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Aidecal AD-82MS, Scientific Calculator. Best for class student use


Aidecal AD-82MS Scientific Calculator

  • Large keypad for comfortable use of the user
  • Battery-powered It has a large display so that it is easy to read and use
  • It has a complete calculation feature with a full decimal system
  • Black coloured calculator, designed and engineered for easy operation

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Aidecal AD-82MS

  • Large keypad for comfortable use of the user
  • Battery-powered It has a large display so that it is easy to read and use
  • It has a complete calculation feature with a full decimal system


  • Black coloured calculator, designed and engineered for easy operation

 Top 5 Uses for a Scientific Calculator Aidecal AD-82MS

Most of us carry around a primary calculator with us always; in any other case often called our smartphone. But what if you’re taking superior math and science courses? Or in case you work in a trade that often makes use of difficult calculations to design or develop superior ideas like engineering, surveying, medication, or chemistry?

Then you want one thing higher suited to fixing your tough issues. Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator will match the invoice. And in case you plan to take a higher-level math class any time within the close to future, your professor might require you to make use of a scientific calculator.

Aidecal AD-82MS Calculator Uses for a Scientific Calculator

What is a scientific calculator?

Scientific calculators Aidecal AD-82MS carry out the identical capabilities as their normal digital calculator counterparts, however additionally they have myriad different options accessible. There are three fundamental classes of calculators in the marketplace immediately: enterprise, primary, and scientific.

It’s possible that you’ve already used a primary calculator in your high school math courses, and you will have even used an enterprise or graphing calculator in an economics or enterprise statistics course.

The Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator, nevertheless, is the one that may deal with sure capabilities in fields comparable to trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and engineering.

A scientific calculator has extra options that mean you can work with exponents and logs, which require extra reminiscence with a purpose to carry out capabilities for the very best outcomes.

While you can even do primary calculations comparable to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, that hardly scratches the floor of the kinds of equations this calculator can deal with.

What ought to I search for in a scientific calculator?

If you count on taking any courses that dive into geometry, scientific notation, trigonometry, engineering, and physics, then it’s possible you’ll have to learn to use a scientific calculator sooner or later.


You shouldn’t count on spending greater than Rs. 500 to your scientific calculator. In truth, Lelow Online has three beneath INR 500 (Generic Calculator Fx-991EX beneath INR 600). Expect to pay a bit greater than you’ll pay for a primary or enterprise calculator due to the options that include it.


Depending on the producer, you’re more likely to have completely different labels to your capabilities. For probably the most half, they need to be capable of accomplishing the identical duties. If you could have entry to your syllabus, double-check to just be sure you are buying the really useful possibility.

Bonus options

You don’t have to have the fanciest mannequin with a purpose to cross your class, however, there have been some essential advances to scientific calculators over the previous few years. These embrace WiFi and the power to share your work with classmates or your teacher.

Here are the highest 5 makes use of for a scientific calculator and the way you could be anticipated to make use of it in your subsequent class.

Best 5 uses of Scientific calculator Adiecal Ad-82MS

  1. Basic capabilities and exponents

Calculate primary capabilities comparable to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You ought to take into account that the subtraction signal (-) is completely different from a separate unfavourable perform. This can find yourself inflicting some confusion regarding unfavourable and constructive numbers whenever you begin utilizing your calculator at first as a result of the indicators look comparable.

  1. Exponents, unknown numbers

  • Along with negation, you can even increase numbers to different energy and discover an sq. root of a number of components.
  • Exponents are utilized in nearly any math course previous grade college, however solely a scientific calculator can carry out any algebraic perform.
  • In addition to utilizing your calculator to unravel for a recognized quantity, you need to use it for an unknown quantity. This is beneficial for algebra or another extra superior math you could be learning.
  1. Order of operations

Basic calculators are nice for fixing easy equations with one or two variables, however, scientific calculators mean you can enter an issue that has an order of operations. If you enter considered one of these equations into a daily calculator, Aidecal AD-82MS received’t be capable of accurately decide which numbers must be addressed first.

Aidecal AD-82MS

However, when you enter the equation right into a scientific calculator, it ought to offer you the proper reply. This is as a result of parentheses are included as a possibility, permitting you to unravel extra advanced issues. This tells the calculator to carry out that operation first, very similar to in case you have been doing it on paper.

