omega 10290 review

Omega 10290 Review

The Omega 10290 Review Professional Boar Brush, is standard size brush though it seems to appear to be a tiny brush. I just found a fun scrubbing brush for my curled beared with Omega shaving cream.

omega 10290

With a gentle handle and light in weight. The knot is excellent, it generates excellent lather with almost every kind of shaving soap and cream. The level of lather it generates is unbelievable.

  A dark workhorse and favourite of those who want to give gentle scrub to their face on every shave omega 10290 shaving brush help in exfoliating the face. It may not be suitable for everybody in many ways, the shaving brush is really good and efficient.

Omega 10290 Shaving brush is small brush?

Not it is not that small it is slightly small compared to other brush.

Dimension Omega 10290

Height:105 mm
Loft:51 mm
Base:54 mm
Knot:21 mm


Omega 10290 Shaving Brush is an excellent value Brush

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