omega 10018 review

Omega 10018 Review. Best Brush in Small Size.

Omega 10018 Review

Omega 10018

Omega 10018 is a superb performer with comfortable shave offered in four colours (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue). A rare jewel manufactured by Omega.

Omega 10018 Yellow

The brush scrubs the face with a short backbone but better than Omega 10077. Get your face scrub with an enjoyable shave. The bristles are so smooth that you even don’t feel it.

The Omega 10018 is an extremely soft brush, with good quality of Boar bristles packed into it. The handle of Omega 10018 provides a good backbone. The brush gives a comfortable lather for 2 passes.

The dimension of Omega 10018

Height103 mm
Loft50 mm
Base53 mm
Knot23 mm
Omega 10018 Review

Conclusion of Omega 10018 Review

omega 10018 Blue

Omega 10018 shaving brush gives average lather, at a very a reachable price with soft bristles and scratch-free shave. Omega 10018 is an outstanding brush with ultimate value.

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