Omega 81054 Brush

Omega 81054 Review

Not always you need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a great product, Omega 81054 Shaving Brush is a great value deal.

The overall dimension of the brush is mentioned below

Omega 81054 review

Dimension of Omega 81054 Shaving Brush

Overall Height 110mm
Loft Height54mm
Base (HANDLE) Height56mm
Loft Width41mm
Knot Diameter25mm
Dimension of Omega 81054 Shaving Brush

The above-mentioned dimension of Omega 81054 Brush categorized it as a medium to a big size shaving brush.

Omega 81054 Shaving brush is made in Italy

The Brush is softer than Omega 10290 Shaving Brush, it does not scrub the face as some other boar bristle brush do.

omega Shaving Brush 81054
omega Shaving Brush 81054

Omega 81054 Review

The scratchiness of this brush fade ways with time and gradually this brush becomes soft, it has extra sifted tips, much time is not required to gets it to soften, within two weeks it becomes soft.

Like the Omega 10275 brush, this brush is suitable for face lathering shaving sticks or rough shaving soaps. It also performs best with shaving cream. The size of the brush is compatible with the mentioned accessories. Omega Shaving Cream.

Using Omega 81054 Shaving Brush is great fun. The tips become extremely soft and it provides a great experience to use it on the face, round and circular emotional strikes, since there is no scratch at all, only soft tips, enhanced by the superb firm backbone.

Omega 81054 Review bristle density

Omega 81054 value for money

Its hair density is medium – sufficient to produce excellent lather, you can consider other Omega boar brush with a similar dimension:

Omega 81054 Hair Density

It has an acrylic handle made of ivory plastic banned with a clear base, lightweight, and great to hold, it is not at all difficult to work with Omega 81054 brush.

Buy Online omega 81054 Brush

Omega 81054 Review online Prices

The brush is available at around INR 700 at the aggressively marketed brush makes it a great purchase and at such value for the price defiantly it’s not to miss.

Conclusion of Omega 81054 Brush

It is not the first Omega Shaving Brush in my shaving Arsenal, I am great shaving with this brush if you wish you can avoid badger brush since boar brushes are great. Omega has a huge line of the shaving brush, you must not forget Omega Shaving Cream it makes a great shaving Combination.

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