Macabre (2009) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu 

पूरी फिल्म की कहानी हिंदी – उर्दू में समझें।

A video clip is watched as the movie starts. In which a lady is standing along with three kids including 2 boys and 1 girl. Now the exact story of the movie starts from here. A man named “Adjie” is seen. He had a wife, and their baby was about to be born. Due to the vacations, they and their friends plan to move to Australia to pass them. They depart in a car together, packing the luggage. Because they had to go to the airport.

Now it is seen as they are driving to the airport. Suddenly, a mysterious girl appears before them. Adjie’s friend gets out of the car and asks her, What has occurred with you? She says, I am lonesome and unprotected. I am not getting help to go to my house. Can you drop me? My house will be on the way to the airport. They think, It is good to help this lonesome girl at this time! So they lift her thinking they will drop her on the way. Now it is seen that they eventually reach her house location. That place was abandoned where her house was situated.

So that mysterious girl appeals to them, You all have helped me a lot, You may come to my house! I will introduce you with my mother. They were not willing to come but they had to come on her insistence. They enter the house. At last, the mother of that mysterious girl appears there. She begins to converse with all.

But it was Adjie’s wife whom she was noticing too much. Then she says to all of them, You may gossip and enjoy here, I may return after preparing dinner for all of you. Then a female friend says to them , I ‘m going outside to smoke this time. As she steps outside to smoke, she notices a man.

It was appearing as he was moving while pulling someone. She is still seeing it then that man catches her sight. And he begins to stare at her. That girl is scared due to this action. Ignoring that man, she comes inside. Afterwards, she begins to have a look at the whole house along with her friend. Where that mysterious girl and her family’s photos are stuck. The mother of that mysterious girl is “Dara” who is the leading character of this movie. They all are casting a glance over the photos then Dara’s elder son approaches there. 

He asks Adjie’s female friend, Why did you come inside after being afraid?

After this, he starts his further conversation with her. Then it is seen that “Dara” brings tea for them. Then they all begin to dine at the dining table. Then “Adjie” and his wife move to the room for resting and others also. At the first sight, all had begun to knock out. It was as “Dara” had drugged the dinner. A poor boy loses her consciousness at the dining table.

That mysterious girl stood beside him when he regained his senses. He asks him, Where are my other friends? That girl says, They are taking a rest! You should also take rest as you are tired.

But that boy observes that the mysterious girl’s behaviour is changing awkwardly. And he also suspects thinking how their friends may go for rest, leaving him. Then that mysterious girl steps towards him. But he pushes her back. So that mysterious girl scars his arm with her knife.

That boy starts to run in fear from her. And he heads towards her , picking the same knife.

He says, What is the issue with you? Then that mysterious girl again attempts to attack him.

Meanwhile, that mysterious girl’s brother reaches there. Hearing the noise of them, “Adjie” and his wife also approach there.

But that boy, the son of “Dara” does not value them. And he fractures their friend’s arm before them. After this, he moves to “Adjie”. That brutal man breaks his leg. “Adjie” insists his wife, Hide yourself in the room! So she immediately locks the room door, going inside. At the same time, Dara’s son also appears there. He begins to hit the knife on the door, supposing something.

There is a hand of Adjie’s wife on the opposite side of the door, Knife is stabbed into her hand which starts bleeding. Being scared, she begins to scream. “Adjie” was still outside. Then it is seen that the remaining friends are 2 male friends and 1 female. They are imprisoned in the cellar, bringing them there. Their hands were tied up. Then a female friend among them drags herself towards the door with great difficulty.

There is hole in the door through which she was able to look outside. She notices that Dara’s elder son is making a video of their other friend. He had not made him unconscious. He cuts his head, lifting a chainsaw. At first sight, he dismembers his whole body. Then he packed him in a plastic bag. Then he is moving to the cellar with that plastic bag. Instantly, the head of that boy springs out the plastic bag and they start shouting again. Because they were witnessing their death in front of their eyes. 

