Plucking Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Premium India Tea

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DARJEELING – nestling in the foothills of the snow-capped Himalayas – grows the world’s most sought after tea. No other tea anywhere in the world has its unique “muscatel” flavour and exquisite bouquet. Darjeeling tea is a Protected Geographical Indication.

Assam Rich India Tea

ASSAM – to the far Northeast of India – the land of the one-horned rhino and the mighty river the Brahmaputra, has the world’s single largest contiguous area under tea cultivation. The rich Assam tea is famous for its strong, bright and full-bodied liquor

Assam Orthodox tea has been registered as a Geographical Indication in India.

Nilgiri Select India Tea

NILGIRIS, or ‘The Blue Mountains’ is a picturesque range Of undulating hilly landscapes in southern India. Nurtured in these slopes is the renowned Nilgiri tea, known for its fragrance and briskness
Nilgiri Orthodox tea has been registered as a Geographical Indication in India.

Kangra Distinct India Tea

In Himachal Pradesh, North India, tea is grown mainly in the Mandi and the Kangra districts. Below the towering and exquisitely beautiful snow-clad Dhauladhar Mountain range, tea is grown on the gentle slopes of the outer Himalayas. Kangra is famous for its distinctly flavoured tea with a unique flower­like fragrance with a refreshing green note accompanied by a characteristic heavy note. Kangra Tea is a Geographical Indication.

Sikkim Delicate India Tea

The state of Sikkim is a scenic beauty, nestling amidst a picturesque part of the Himalayas in North East India. From the mystic gardens of this region, the two tender leaves and a bud from the tea bushes, flourishing at an altitude Of 1400- 2000 metres, are hand-plucked with great care to bring you a brew which is light, flowery, golden yellow and delicate in flavour.

Sikkim Tea is an orthodox variety of tea with golden and white tips and a delicate, flowery flavour to entice your taste buds. Sikkim Tea has been certified organic by IMO Control, a member group of IMO Switzerland, since 2008.

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