BTC Silk & Shine White Bleaching Powder 200g


  • No Dust
  • Strong Decolor effect with any hair color
  • Size: 200g

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BTC Silk & Shine White Bleaching Powder 200g

  • No Dust
  • Strong Decolor effect with any hair color
  • Size: 200g

White Bleaching Powder

Hair Type All
Purpose Bleach
Quantity 200 ml
Application area: Hair
EAN 6970234890095


Professional use only White super tiny, no dust good quality primary vegetable for best result…


  • With white bleaching powder dust strong deco qur effect
  • Table colors, use with oxygen.

Effect with any magnesium sulfate, sodium persulfate, clay magnesium sulfa chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, added essence.

Method of use: bleaching power and double oxygen milk.

Mix use: Mix ratio is 9% and 12%, respectively than capacity.

Details in the following standards. A bleaching powder two double oxygen milk let the hair an action, until the hair color of the requirements to fade so far, finally color depends on the double use scheduling oxygen milk intensity

Net: 200 grams

Magnet-like restructuring. Guaranteeing just the right solution high impact, optimal results. The hair is left looking beautiful and healthy. Designed and manufactured

Mar Moisturizing

for Silk&shine

Material of Korea MADE IN PRC


EAN: 619702348900951

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