That female friend gets anxious, And Dara’s elder son brings her outside along with him. Now he lays her down on the surface of the table, tying her. That man torments her . Then he returns  to the cellar again to torment both boys. Meanwhile, that girl unties her hand. She injures Dara’s elder son when he comes back to her again. She stabs a knife into his stomach, grabbing from him. Being wounded, he falls down.

Then she comes to the cellar to release her friends , untying herself. Now “Dara” is shown upstairs. She has bound Adjie and one more of his friends. She wounds “Adjie” , pricking her large hair pin. And his wife is getting worried about who was still locked in the room. And she is depressed. Then she realizes some people are outside. She peeps through the window. She tries to call them. But they had come to buy the human flesh. Ignoring her, they leave from there.

They had bought that human flesh from Dara’s daughter, a mysterious girl. Now it was clear that it was their job. They used to sell human flesh. At the same time, it is seen that Adjie’s wife’s condition starts to get upset. And she begets a baby after a while. She was suffering from pain because Dara’s had drugged her drink. Hearing the crying of his baby, “Adjie” cannot control himself, He tries to move ahead. But he falls down along with the chair. And “Dara” was not caring at all.

As that female friend had released her remaining friends from the cellar. Now they were thinking of escaping from the cellar. Finding the exit, they move outside from there. Then Dara’ s both kids as that mysterious girl and his brother approach there. They check that three of them are not here. While discovering, they know that they have run away. They lose their temper. These kids were actually appearing insane. Those friends are searching for their car.

But their car was not there, So they decided and said, We may move into the forest , escaping from them! Before taking any action, that mysterious girl comes there. She has an arrow ranged weapon. She begins to shoot an arrow. And one of the male friends’ ears is injured. His ear is wounded. Then “Dara” comes there. And she starts shooting an arrow, snatching from her daughter. That arrow targets Adjie’s female friends who fall down as being unconscious.

Her two male friends were proceeding.

They did not know that their female friend had left behind. Knowing this, one of the friends turn to take her with him. But he had committed a mistake by doing so. Because Dara’ son had also reached there at that time. He stabs a knife into his back which causes the great loss of his blood. Moreover, he also breaks his neck. Now that female friend begins to run from there.

And Dara’s son also begins to pursue her.

Now the surviving male friend comes before Dara’s son. Now Dara’s son also starts to attack him but he runs away. He reaches the road. It seems as if he has come before a vehicle. And he may be crushed by it. Anyhow, the scene takes a turn. Coming out of the room, Adjie’s wife embraces her husband.Because he is lying wounded. Getting the chance, “Dara” snatches the baby of “Adjie”.

She says to both, I have taken this baby now! You may leave this baby in my possession if you want to go, rescuing yourselves. Forget it! you may not survive if you attempt to grab a baby. It is a good chance for you to think. I can allot a little time to you! But how could Adjie’ wife let her baby leave? She begins to pursue her so she may take her baby back. She did not yearn to survive without that baby. “Adjie” also starts calling after her. But she does not respond. 

So he himself begins to follow her. “Adjie” steps into a room, chasing them. There are many bones lying on the floor. Picking it, he knows these bones are of the little babies. “Dara” was responsible for everything. Then it is seen that Adjie’s wife’s neck is stabbed with the same large hair pin of “Dara”. And she is nearly to die. Stepping towards “Adjie”, she loses her life. “Adjie” becomes aggressive after seeing it. He advances “Dara” to kill her.

He begins to hit her violently. “Dara” had already placed aside the infant. Meanwhile, Adjie’s female friend also appears there. But Dara’s elder son takes her away from the backside, masking her. On the other side, “Dara” was strangling “Adjie” during the fight, holding sway over him. Meanwhile, some police officers show up at their home.

They says, A man comes before our car so we find your house nearest one. So we are here to leave him to you so he may be taken care of. In fact, that man was not anyone else but the friend of “Adjie”. It was just seen that he had come before a cra. But it remained unrevealed what happened to him. Actually, it was a patrol police car. So police officers brought him here.

