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Plot of Final Destination 4

Final Destination 4 is the sequel movie, It begins as, we see four friends sitting in the audience. Because they came to watch a car race here. One of the friends is named ”Nick” and his friend is named ”Lori”. Two of their friends were with them. The name of the place where they were sitting was 180. They were all enjoying it a lot there. But ”Nick” was a little upset. He wasn’t enjoying anything a bit. He was feeling like something bad is gonna happen. Because he was getting many negative clues there. He sees some people around him.

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A cowboy comes and sits in front of them. An American couple was also present there to whom a guard was saying something. A mother came along with her two kids there. In addition to them, a car mechanic came with her best friend. ”Nick” was feeling that an accident is going to happen there, Which will cause a crash and he was right. A screwdriver gets stuck in a car having number 45. That screwdriver falls on the race track. It punctures a car’s tire. And it crashes. A tire falls on the mechanic’s friend which causes her death. Everyone was running around nervously.  All cars were hitting each other on the race track. Their pieces were falling enough far away. It causes the death of that American couple too.

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The engine of a car falls on the mother of those kids. It crushes her and she dies on the spot. That mechanic was running and he dies in a very bad way. After it, that cowboy dies. Nick’s friends were running and they all die when a roof falls on them. A huge blast occurs which causes the death of ”Lori” and the security guard.  ”Nick” also dies there. Suddenly, ”Nick” comes back to his senses. Here, he wasn’t able to analyze what did he just see? At the same time, that cowboy sits in front of them.

Everything was happening exactly the same as he just visualized. It means he foresaw the future. Now ”Nick” knows that what’s going to happen next. An accident and crash will occur.  The car that will crash, had number 45 in reality too. ”Nick” gets scared and nervously says that a crash is going to happen. Most people don’t digest his words and call him bad. Many people chase him out of the stadium.

Before they say something to him, his words come true. All cars crash inside. The wife of that American was trapped in there. He tries to go inside but the security guard doesn’t let him go. Because the crash covered all the stadium. Everyone was scared and nervous. Right then, a flying tire comes and crushes the mechanic’s friend. And they left shocked about what happened. A memorial is held the next night of that incident. In memory of those people, who got killed in that accident. ”nick” and ”Lori” also go there where they find survivors like them there. That American was blaming the guard for his wife’s death.

Because he didn’t let him go inside. He seemed so angry and revengeful. In the night, ”Nick” visualizes something again which makes him scared and he wakes up. He saw something like fire in his vision. He wasn’t getting it. On the other side, that American was so drunk and he goes to that guard’s house. He was going to his house while the truck’s engine was still on. Suddenly, beer cans hit the race and the truck starts moving. He gets stuck in the chain and the truck was dragging him. When fuel falls on this chain, it catches fire. He was screaming and hearing his voice, that guard comes outside. In a short time, the truck’s engine catches fire. A huge blast occurs there.

When ”Nick” sees this news he realizes that the vision he saw was the death of this American. He was thinking about it when he sees another vision. He visualizes, but he still doesn’t know who’s going to die next. That mother goes to a salon with her kids.

They were hitting the signboard with a stone. Gardener asks them to stop this and chases them away. When that lady was in the salon, many incidents occur which could’ve been the reason for her death. She’s saved from these incidents. But when she was going home, s stone hits the grasscutter. It hits straight to her eye and she dies. That stone was thrown there none other than her own kids. Due to that lady’s death, ”Nick” gets to know that death is near them.

The number 180 was also written in the newspaper. They make research on it. They get to know about death’s concept along with disasters of 180. They get information about death that how it works. If they stop the process of death, it’ll end. But it wasn’t linked to reality. ”Nick” sees another vision. Now he knew about death. But he doesn’t know that who’s next. To know this, they go to that stadium where the crash occurred. They meet the guard there.

