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Hamas Fires Rockets with Larger Warheads. Israel attacked Lebanon and sent 60 WARPLANES to Gaza.

Israel ATTACKED Lebanon and sent 60 WARPLANES to Gaza.

Hamas Fires Rockets

HAMAS FIRES ROCKETS with Larger Warheads. Israel attacked Lebanon and sent 60 planes to Gaza.

israel under attack continues to monitor the situation in the Middle East and inform you about what is happening there.

According to Al Jazeera, the Israeli military has fired at least 20 rockets at the Lebanese village of Kfar Shuba in southern Lebanon.

There is no information about casualties and destruction, but today we will follow in detail what is happening on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The reason for the Israeli missiles aimed at Lebanon are attempts by radical Palestinians to fire rockets at Israel. According to Israel, the Lebanese side has had at least six failed missile attacks.

Instructions are currently being issued to residents of some Lebanese villages near the Israeli-Lebanese border to evacuate.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense confirmed the information about attacked Lebanese settlements, emphasizing that it had sent low-flying planes and drones into Lebanese airspace.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that early Tuesday morning, 60 Israeli planes attacked 65 Hamas targets in Gaza, dropping more than 100 bombs in an attempt to destroy additional tunnels under Gaza, known as the “Hamas subway.”

The attack took place at 3:45 this morning and lasted just over 30 minutes. On the other side of the barricade, Hamas fired more than 90 rockets at Israel at night.

According to information from a field source, 20 of these missiles exploded in Gaza. The IDF says it has intercepted dozens of these missiles but did not specify precisely how many.

Hamas launches rockets at Israel with larger warheads. Larger warheads, which cause more significant damage and have great destructive power, have begun to install the Palestinian political-military movement Hamas on their missiles. has learned, citing its field sources. The same information was confirmed hours later by Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] spokesman Jonathan Conricus.

“The general trend is larger warheads and increased range,” he said during an online briefing.

However, military experts say that Hamas’ move will not be successful, and the results are already visible. Many missiles fired from Gaza crash into Gaza precisely because of the larger volume of the warhead and made them much less effective than previous Palestinian rockets.

Gaza City Blasted by ISRAELI Airforce, Jets Heaviest Attack

Israeli jets blast Gaza in the heaviest attacks yet.

BRITAIN has warned Israel about civilian casualties after it launched its heaviest missile bombardment since fighting began.
Explosions rocked Gaza City for 10 minutes yesterday morning, as the Israeli Air Force targeted homes of “high-ranking commanders” of the ruling Hamas organization.

The military said airstrikes also destroyed nine miles of Hamas tunnels. Roads, water, sanitation, and hospitals have been damaged as Israel responds to militants’ rocket attacks on its cities.

Hussam Abu Harbeed, a top commander with the Islamic Jihad group, was reportedly killed
yesterday. The death toll in Gaza rose by two to 200, said, officials. Riyad Eshkuntana lost his wife and three daughters.

He said: “My wife jumped, she hugged the girls to take them out from the room, then a second
airstrike hit the room.” Surviving daughter Suzy, six, was rescued after seven hours under debris.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Israel must make every effort to avoid civilian casualties and military activity must be proportionate.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington was working hard to halt the conflict.

India’s Stand on Israel Palestine Conflict 2021

In the past India had been a major champion of the Palestinian cause. The only non-Arab country to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization or the PLO. As the legitimate representative of Palestinians. In 1975 the PLO was even allowed to open an office in New Delhi and five years later in 1980, this office was given full diplomatic status.

What about Israel?

In 1948 India voted against the creation of Israel. Until 1992 India did not establish diplomatic ties with Israel. But behind the scenes, the two sides were collaborating. Israel helped India in the 1971 war against Pakistan for the liberation of Bangladesh. It took another two decades for India to recognize Israel. Since then the relationship has blossomed at all levels. Israel helped India with defense technology during the Kargil War.

With hardware during operation Parakram against Pakistan in 2002, and by 2013 India had become Israel’s third-largest trading partner in Asia. The proximity between India and Israel did not come at the cost of India’s relationship with Palestine.
In 2003 India voted for a U.N. resolution against the construction of the west bank wall by Israel. In 2011 it voted in favor of accepting Palestine as a full member of UNESCO and in 2014 India supported a UNHRC resolution to probe Israel’s offensive in Gaza.

With time this balancing act became tougher, but pragmatism and non-alignment continued to drive India’s approach, as it dealt with Israel and Palestine independently. This was underpinned, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel in 2017.

“my singular honor to be the first-ever Prime Minister of India to undertake this groundbreaking visit to Israel and a subsequent visit to Palestine in 2018″

In february 2019 India used israeli-made spice 2000 bombs, to strike pakistani terror launch pads in Balakot.

In December 2019, India voted against America’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for India the capital is the city of Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem. which remains contested the trend is clear.

India’s decisions are based on a mature understanding and evaluation of the Israel-Palestine issues and New Delhi is following the same approach.

Now as israel and palestine exchange rocket fire india has refused to pick a side call for de-escalation and dialogue.

The way ahead is clear given its strategic interest in west Asia and, its growing partnership with Israel. It is unlikely that India is going to change its approach towards Palestine or Israel.

Israel Resumes airstrike

Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza, as Palestinian militants fire more rockets into Israel.
General strikes held in East Jerusalem, Arab towns in Israel, and in West Bank cities.
Israel bombarded Gaza with airstrikes and Palestinian militants kept up cross-border rocket fire, with no firm sign of any imminent cease-fire.
As Wednesday began despite international calls to end more than a week of fighting.
Israeli leaders said they were pressing on with an offensive against Hamas and Islamic
Jihad, but an Israeli military spokesperson acknowledged that with an estimated 12,000 missiles and mortars in the groups’ Gaza arsenal, “they still have enough rockets to fire.”
Two Thai workers were dead and seven people were wounded in a rocket strike on an Israeli farm just over the Gaza border, police said.
Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, and Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.
Rockets were also launched at the Israeli cities of Ashdod and Beersheba, further north, sending residents scrambling for shelter, in attacks that stretched late into Tuesday.
Hamas began firing rockets eight days ago in retaliation for what it said were Israeli rights abuses against Palestinians in Jerusalem.
The current hostilities are the most serious between the militant group and Israel in years.
The rising death toll. Gaza medical officials say 217 Palestinians have been dead, and more than 1,400 wounded since the fighting began on May 10.
Israeli authorities say 12 people have been dead in Israel.
Israel said its aircraft attacked homes belonging to several Hamas militants that were used
as command centers or for weapons storage.
Early on Wednesday, Israeli artillery shelled targets in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses said.
Nearly 450 buildings in the Gaza strip have been destroyed or badly damaged, including six hospitals and nine primary-care health centers, since the current conflict began, the United Nations humanitarian agency said.
Some 48,000 of the 52,000 displaced people had gone to 58 UN-run schools.
Israel said more than 3,450 rockets have been launched at it from Gaza, some falling short
and others shot down by its Iron Dome air defense system.
It put the number of militants it has killed at around 160.
“We will continue as long as it takes in order to restore calm for all of Israel’s citizens,”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a video clip on Twitter, reaffirming remarks he has made over the past several days.

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