omega 81052 brush review

Omega 81052 Review

I had picked up the Omega 81052 shave brush a while back and noticed today that I had yet to provide my opinion on the brush. I decided on this brush solely due to the handle and when it arrived in the post and I was happy I did.

It has had a front-row spot in the shaving cabinet because of its handle, but would probably have gained that position based on its performance as well.

omega 81052
Omega 81052

Staying on the topic of the handle of the Omega 81052, beyond its aesthetics it is nice to handle as well. It is a decent size, as you get to the end of the handle you may find it a bit difficult to manoeuvre if you have larger hands.

I did expect the handle, and brush, in general, to be a bit heavier. Of course, that assumption was based solely on the image of the brush and what my imagination dictated the brush should weigh.

Like most Boar brushes the bristle had an excellent firmness to them. Making it great for hand soap and for exfoliation while applying. I was surprised to find that the end of the bristles was softer than expected. Typically Boar brushes soften up somewhat over time, the Omega 81052 was soft out of the box.

Picked this little number up from Gary at Shoebox Shaving last week, finally gave it a go tonight. Truthfully, I was having a little sad last week, and I bought this one purely for the sexy little handle. That and I did not have a banded boar.

The handle od Omega 81052 is great, just long enough, and feels right with my grip style, which is near the end. As it was required a tiny and little boar with new Omega Pro that adjusts in budget and pocket. I also picked up a 10066 but will save that for another review.

omega 81052 Review

Price – A definite 10. For about Rs. 1700.00 shipped, you can’t beat it, like most boars out there.

omega 81052 review
Omega 81052 Review

Quality – It’s an Omega, what more can I say?

Density – Primarily not of any importance Badger Brush, punched with a huge number of a sufficient number of bristles in it. Commands enough build you a good lather.

Stiffness of tips – Omega 81052 is a Boar Brush, so you are gonna have an abundance of stiffness, great for soaps. Will have to try creams and update.

The softness of tips – This is what surprised me. Usually, boars take a while for the tips to split, and get the great softness from them, but this one had softness right out of the gate. I marked it an 8 as I am sure it has not reached its full potential in this area, but there is not as much room for improvement as saying an Omega Pro, or the 81054.

Ergonomic – The handle of Omega 81052 is just about perfect, and the loft to knot ration lets you put the lather where you want it without making a mess. I am really digging these shorter lofted Boars. I don’t want as short as a VDH, but not as long as the Pro. I’ll still use the Pro, but only when I have more cleanup time.

omega 81052 brush
Omega 81052 Brush


Latherability – An huge copious Lather with Omega Shaving Cream. I loaded the brush and proceeded to face lather rather than bowl lather, my usual method. I had enough thick creamy lather for the 4 pass shave, with some leftover.

I’m sure if I had bowl lathered, I would have had even more. Prior to the shave, I ran a test lather with Denim Shaving Cream and Nivea Shaving Cream, in a bowl, and got enough lather I wanted to take a picture for all the Boar naysayers, but I was too eager to get a shower and try it out for real.

Lathering with Omega 81052 is a joy as well. Great water retention, not as good as my Badger brushes, but great for a Boar brush – holding more than enough water than I would need. Lathering with hard soaps is a breeze as well, usually creating an excellent lather with little to no effort.

I tried using this Omega 81052 brush with some soft creams and didn’t like the results as much, opting instead for my Badger Brush when using a soap-like Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Applying the lather is also enjoyable. Even distribution is achieved with little effort. I prefer to ‘paint’ the lather on with this brush rather than use circular motions, the results were a bit more desirable.


Conclusion and to summarize, this is about the most I would ever pay for a Boar, and I am really happy with my purchase. One other note, it does not seem to have as much “animal smell” as my other brushes. After just two latherings, the odour has diminished a lot.

Overall I would recommend the Omega 81052 to anyone looking for their first shaving brush or something to add to their collection. Granted you could find a slightly cheaper Boar Brush, but for the extra few Rupees, it is worth the upgrade, if for the handle alone.

Omega 81052 Review

If you don’t plan on using hard soaps you may want to consider a Badger brush or failing that a Synthetic Brush.

I worked the 10066 more thoroughly, and it still has a stronger smell. If you are looking for a boar brush that will give you 60% of it’s potential right out of the box, I highly recommend Omega 81052 brush.

Omega 10077 Brush is the beginner Brush. Omega 81052 Brush.

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