Omega Shaving Cream is traditional Italian shaving cream and is manufactured by the Omega Brush Company. You definitely get the feel of the Italian barber. Quickly and easily build your desired thick, rich and creamy lather for creating a moisturizing balm, protecting your face from the slicing of your favourite straight razor or safety razor blade.

Omega’s shaving cream tube is a favourite among classic shaving enthusiasts and includes eucalyptus oil for creating the ultimate protective barrier that refreshes. 

Omega Shaving Cream Tube Ingredients

Water, myristic acid, stearic acid sorbitol, palmitic acid, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, citric acid, disodium phosphate, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, perfume, hexyl cinnamal, limonene.

omega best shaving cream for sensitive skin

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t had the opportunity to post reviews and articles as often as would have liked. Unfortunately, in the end, home life trumps my wet shaving world. The good news is that I found some time to shave, ponder, and write a review for my tub of Omega shaving cream.

P1030101I don’t really have a reason to pick up one shaving cream over another other than whether or not I have used it in the past. If the answer is no, then chances are I will give it a shot. On occasion, I pick up creams or soaps because I have heard or read positive things about it, which is the case with tub of Omega Shave Cream. Having read several people rave about it, many claiming it to enjoy it over Proraso Green. I’m a big fan of Proraso, so I had high hopes for the Omega.

shaving cream for sensitive skin

omega shave cream, if this was simply a comparison of the two products I would say that the Omega Shave Cream and the Proraso Green and very similar but not the same. Their ingredient list is very similar with only a few differences in the two. I would say that of the two I prefer the scent of the Proraso simply because it isn’t, as potent as the Omega was for me. That is not to say that the Omega was offensive, but just a bit too much for my liking – not enough to say it was bad.

Besides the scent, the Omega experience was great, on par, if not even a more pleasant experience when it came to the lathering and effectiveness of the cream. I had a close comfortable result with every shave (three or four of them), the lather didn’t dry up – on my face or in my lathering bowl for pass number two or three. Excellent cushion and slickness hardly felt the razor on my face.

omega shave cream itself has an interesting consistency. The Omega Shave Cream doesn’t have the same feel as saying a Taylor of Old Bond Street cream which is much softer, and it is unlike the Proraso which is closer to a hard soap than a cream (not saying it is a hard soap). I found that my softer Badger hair brush was more effective in producing a nice lather; where is use a badger brush to lather my Proraso.

If you are looking for a new experience the price point of the Omega Shave Cream makes it an attractive option. If you absolutely can’t take the strength of the scent you could always pass the bowl on to someone else. But even if the smell is too much for you, I would be surprised if they end result doesn’t impress.

Before you buy: 4 Things to consider when purchasing shaving cream

1. Skin type

One of the primary things shaving cream does is protect your skin – and therefore knowing which kind of skin you have is going to be vital.

But there are other considerations, like how your skin reacts to specific ingredients, how often you shave, and various others which all center around understanding your unique skin.

You see, there are three common types of skin – oily, sensitive, and dry. But within these three categories, there are huge variations, and most men will find they have a fairly unique set of traits with regards to their skin.

So rather than just looking for ‘the best shaving cream for sensitive skin’, you’ll need to be extra conscious of all aspects of your skin and be careful to look at reviews to see how people with your skin needs have found specific products to effect.

2. Ingredients

mens shaving cream for sensitive skin

Put simply, what you put into your body is important. As is what practices you support with your wallet. So avoiding toxic, dangerous is important, as is avoiding unethical and environmentally harmful ingredients.

Parabens are often used in skincare products because they prevent bacteria growth, which is obviously good. But they’re hugely toxic and bad for your health. Plus there are plenty of alternative ingredients companies now use instead

Similarly, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLES are best avoided. Both have often been used in shaving products historically, but like parabens, they have been discovered to be toxic and public outcry has rightly led to them being used less and less.

Then there are unethical ingredients, like palm oil, which you need to look out for.

Of course, this isn’t to say you have to look out for such ingredients – that’s a choice for you to make, depending on your own moral opinions.

But you should at least be aware that, if things like that do bother you, they’ve been widely used in shaving creams and you’ll want to be extra vigilant and check your ingredients carefully!

3. Scent

omega shaving cream

While the smell is not the no.1 concern of any man looking for shaving cream, it’s important to note that not all creams are scentless and therefore you will need to be aware of what you’re getting yourself in for!

This is something you’re going to be using likely several times a week for at least a few months.

So getting involved with a scent that you just can’t stand is definitely not a good idea!

We’ve tried to take scent into account in our reviews, but of course, each person’s olfactory sense is unique to them – so take care to note smells when you’re looking at shaving creams!

4. Value

Finally, you need to really consider how much you’re willing to spend and what you expect to get for it.

As you’ll see, shaving creams come in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly prices! So we’d hate for you to overspend (or underspend!) on your shaving cream without meaning to.

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