  1. Square root

It’s additionally doable to make use of a scientific calculator to search out the sq. root of a quantity, and this is among the easiest operations you’ll be able to carry out. Enter the quantity, hit the SQRT key, and your reply will seem.

Fast, or right? Now you are able to do each.

Often, discovering the solutions to equations requires simply utilizing one or two keys, which might make fixing tough issues faster and simpler.

And whereas most instructors now encourage calculator use of their lecture rooms, it’s value asking first if one of this machine is allowed. Almost anybody can profit from utilizing  Aidecal AD-82MS, scientific calculator.

  1. Logarithms

Once you could have elevated your data and also, you’re studying new ideas associated with calculus and trigonometry, it’s possible that you’ll have to find out about logarithms. These formulations allow you to calculate pace, space, and far more.

In the previous, these have been completed nearly utterly by hand. Now it takes solely a second to enter the right info and remedy the issue utilizing a calculator.

Medical and engineering made simpler

Aidecal AD-82MS Scientific Calculator
Aidecal AD-82MS Scientific Calculator

Logarithms are principally utilized by these concerned within the medical and engineering fields, however, different careers might encounter them sooner or later. They might be tough to unravel by hand, however with the assistance of a scientific calculator, the method might be a lot simpler.

Your machine will in all probability remedy for the pure logarithm of an equation in most courses. Some academics might solely clarify logarithms via using a scientific calculator as a result of all it requires is figuring out tips on how to enter the proper components.

Memory is essential to fixing logarithms

Another cause that you could be needed to think about using a scientific calculator for logarithms is that they have a built-in reminiscence, which lets you retailer sure equations.

If you’re engaged on one thing that requires a number of periods, you’ll be able to inform your calculator to retailer what you could have already entered into the machine.  Aidecal AD-82MS makes it simple to return if it’s essential to take a break or if you wish to strive for one other mixture.

Sine, cosine, and tangent capabilities

For these taking a trigonometry or calculus course, sine capabilities are a given. They additionally usually pop up in case your profession path entails any form of engineering or architectural discipline.

Calculating the sine

A sine perform is used to search out the measurement of a sure angle, particularly when different sides or angles are unknown. You may additionally encounter the inverse sine, which is usually used to search out the hypotenuse of a triangle.

Like logarithms, this calculation as soon took some time to unravel as you went via one piece of paper after the subsequent. With scientific calculators, you will get the reply nearly instantly upon getting correctly entered the perform. Look for sin, cos, and tan buttons on any calculator to verify it consists of these capabilities.

Graphing the sine

Another associated calculation from Aidecal AD-82MS, you will have to carry out is the graphing of a sine. This is a direct approach to present your work and lots of courses now require that you understand how to graph varied capabilities.

Cosine capabilities

scientific calculator fx 82 ms

Aidecal AD-82MS

Similarly, you can even graph and remedy for cosine capabilities. The cosine of an angle is the measurement of the size of a triangle, and it’s most frequently utilized in trigonometry programs. You’ll almost definitely use cosines to search out the size of the hypotenuse of a triangle, and a scientific calculator additionally operates within the reverse with inverse cosines.

Cosines might be discovered from any angle, even when they’re giant or unfavourable. Again, you could be required to point out that you already know what cosines are by utilizing your calculator to create a graph.

Tangents in levels or radians

Tangents are one other idea you’ll have to study in a trigonometry class, and this too entails discovering unknown portions. In geometry, you’ll almost definitely encounter tangents when calculating perpendicular strains.

In trigonometry, you’ll use it to search out the worth of a reverse aspect of the given values. You may select to obtain your reply in both levels or radians relying on what your teacher requires.

Again, Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator is the one form of calculator that may discover the reply to a majority of these equations, and it’s possible that sooner or later you will have them in your education. This might be very true in case your teacher requires that you simply present you understand how to graph sure capabilities, which can be a part of your remaining grade.

Pro tip: Make positive that your calculator isn’t in radian mode if you need your solutions in levels, as a result of this will throw off your equation and provide you with a wholly completely different reply than the one, you’re on the lookout for.

Aidecal AD-82MS calculation of Scientific notation

Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator isn’t simply used for extra difficult math issues. In truth, considered one of its greatest makes use of could also be that it could actually calculate scientific notation. For numbers that may not be written in decimal level kind as a result of they’re too giant, a traditional calculator received be capable of cowl it.

