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Safety Razors: 5 Difference between cheap and expensive safety razors?

Difference between cheap and expensive safety razors

Safety Razors: 5 Difference between cheap and expensive safety razors? Your shaving experience will definitely explain you the difference, but I am still trying to explain, the difference in the article. Ever wondered about the Real experience of Wet Shaving?                                 Yes – No What ever your answer may be. But it matters a lot […]

Gel Versus Liquid Hand Sanitizer. 2 Best way to Get Rid of Contamination

Gel Versus Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Gel Versus Liquid Hand Sanitizer. 2 Best way to Get Rid of Contamination Gel versus Liquid hand sanitizer The end of the year started an extra awareness towards hygiene and by the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world was clouded with extra awareness and got acclimatised itself with the concept of handy sanitiser. […]

Omega 10018 Review. Best Brush in Small Size.

omega 10018 review

Omega 10018 Review. Best Brush in Small Size. Omega 10018 Review Omega 10018 is a superb performer with comfortable shave offered in four colours (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue). A rare jewel manufactured by Omega. The brush scrubs the face with a short backbone but better than Omega 10077. Get your face scrub with an […]

Camlin Fountain Pen Ink Review. Best 5 Shades in Lowest Cost.

Camlin Fountain Pen Ink review red

Camlin Fountain Pen Ink Review Camlin fountain pen inks are loaded with 5 colours. For everyday use they more than sufficient to carry out daily works. Camlin ink colours 60ML ROYAL BLUE 60ML PERMANENT BLACK 60ML SCARLET RED 500ML BLACK 500ML ROYAL BLUE Camlin fountain pen inks are dye-based and are highly diluted, many times […]

Chandni Whitening Cream review. Among 10 worst Cream. Definitely Not For Your Skin.

Chandni Whitening Cream

Chandni Whitening Cream Chandni Whitening Cream, from Pakistan, is a great cream like Promina – Thailand and Qian Li – China, if the results are compared among all three then Chandni Gives the most desirable result, but Chandni Whitening cream comes with a high quantity of Mercury, harmful for the human body, in fact, it […]

Omega 81054 Review. Excellent Boar Brush.

Omega 81054 Brush

Omega 81054 Review Not always you need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a great product, Omega 81054 Shaving Brush is a great value deal. The overall dimension of the brush is mentioned below Dimension of Omega 81054 Shaving Brush Overall Height 110mm Loft Height 54mm Base (HANDLE) Height 56mm Loft Width […]

Omega 10290 Review. Excellent Value Brush.

omega 10290 review

Omega 10290 Review The Omega 10290 Review Professional Boar Brush, is standard size brush though it seems to appear to be a tiny brush. I just found a fun scrubbing brush for my curled beared with Omega shaving cream. With a gentle handle and light in weight. The knot is excellent, it generates excellent lather […]

Concord Nail Clippers review. Best #1 Quality Must Have.

concord nail clippers

Concord Nail Clippers Concord has always been appreciated for its built quality in men’s fashion accessories, high-end men’s grooming product is all they have been manufacturing for over years: Like umbrellas, canes and journey flasks, but do remember that production of grooming is not their main business. Concord Nail Clippers are manufactured by concord are […]

Omega best shaving cream for sensitive skin in India #1 shaving product for Men women


Omega Shaving Cream is traditional Italian shaving cream and is manufactured by the Omega Brush Company. You definitely get the feel of the Italian barber. Quickly and easily build your desired thick, rich and creamy lather for creating a moisturizing balm, protecting your face from the slicing of your favourite straight razor or safety razor […]

Omega 81052 Review Boar Brush #1 Best Bristle

omega 81052 brush review

Omega 81052 Review I had picked up the Omega 81052 shave brush a while back and noticed today that I had yet to provide my opinion on the brush. I decided on this brush solely due to the handle and when it arrived in the post and I was happy I did. It has had […]