Difference between cheap and expensive safety razors


Safety Razors:

5 Difference between cheap and expensive safety razors?

Your shaving experience will definitely explain you the difference, but I am still trying to explain, the difference in the article.

Ever wondered about the Real experience of Wet Shaving?

                                Yes – No

What ever your answer may be. But it matters a lot to every Wet Shavers.

Wet shaving is itself an art.  Different kinds of formulas, calculation and technique has been adopted to overcome the menace of removing hair from face and body.

But not always everyone is happy with the result they achieve at the end of this herculean task.

For some it is fun, many of us have taken it as a hobby and a large population of Adams always treated it as daily routine work, nothing to expect much.

Safety Razor

Will a cheap and low-quality DE razor give me a poor shave?

Cheap razors don’t necessarily mean a bad shave, for the most part, they’re cheap because of the material used to build them. Many the most part aren’t bad razors they’re just really mild. But you can definitely do better. Sounds like you have your technique down! Which is great! So I would definitely recommend upgrading. If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank.

The basic question arises is, what does a DE Razor do?

You will get a plastic DE safety razor at any local grocery store for not more than INR 100/-. The shave is perfect, better than Gillette Fusion

So what is the need to go for High quality DE razor – Feather DE Razor. It is at least 15 times expensive. This is just beginning with High quality DE Razor.

Should your expectation increase 15 times over your present experience. Then the simple answer is Yes. Otherwise, why to pay More…

 The expectation should be in appreciation to get a closer shave and No nicks.

And this is the great difference that will overall change your shaving experience, and it will drag you to exciting world of Wet Shaving.

Built quality of Safety Razors

Built Quality of the expensive Razor will be kept on improving with the scale in direct proportionate to the amount you spend.

But do you need that high built quality, the simple answer is a big NO; so, what do you need?

An optimum quality, not every razor has been able to reach this mark, two razors that I will recommend you are both from Parker; considering their optimum Quality and price and every wet shaving enthusiast should get both of them to understand the difference between cheap razor, but also among the two best Razor from the Parker.

They are:

Advantages of Safety Razor

  • Good Built Quality
  • stronger, more rigid, more durable
  • High tolerances and
  • Better design.

Must Features of Safety Razor

  • More comfort,
  • Better feel and
  • Efficient removal of stubble
  • No Nicks
  • Close and smooth Shave.

The shave should be easy: comfortable and efficient. If that is not your experience, then something’s wrong, but it may not be the razor, or not only the razor. It could be prep, DE blade choice, Shaving Cream and/or technique as well.

I had listed two razors (Parker 96R and 22C) that have been quite good for me, but in razors as in the rest of shaving, something that works well for one may not work well for another: men vary a lot in terms of their skin, beard, technique, and so on.

Some more Recommende DE Safety Razors

  • Dorco PL-602: the least expensive good razor I’ve found. It’s made of plastic and is well designed.
  • Fine Accoutrements slant: This has not been released but is a clone of a top-notch vintage slant, the Merkur white bakelite. It’s made of a tough ABS plastic, and the threaded parts are metal.
  • Parker 22C – 24C or 26C: Very comfortable and very efficient with good heft: the handle is plated brass, the head is plated Zamak. Zamak can break if the razor’s dropped and chronic overtightening will weaken the threaded connector post.
  • Parker 22R
  • Edwin Jagger and Mühle R89: Both of them have the same head, which is comfortable and efficient, but also uses plated Zamak for the heads. These in general have attractive designs and are well-liked.

Pricing of DE Safety Razor

At budget INR 5000/-, you start to get into very good razors, I had listed a few of those that have proven excellence.


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