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DE Blade Sampler Pack of 50 Blades 25 Different Brands (2x Each). Best Solution!


  • DE Blade Sampler Pack
  • Contains 52 Blades
  • From 26 different Brands

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DE Blade Sampler Pack of 52 Blades, 26 Different Brands (2x Each) total 52 DE Blades

DE Blade Sampler Pack 25 Different Brands (2x Each)

Buy double edge razor blades

How DE Blade Sampler Pack Works

All blades are sold individually so you can pick and choose as few or as many as you’d like without having a massive amount of razor blades that you’ll never use again because they weren’t just right for you.

DE Blade Sampler Pack
DE Blade Sampler Pack
Low, Flat Rate Shipping

No matter the size of your order, the shipping and handling rate for the INDIA is only INR 70. Shipping out of India to International Buyers it is $6.

DE Blade Sampler Pack – List of Blades
gillette 365 blades
gillette 365 blade

S. no Brand Blade Qty
1 Dorco ST300 2
2 Dorco Titan 2
3 Feather 2
4 Gillete 7 O’clock Super Platinum (Made in India) 2
5 Gillette 365 2
6 Gillette 7 O’clock Permasharp Stainless 2
7 Gillette Super Stainless   2
8 Gillette Super Thin 2
9 Gillette Wilkinson Sword 2
10 Lancet Plus 2
11 Laser Ultra 2
12 Ninja Stainless 2
13 R K Stainless 2
14 Samrat Stainless 2
15 Shakti Stainless 2
16 Topaz Platinum 2
17 Vidyut Platinum Plus 2
18 Vidyut Supermax 2
19 Vidyut Super Platinum 2
20 Vidyut Zorrik Super Stainless 2
21 Vijay Stainless 2
22 Zircon Super Platinum 2
23 Zorrik – Talvar 2
24 Zorrik Super platinum 2
25 Zorrik Supreme 2

Blades Content
super thin DE blade
super thin DE blade
DE Blade Sampler Pack helps in Choosing Blades

Sometimes, though infrequently, an individual blade is a “dud”: damaged in manufacturing or poorly sharpened. Thus when trying a sampler, if you find a blade that doesn’t work well for you, it could be that the brand isn’t that good for you, or it could be that the particular blade you tried is a dud. Thus we recommend buying a minimum of TWO blades of each brand so that, if a blade doesn’t work, you have another of the same brand so you can see whether it’s the brand or a dud blade.

If you do get a single-blade-per-brand sampler, the only risk is that you might miss out on a brand that would have been good for you, and you may find that an acceptable risk, given the rarity of dud blades. But if you want to leave no stone unturned in the search for the perfect blade for you, try at least a couple of blades for each brand. If two in a row are bad, then you probably don’t want that brand: either the brand’s bad for you or the quality control is inadequate.

Gillette 7 O’Clock Permasharp

Try a Blade without wasting money.

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