Now “Dara” and her daughter say, “He is our worker! And they tell us about others as he is our driver, guest and so on. Police officers take them suspects. So they say, We want to check your house! But they get nothing against them , discovering the house. After this, they move, leaving that man there. But a police officer notices that there is a video recorder. Playing it, the same video clip appears , watched at the start of the movie.

The woman shown with 3 kids was “Dara” not the other one. And these three kids are her same kids including a mysterious daughter and two sons. He is noticing that “Dara” is training her kids to victimize human beings. Actually, it was the family of the cannibals. They want to survive and be young, eating human flesh. Contrarily, it is shown that Adjie’s female friend is being beaten upstairs by Dara’s elder son. And he is slashing her arm. Then he tries to seduce her.

But that female friend targets his eye with a wood, lying aside.

Suffering ache, he screams. Police also hear this sound. One of the police officers moved upstairs. But Dara’s elder son puts him to death while slaughtering. But police officers are brave enough so he fires his gun on him before dying. Now Dara’s younger son switches off the light of the whole house. Taking advantage of it, Dara’s daughter ends up a police officer. And Dara’s other son also injures a police officer.

Then he ends him , slaughtering. The chief police officer is too scared. He begins to run away. One of the police officers fires his gun on Dara’s younger brother. But he does not get any harm.

Further, Dara’s younger brother injures him, firing his gun. Then Dara’s daughter ends that police officer. But that chief police officer injures Dara’s daughter while shooting. “Dara” is gone mad, witnessing it. 

Taking a knife, she throws it on his shoulder. The chief of police fires his gun on her but she is getting no harm. Police officer had fallen down because of her attack. Taking advantage of it, she lifts a pointed thing and hits him many times. So that police officer died. Then she comes to her daughter. Her daughter is feeling much pain. And she cannot tolerate it. So she herself breaks her neck and she dies.

She does so that her daughter may not suffer more pain. Then it is seen that Adjie’s female friend reaches the top floor where Adjie is present. He is seated in sorrow, holding his infant.

He says to his friend, Hold my infant! And he immediately starts damaging all things in the room in aggression such as walls and other things. Hearing this sound, Dara’s son approaches there.

While there, he beats Adjie’s female friend.

Then he forces him to lie down on the table. He is about to behead “Adjie” then his surviving friend comes there. Stopping him, he pours a liquid on him. He also knifes him along with it but Dara’s son remains safe. He also captures Adjie’s friend. He is nearly to slaughter him then Adjie’s female friend throws a lighter on him. As a result, his whole body is set on fire. It means, Dara’s son had been enveloped in fire now because of that liquid. His whole body was burnt into fire.

Getting benefit of the situation, Adjie’s female friend leaves, taking them. They also have infants. But Dara’s son also begins to pursue them. But they behead him while fighting.

Then it is shown that “Dara” has beheaded Adjie’s male friend. Now she was proceeding to kill them. “Dara” is holding a chainsaw . Due to this , Adjie’s female friend is wounded. Then “Adjie” also tries to rescue his friend, reaching there. At the same time, “Dara” cuts her arm, using chainsaw. He pushes his gun towards his female friend who was lying aside. Then she begins to fire on “Dara” continuously. In the beginning, he does not receive any wounds.

Then she slashes her many times, using chainsaw. She begins to slaughter her with the necklace around her neck, It means she beats him many times. As a result, “Dara” dies. Then that girl moves to “Adjie” who is about to die. He requests his female friend, Take care of my infant son! Being grieved, she breaks the lock of the door, lifting a chainsaw.

Afterwards, she gets in the car , coming outside. But it is shown that “Dara” is still alive. She reaches her car. Now Adjie’s female friend instantly drives the car speedily. So “Dara” falls away due to this. And the car door is also damaged. Adjie’s friend feels again that “Dara” surely dies at this time. Because she had gone weaker. She pampers Adjie’s infant. And she moves the car into another direction. She leaves from there. But it is also shown that Dara’s hand was still stirring. It means that she had still life. And she might resurrect again. But the movie completes this scene. Thanks for reading.


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