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Mehndi design’s importance can be easily evaluated from the Bollywood song Mehndi Lagake Rakhna, Doli Sajak ke Rakhnaa it mesmerizes the Yester years of past life. It roughly translates to “Put your Mehendi on, decorate your Palanquin, as your Prince is on his way to take you away with him”! The emphasis is more on the Mehendi, as it is the first step to kickstarting a traditional wedding celebration.

An Enchanting Bouquet of Roses

There are also beliefs that the more pigmented your Mehendi design is, the better your married life is going to be! Whether they are mere tell-tales or facts, applying even a simple Mehandi design offers numerous health benefits, apart from making our hands look pretty!

Mehndi Designs for Legs

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Ultimate Bridal Designs

But, when and where did this tradition of Henna body art all began? The art of decorating human skin with Henna was mentioned in the ancient Hindu Vedas, which indicates how old this form is. In the 12th Century, the Mughals introduced the concept of applying intricate Mehndi designs on hands and legs to decorate the bodies. With time, the patterns and techniques have changed to keep up with contemporary tastes.

Traditional Flower Petals MEHNDI

If you thought that Mehendi is exclusive for brides alone, you are so wrong! You can practice this art by taking inspiration from these simple Mehendi designs, to begin with!

Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners:

The Symmetrical Beauty

Do you feel that applying Mehndi is a complex task and just not your cup of tea? Well, it’s no rocket science, if you practice it every day. Start with basic patterns and keep adding intricacies as you gain confidence. You can either do it yourself or request your friend to spare some time and lend her hands for a while. Once you are all set, you can create an elegant and beautiful pattern in less than 30 minutes. Are you ready for it? Here are a few images of simple and beautiful Mehndi designs to begin with:

Most Loved Mehndi Designs In 2020:

1. Indo-Arabic Art:

Indo Arabic Mehendi Design

If you are a fan of Arabic designs, then why not start your practice with them? Take a look at this latest pattern which combines multiple elements to decorate the palm. First floral motifs are drawn on the side of the hand, which is developed further with geometrical elements like crisscross lines, swirls, dots, lines, etc. You can take ideas from here and create your own statement Mehendi art!

  • Suitable Occasion: It is ideal for small events like family gatherings, traditional Pujas or even a close friend’s wedding. The design is elaborate, but not overwhelming. So you need not wait for occasions!
  • Design Placement: Front and Back of Hands. You can try it on the feet too.
  • Suitable Skin Tone: Any skin tone, as palms are usually light-coloured than the rest of the body.
  • Matching Ornaments: Haath Phool, Bangles or Statement Rings.

2. Easy Lotus Mehndi Designs:

simple mehndi designs

Other than simple flowers in easy mehndi images that we often see, the lotus is another flower that is quite simple to make. And when this lotus motif is shaded further, it gives a more traditional look. In this above simple mehndi design, lotus and mango leaves are very beautifully used to give a complete simple look.

  • Suitable Occasion: Suitable for festivals and family parties
  • Design Placement: You can apply this on your palms and back of the hand
  • Matching Ornaments: Pair with an ethnic and traditional outfit

3. Checks Art by Designer:

The Charming Checks Pattern

Checks are evergreen designs and never go out of vogue! They are simple, yet very stylish! Here is one such idea in which the style of the conventional checks is taken to a whole new level. It starts with a cute heart-shaped design in the centre of the hand, which is surrounded by an easy mandala pattern. The sides are adorned with different types of diagonal lines to make it look effortlessly beautiful.

  • Suitable Occasion: This Arabic-style design can be applied for pre-bridal ceremonies like engagements and other rituals. It looks great for family gatherings and festivals like Diwali!
  • Design Placement: The pattern works well on the back of your palms
  • Suitable Skin Tone: Light and medium skin tones, for the pigment, must show on the hands
  • Matching Ornaments: Simple bracelet, floral jewelry, or statement cuffs.

4. Petals of The Lotus Mehandi Designs:

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