You’ll almost definitely use scientific notation in case you plan to work in a discipline associated to science, engineering, and arithmetic, and you’ll positively want an extra advanced calculator to deal with your homework.

If you’re questioning tips on how to do scientific notation on a calculator, it’s not that difficult.

In order to carry out the operation:

Locate the 10^x in your machine

Enter in your x worth

Press the “Enter” button with the purpose to obtain the reply

Unlike primary calculators that may solely deal with smaller values, a scientific calculator can deal with numbers on a lot of vaster scale, which might be helpful in relation to amassing information or working as a physicist or chemist. It may calculate unfavourable scientific notation.

For these seeking to enter engineering, there’s a particular model that may allow you to calculate equations particular to your discipline. You’ll discover it because the ENG show mode in your machine, and it’s designed to assist talk numbers orally and thru studying.

Binary capabilities in Aidecal AD-82MS

Similar to how you’d enter equations into your calculator to compute notations or logs, tangents, and sines, a scientific calculator can remedy for binary capabilities. These equations require two inputs.

You’ll almost definitely encounter this in algebra or calculus if you end up fixing for an unknown, however, you may additionally talk about it when studying concerning the Cartesian product and subsets.

This is one other kind of equation that’s tough to trace without having a calculator that has reminiscence, as a result of in case you can retailer the outcomes the calculator provides you, you’ll be able to construct off the work that you’ve completed earlier than or save your efforts for an additional time.

Aidecal AD-82MS

Get skilled efficiency from the scientific calculator. It’s Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator—perfect for engineers, surveyors, school college students, scientists and medical professionals.

Aidecal AD-82MS is Ideal for engineers, surveyors, school college students, scientists, and medical professionals

12 digit calculator

  • Large 2-line show
  • 30KB of reminiscence
  • 42 built-in bodily constants
  • 800 reminiscence registers
  • Over 100 built-in capabilities

Arm yourself with the subtle Scientific Calculator with superior arithmetic, algebraic and trigonometric capabilities to deal with your most difficult math and science programs.

Approved to be used on most school placement exams

battery powered

  • battery Powered Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator
  • 4-line LCD textbook format show
  • 9 reminiscence registers
  • 315 built-in capabilities

Choose the sturdy Scientific Calculator with a user-friendly design, easy-to-read show and a variety of algebraic, trigonometric, likelihood and statistics capabilities for your math and science courses.

Dot matrix dispaly

Aidecal AD-82MS is Dot matrix screen

  • Ideal for superior math like algebra, trig, and stats
  • Solar-powered with battery backup
  • 9 reminiscence registers
  • 240 built-in capabilities

Conclusion Aidecal AD-82MS

Previously, complete courses have been dedicated to studying tips on how to compute sure equations, and college students might not have been anticipated to truly study what these equations have been for and the way they might use them in future careers.

Thanks to the Aidecal AD-82MS scientific calculator, it’s turned simpler to carry out quite a lot of capabilities and see how they’re more likely to impress a profession within the sciences or arithmetic.

Popular Scientific Calculators

Aidecal AD-82MS Statistics Calculation

  • Mean and standard deviation – single data

X x

The formula for the mean is x = —


The formulas for the sample standard deviation are




l( X1 x)                                             (population)

n = \

Your calculator will calculate the mean and standard deviation for you (the population standard deviation an or the sample standard deviation a 1 – in data calculations you will usually use the sample standard deviation.)

On the Casio fx-82MS, a and s are found in s-VAR. The positions of keys needed are shown on the diagram below.

To find the mean and standard deviation,


firstly you must access the statistics mode of the calculator by using the keys CD once followed by [   ] SD will appear in the centre of the screen.

Note that once you are in the statistics mode, the keys shown within the blue lines are active. There are 3 such keys on the Casio iX-82MS. Make sure you can locate them. Before starting any computations always clear the statistic’s memories using Scl. Press

Aidecal AD-82MS

I will use the data set A (-5, 2, 3, 4, 11) to demonstrate the use of the calculator. Note that I


have shown the use of the (       )   key where   necessary.

Step 1: Input the observations.


