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Final Destination 4. Explained in English.
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As the movie begins, we see four friends sitting in the audience.

Because they came to watch a car race here.

One of the friends is named ”Nick” and his friend is named ”Lori”.

Two of their friends were with them.

The name of the place where they were sitting was 180.

They were all enjoying it a lot there.

But ”Nick” was a little upset.

He wasn’t enjoying anything a bit.

He was feeling like something bad is gonna happen.

Because he was getting many negative clues there.

He sees some people around him.

A cowboy comes and sits in front of them.

An American couple was also present there to whom a guard was saying something.

A mother came along with her two kids there.

In addition to them, a car mechanic came with her best friend.

”Nick” was feeling that an accident is going to happen there,

which will cause a crash and he was right.

A screwdriver gets stuck in a car having number 45.

That screwdriver falls on the race track.

It punctures a car’s tire.

And it crashes.

A tire falls on the mechanic’s friend which causes her death.

Everyone was running around nervously.

All cars were hitting each other on the race track.

Their pieces were falling enough far away.

It causes the death of that American couple too.

The engine of a car falls on the mother of those kids.

It crushes her and she dies on the spot.

That mechanic was running and he dies in a very bad way.

After it, that cowboy dies.

Nick’s friends were running and they all die when a roof falls on them.

A huge blast occurs which causes the death of ”Lori” and the security guard.

”Nick” also dies there.

Suddenly, ”Nick” comes back to his senses.

Here, he wasn’t able to analyze what did he just see?

At the same time, that cowboy sits in front of them.

Everything was happening exactly the same as he just visualized.

It means he foresaw the future.

Now ”Nick” knows that what’s going to happen next.

An accident and crashes will occur.

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