LCD Writing Tablet Review

LCD Writing Tablet Review

Reading and writing are back in fashion, in this digital world, thanks to the ease and convenience offered by modern-day technology. There are iPad, notepad and whatnot, the Chinese manufacturer had made it all, that too reachable without burning hole in our pocket. Now Dil mange more, we want to draw and sketch over tablets and pad.

The LCD writing tablet is an excellent choice for college students, for taking notes, memos and many others. Here is the LCD Writing Tablet/ Pad overview that gives you a concept of what this gadget can do. You can purchase this for $4 that involves approximately Rs. 290.


There is a delete button you’ll be able to press that button to erase the content material on the display screen. This LCD Writing Tablet comes with an 8.5-inch display screen, there are different writing tablets accessible with completely different display screen sizes and priced accordingly.

8.5″ LCD Writing Tablet of Environmental Protection Portable Digital Drawing Handwriting Board.

The quality of this particular LCD Writing Tablet is superb, is sturdy and there’s a detachable cell battery that works solely with the delete button. This implies that in the event you take away the battery you possibly can still write on the display screen however to erase you will have to make use of the delete button and it’ll solely work when there’s a battery inside.


Also, because the delete performs is the one factor that wants the battery, the battery will final for as much as 2 years.

The technology behind it that makes it work.

The LCD Writing Tablet comes with a plastic stylus, with a holder at the bottom where it can snap into place. Simple writing pressure works well. Pressing harder creates a bolder line. I didn’t have too much luck making thicker lines with the angled nib, but that might just be a matter of practice.



I attempted utilizing my hand stress, thumb/finger strain and there was nothing recorded on the display screen. If you utilize a sharp object just like the pen or your nail, you’re going to get the impression. As for the writing expertise it was very clean, as in case you are writing on a paper.

An excellent possibility for college kids for tough use, for memos, notes and so on. you possibly can consider many different situations the place paper utilization may be diminished.

Is it “LCD Tablet” in true Sense

No. By LCD Writing TABLET we draw an image of IPAD and other high ended device, so calling this writing pad LCD is something misleading, but not in the true sense, there is an LCD technology because it works on Button Cell or Battery we call it. Actually it uses a different kind of LCD technology. It is not a display panel, a linear surface that is sensitive to pressure and strain. On pressing harder with pointed objects, delivers a result on it.


At the top of it you find one DELETE button, on pressing it, the whole content gets erased. It completes an electronic circuit that reset the panel.

The tablet is equipped with accident lock button feature at the rear side of the panel. In case you press the DELETE button accidentally, then the content does not get released. It is a kind of protection.


It is just a simple writing device, it cannot be connected to PC, nor there is any memory card to support storage. If you want to save any content that you have created over it then simply take a picture of it on your phone.

The form factor of this device certainly gives you the idea of a TABLET, but you must call it an electronic slate.
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LCD Writing Tablet Price

LCD Writing Tablet may not be easy to purchase on Local Stationery Shop, but they can easily be attained through online.

Buy it on and Amazon. There are various price tagsit comes from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 depending on the model.

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LCD Writing Tablet Review

Model: HSP85

  • Office
  • Family
  • School
  • Paperless For business people, designers, engineers, teachers and doctors.
  • Love your family enjoy your life As the family message board, can be placed on the table and desk.

User guide LCD Writing Tablet Review

  • Good helper for students Class notes, drafts, and scientific equations to solve mathematical problems.
  • Erase button, Press the button to delete the contents of writing, Cannot delete please replace the coll. Cell box, When replacing the cell can be pulled out in the direction of the arrow. 8.5 inches of writing area.
  • To win at the beginning Easy to cultivate children’s writing, calculus, painting ability, simple,cleanly and interesting.
  • Pen, Use the pen in the direction of the arrow is pulled out
  • Unspoken words Light and easy to carry, and can be recycled, can let deaf people communicate easier.

Features and LCD Writing Tablet Review

  • Erase button
  • Stylus holder(stylus included)
  • Durabel, shatterproof plastic LCD
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Ultra thin, only 4.5mm thick
  • Pressure-sensitive writing surface


1. Avoid using in the following conditions:

The ambient temperature changes sharply: Above high temperature 40°C, Under low temperature 0°C: Under the strong light; Under ultraviolet light; In the dust in the environment, In a humid environment. The product with water or soaked in any liquid.

2. Avoid contact with sharp objects or sticky surface of

the screen to prevent damage; Avoid dropping the product vertically on the ground. Avoid the product by the strong impact of other objects. 3. Please use a clean cloth to gently wipe clean 4. Do not disassemble this product without authorization 5. Do not use this machine model does not match the cell and the cell is not standard.

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