hero 221 Ink Pen review

Hero 221 Ink Pen Review

Camlin is a really well-known company and manufacturer brand for inks in India and really low-cost flex fountain pens. Camlin Royal Blue can also be one of the crucial used inks in the fountain pens in India.

Hero 221 ink pen has an important vibrant colour Texture and It is NOT waterproof. So it is suggested not to use very treasured or classic pens with this ink. Hero 221 Fountain Pen and Hero 329 Fountain Pen can be utilized with Camlin Ink.

Cheapest Hero Fountain pen Model

hero 221 ink pen

Hero 221 is the cheapest Fountain pen model

Hero 221 is definitely a really low-cost pen. It is out there right here. There isn’t any up-to-date value of this pen obtainable since it’s a previous model. Today the plastic Model Pen Hero 221’s are offered for INR 300 Set of 3 Pen. Since it is a vitally low cost, the product high quality can also be very low cost. But what are you able to look forward to INR 300 proper? Hero at the least appears like a fountain pen. In addition, the efficiency of Hero is way past INR 300.

Hero 221 has an aero-metric filling system so mainly what it’s worthwhile to fill the fountain pen is: dip the pen into the ink bottle, squeeze the metallic spring half after which launch it whereas it’s nonetheless within the ink bottle. Wait for some time (rely upon as much as 10 for instance) and ink shall be sucked up into the sac. So, general, I preferred this pen; as it is vitally mild, has an excellent nib and bear all my expectations from an INR 300 pen. It is likely to be an excellent pen for attempting some tough inks, studying grind nib and a gift for a starter.

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