Use the            key to input data (no  need to   press       (  )).


v—————————– ‘ dtlclj ————————————————– ‘ dtlclj ———————————————– ‘dt lclj ————————————————– ‘dt lclj————————————————– ‘——————————– ‘DTlCLJ

The display should read n = 5. (This means 5 observations have been input).

Step 3: Display the mean and standard deviation.



the display shows three alternatives

x x0 x„ ,

0 n-1

1 2 CO


gives x = 3





gives x0n = 5.099019514





gives xan-1 = 5.700877126


Example of calculation in Aidecal AD-82MS

Use your calculator to find the mean, standard deviation and variance for data set B: -18, 1, 3, 9, 20.

(the variance is the square of the standard deviation)

After you are in the statistics mode and cleared the statistics memories, the keystrokes required are:

and the display will read 3



and the display will read 13.87443693


and the display will read 192.5 The mean is 3, the standard deviation is 13.87 and the variance is 192.5.


The                     button   accesses a number of extra  statistical functions.

= Sx2     = 815


  • inora

SHIFT rS-SUM-i _________________________

cd (HE

SHIFT rS-SUM-i _________________________



calculation example Aidecal AD-82MS For example, you input
If you have made an error with inputting your data you can correct it by using the up and down key.


4, 5, 60, 7, 9 and you meant to input 6 instead of 60. Press the                     key until the  display

reads x3 = 60, then press                     . You now have the correct data.

In the example below, the progressive calculations are shown simply to give you some understanding of the underlying processes – you should do one or two examples in detail and then check them by calculator.


  • Mean and standard deviation of frequency distribution

Given below is the frequency table for the weights (kg) of a random sample of 30 first year university female students. Find the standard deviation, the variance and the mean.

Graduate’s weight (kg) Frequency Cumulative


60 2 2
61 14 16
62 8 24
63 1 25
64 5 30


The calculations needed to obtain the standard deviation without statistical keys for these data are:

Sx2 = 602 x 2 + 612 x 14 + 622 x 8 + 632 + 642 x 5 = 114 495 Sx = 60 x 2 + 61 x 14 + 62 x 8 + 63 + 64 x 5 = 1 853

Sx2 – (Sx//n

n – 1

114 495 -(1 853) 730 = <114               -^11^


Thus:    s    = 1.2 kg and s2 = 1.4 kg2

_ Sx 1853 R1 „,

x – n ‘ -sir –618 kg

Note: In calculations like the above you should carry as many decimals as possible until the final result. The number of decimals to be retained at the end depends on the accuracy of the data values – one rule of thumb is to have one more decimal than in the original data.

Notice how the frequencies were used in the above calculation. Aidecal AD-82MS

The calculator usage now has a small modification because we have been given the frequencies for the variable values. (There is no need to input each single observation.)

The keystrokes required are:


The display should read n = 30.

shift rS-wrc-i —————————————————————————————————

and the display should read 61.766667

SHIFT rS-VAR-1 ———————————————————————————————-

and the display should read 1.1943353 [   ] and the display should read 1.4264369

Thus, as expected

5 = 1.2 kg, s2 = 1.4 kg2 and x = 61.8 kg

Exercise 6

Find the mean, standard deviation and variance of (a) The annual rainfall data for the years 1971 – 1990

Year 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980


1 340 990 1 120 1 736 260 1 100 1 379 1 125 1 430 1 446
Year 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990


1 459 1 678 1 345 978 1 002 1 110 1 546 1 672 1 467 1 123

Aidecal AD-82MS

  • Mastering the Calculator using the Casio fx-82MS (b) The sample of snail foot lengths
Snail foot length (cm)

2.2 4.1 3.5 4.5 3.2 3.7 3.0 2.6
3.4 1.6 3.1 3.3 3.8 3.1 4.7 3.7
2.5 4.3 3.4 3.6 2.9 3.3 3.9 3.1
3.3 3.1 3.7 4.4 3.2 4.1 1.9 3.4
4.7 3.8 3.2 2.6 3.9 3.0 4.2 3.5



  • Rainfall statistics mean:

H – 1 265.3 mm standard deviation: on 1 – 336.4 mm variance:

o2 – 113141.7 mm2

  • Snail statistics mean:

x – 3.4 cm standard deviation: s – 0.70 cm variance:

s2 – 0.49 cm2

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 cm


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