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Dorco PACE 3 Plus, Razor for Men, Smoothest 3 Blade Technology


Dorco PACE 3 Plus, Razor for Men

  • Triple-blade shaving technology, Seamless construction with angled blades, Pivoting head, Open design, The super-soft textured wide bar, Non-slip ergonomic design, Built-in rubber fin, Advanced lubricating strip with natural extracts

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Dorco PACE 3 Plus razor for Men: Three-Blade Technology – Maximum Coverage – Lubrication Strip with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera – 1 Handle + 6 Blades

Dorco pace 3 plus

  • Triple-blade shaving technology
  • Seamless construction with angled blades
  • Pivoting head
  • Open design
  • The super-soft textured wide bar
  • Non-slip ergonomic design
  • Built-in rubber fin
  • Advanced lubricating strip with natural extracts
Dorco pace 3 plus
Dorco pace 3 plus

DORCO PACE 3 PLUS Razor and cartridge



With its super-sharp triple blade and moisturizing strip, specially designed to cool and soothe your skin, PACE 3 Plus is perfect for daily shaving.

What is Triple-blade shaving technology

With three precision-engineered blades, each one shaves you closer, giving you superbly smooth results in one effortless stoke. Your razor glides lightly over your skin, moisturising and conditioning as it goes, to leave your face feeling fresh, clean and comfortable.

Aloe vera cartridge dorco


Dorco Disposable razor

Dorco Double Edge Blade

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