The guard shows them the camera footage. ”Nick” gets to know that the mechanic is next now. Three of them go to his shop. They tell him everything but he wasn’t willing to believe them. Then he sees a van coming towards him. But somehow he saves himself. Now he believes their words. But it was too late now. Right then, a cylinder comes that tears him into pieces. Now ”Nick” tells that his friends ”Hunt” and ”Janet” are next. ”Nick” visualizes that their death will happen due to the water. Then they hit an idea. They plan that ”Nick” will go to ”Hunt” and to save ”Janet”, ”Lori” and that guard will go. ”Janet” was in a car-wash area and ”Hunt” was in a water park.

”Janet” was going to a car wash but due to some default, her car gets stuck in there. All doors were locked so she couldn’t come outside and couldn’t call anybody. Because signals were so down there. Not only this but the sunroof of her also got stuck. the sunroof opens a little but a water pipe breaks on top of that. Water starts coming inside the car. On the other side, Hunt’s favorite coin has fallen into the water. To bring it back, he jumps into the swimming pool. He sees that his coin has fallen into the drain hole. He gets stuck in that drain hole. They were both supposed to die in water and they had stuck in water badly.

Janet’s car got trapped in the water but somehow she moves her head out of the sunroof. ”Janet” thinks that she may save herself now. Because she was breathing easier now. But suddenly, the car starts moving and she could see her death clearly in front of her eyes. But ”Lori” comes there at a right time and saves her. They reverse her car with their car and gets succeeded in saving her life.

They got succeeded in saving her life but ”Hunt” was still there. ”Nick” also reaches there. He couldn’t find ”Hunt”. ”Hunt” dies in a very painful way. ”Hunt” dies here but ”Janet” was rescued. That guard was next. That guard had no one in his world. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of his death. Because his family had died and he had no wish to live.

But ”Lori” and ”Nick” get the clue, by which they can save him. By following the instructions, they go to his house. After reaching his house, they see that he has hanged himself. But he was still alive. He tells them that he’s practicing and trying to take his life since morning. But every time, he fails. They think that by saving ”Janet” they have stopped this process of death and now they can live their lives peacefully. They decide that they’ll go on the trip to celebrate.

”Nick” was packing his stuff. ”Lori” was with ”Janet” to watch a movie. Then ”Nick” sees news about that cowboy on TV. He was saved from the crash. ”Nick” understands that if he was saved then now he’s going to die this time. Then ”Nick” sets out for the hospital. He calls that guard there as well. They get too late because death had started its work. He dies in front of them and they couldn’t do anything. Now ”Nick” and that guard leaves from there immediately.

Because they had to go to save ”Lori” and ”Janet”. They were walking while communicating when an ambulance hits that guard far away. Then ”Nick” reaches that mall and he sees a vision again. He starts searching for ”Lori”. She was in a cinema hall. But death had started its work. The room beside the cinema hall broke into the fire. ”Nick” finds ”Lori”. He tells them that death hasn’t stopped yet. It is better to leave.

But ”Janet” didn’t want to go with them. She sits there and enjoys the movie. Then a blast scene is shown in the movie which turns into reality. It kills ”Janet” and ”Lori” was next. They try to escape that mall. But due to the blast, the whole mall was under its destruction. Lori’s foot gets stuck in the accelerator.

She dies in front of ”Nick”. ”Nick” steps into reality by coming to his senses. He foresaw the future again. He was coming out of the hospital with the guard. They were talking to each other. What was going to happen with the guard, ”Nick” knew. But before he could tell him anything, that ambulance hits him.

Then ”Nick” goes to the cinema hall and instead of going inside, he goes to the room that broke into the fire. Because he wanted to save everyone. He tries to put out the fire. It makes him injured. But in spite of this, he gets succeeded in putting out the fire. Here, he was thinking that he has saved many lives.

After it, we see a scene of two weeks later. We are shown a bus there on which number 180 was written. They were sitting in a cafe named ”Death by Caffeine”. ”Nick” was getting many negative clues there. He gets upset by seeing it again. Seeing these clues, he gets understood that he hasn’t changed anything. He didn’t save those lives. The blast wasn’t going to happen. Here, death pranked him.

Because death was not working according to them rather they were. He is compelled to think that if they’re sitting in this cafe, this too could be death’s plan. He was thinking this when a train comes there and crushes three of them. The movie ends with their death here.


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