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The Legacy of Omega Brushes cannot be ignored, it does make any sense how much you want to spend on Wet Shaving. Omega has everything for everyone. Omega is not new to the game of Shaving Brushes.

Omega 10077 Review

omega 10077 review
Omega 10077 Review

Omega 10077 Shaving Brush is just an entry shaving brush. With having ample bristle to its command and smallest knot in the line-up, the omega 10077 will not disappoint you, It has little more to offer than Omega 10066 Shaving Brush. The Bristles of Omega 10077 review are sufficient in numbers to generate enough lather to make 3 passes of shave at a single go with Omega Shaving Cream.

Omega 10077 Green
Omega 10077 Green

Available in three different colours RED, GREEN AND BLUE colour with duo effect clear acrylic is a luxury but at the same time paying something little extra will fetch you Omega 81054 Shaving Brush With dripping Stand.

Omega 10077 being the smallest of all Shaving brushes in the arsenal of Omega, is highly recommended to have their first taste of Boar Bristle Brush. Exciting duo colour vase-shaped, superb Built Quality.

Omega 10077 Review

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Dimension of Omega 10077

omega 10077 dimension
  • Height 98mm
  • Loft 50mm
  • Knot 21mm

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You can Omega 10077 at below INR. 500 at Lelow Online

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    Omega 81054 Pure bristle shaving brush | Best Deal at Low
  • Omega 10077 brush
    Omega Shaving Brush India | Omega 10077 Brush Best in Quality
    From: 498
  • omega shaving cream
    Omega Shaving Cream Tube Pack #1 Best sensitive shaving cream

Boar Brush Is better or Badger Brush?

Boar Brush are cheaper in price with Excellent lather. Boar Brushes are good.

Some excellent Omega Brush 81054

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