)

22. Heals Minor Cuts: You have cut yourself by a sharp paper or knife, apply some onto the wound and instantly this burning sensation gradually disappears. (White Balm)

23. Break up Chest Congestion: Rub the bottom of your feet and put on wool socks, natural vapours of the Tiger Balm will ease chest congestion. 

24. Eases Bee/Wasp Stings: The natural ingredients of the balm will help to neutralize the poison of bee or wasp stings.

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Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

BEAUTY / Well-being RELATED:

25. An organic mosquito repellent (Deed Free): The balm is effective for avoiding mosquitoes during the summer seasons. No need for any chemical-based Deed repellents. With this ointment, you will be safe from dengue fever, malaria and other diseases related to the bites. Just apply on your arms and legs some Tiger Balm and you become a no-fly zone for the little bloodsuckers. (Red Balm)

26. Fungus on nails: Indeed it does not look nice at all. Do not worry anymore; just apply the red balm on the nails for a few days to remove the fungus for good. Camphor is an excellent natural remedy to overcome the ugly fungus. (White Balm)

27. Organic Underarm Deodorant: You sweat a lot, and it bothers you a lot, especially during a business meeting, or in the middle of the yard, and you have tried everything but have not found a solution yet. Why not apply daily the soft version to areas of your body that are sweating a lot – you will see the effect pretty soon. As it will close sweat pores, it will leave a nice smell behind. I recommend the Lavender Soft version because of its nice smell. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

28. Wart & Ulster Remover: The procedure is very simple, just apply the balm on warts and massage for a few minutes. Repeat this for one to two weeks until the product penetrates deeply and kills the wart root once and for all. (White Balm)

29. Foot & Hand Corn Removal: Put an end to the ugly looking horns or other calluses by constantly applying the balm over several weeks. Use some small amount and apply on the horn and rub for a few minutes. If you like it to be more effective, you can place warm the balm up (placing over the radiator, leaving in the sun for some time), so that the heated ointment penetrates even deeper and reaches the roots of the corns as well. (White Balm)

30. Ingrown Nails: Unsightly, very painful but there is a way you can get rid of it. Soak the nails in warm water to soften the area around them. Carefully cut the skin and nails in the area using a nail clipper. Then, gently apply the balm to this infected part. The balm will play its role as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Healing will be assured and ultra-fast. (White Balm)

tiger balm white 10 gram
Tiger Balm White 10g

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

31. Thai Massage: The Tiger Balm is used by spas around the world for total relaxation of a perfect body and mind. (Red Balm)

32. Anti-Stress: Feeling stressed can affect our behaviour and our mind in a quite negative way. You want to calm down, relax at a lower cost, inhale Tiger Balm and it will instantly relax you. (White Balm)

33. Good Night Sleep: If you have problems with falling asleep, you can use the balm as well. Apply, under the nostrils before leaving in the arms of Morpheus, you will spend a very calm night. (White Balm)

34. Bath Oil: Put Tiger Balm in your bathtub filled with hot water. Let the ointment dissolve completely. Then, step into the bathtub and enjoy this beneficial treatment for your whole body (recommended if you have a cold/flu) and it is way cheaper as buying a bathtub bomb. (White Balm)

35. Reduces Stretch Marks: To treat these small tears between the epidermis and the hypodermis, apply balm on these stretch marks for a while. No need to buy expensive creams. (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

Tiger white balm 19.4 gram

36. Cracked Heels / Re-hydrates dry skin: If your feet are roughed up by dry air or because of the discomfort of your shoes, Tiger Balm is effective in re-hydrating your cracked heels. Put some balm in warm water and let your feet soak in for a good half hour. It’s also very relaxing. If you have no time for soaking, you can also apply the balm directly on the cracked heals 3 times a day. It takes around 3 weeks for the cracks to be closed. (White Balm)

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Stunning uses of Tiger Balm


37. Odour Removal: A true champion to chase out the bad odours coming from the bathroom, the sink, the shower which could invade the whole house – for smelly closets or shoes it will help as well … Just leave an open jar of ointment in the area of smell and this smell will disappear. (White Balm)

38. Termite Control: If you live for example in Florida or in other tropical countries you most likely being confronted with these small critters eating all your wood. Spread the balm around wooden items like furniture. The film layer with the essential oil smell will keep termites away for good. (White Balm)

39. Effective Stain Remover: The White Balm can eliminate stains (for example paint) from your skin. Put a small amount of this ointment on the stain and rub underwater until it dissolves completely. (*White)

tiger balm usage

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

40. Glue/Adhesive Remover: Faced with these resistant stickers that bother you and invade your home, your car, your office and always leave these little bits of left-over stickers around that continue to bug you? Well, help is on the way with the Tiger Balm that proves to seriously remove them with ease. Simply put balm on the affected spots and use a clean cotton sheet to easily remove the toughest stickers. (White Balm)

How to use Tiger Balm

41. Squeaking Noise Remover: The chair, the door is making this squeaking nose and this turn you just crazy. The white balm or liniment oil is again here to help out. It is a temporary substitute for an oil lubricant to stop the squeaky nose. Simply apply and enjoy the silence. (White Balm)

Tiger Balm Liniment 28ml
Tiger Balm Liniment 28ml

42. Room Purifier: To get this organic scent simply mix the balm with water with a ratio of one gram per one litre. However, you can adjust the ratio as you desire by adding more or less of the balm (oil formula is actually more recommended to get a stronger or lighter scent. Please this mixture in your scent diffuser, lean back to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing scent inside the house. (White Balm) / (Red Balm)

43. Pet Training: Cats and dog do not like the smell of camphor and clove. Safely apply to areas of the house where you do not want your pets to approach. Due to smell, they will stay away for good. Cover balm in a space where they cannot reach it to avoid eating, licking (Camphor is poison for animals) – (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm Soft Lavendar

How To use Tiger Balm

44. Potty Training: To prevent your dog from marking his territory on your expensive carpet or train your little puppy just leave a pot of Tiger Balm open around the area. It’s a natural and effective repellent that will keep your dog in check. (White Balm)

45. For Horses: If your horses are in heat, apply balm under their nostrils to keep them calm and block their female odour senses. Use only a version that does not contain camphor-like Tiger Balm with low Champor or Zam Buk. Moreover, horse jockeys use this trick during horse racing so that the horse can focus on the race and not on anything else.

46. Actor Training: Your role requires that you cry on the set, but you always have problems with it. Apply some white balm under your eyes and you will cry tears as if it were true! (White Balm)

Stunning uses of Tiger Balm

  • Pain Related
  • Health-Related
  • Beauty/Wellbeing
  • Miscellaneous Use

There are Numerous use. Stunning uses of Tiger Balm.

White Balm

White Balm

Red Balm

Red Balm

Stunning uses of Wild Tiger Balm

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