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Niroulas Second Flush Darjeeling Tea 2nd flush 400g


  • Deeper toastier notes than the first flush.
  • Taste is fruity and fairly acidic and
  • Very robust in the flavor profile.

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Niroulas Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

Niroulas second Flush

Niroulas Second Flush Darjeeling Tea delivers deeper toastier notes than the first flush offering a warming & nourishing cup with the delicate undertones you expect from Darjeeling.

Tea Name: Niroulas Second Flush

Tea Maker: Bhawesh Niroula

Origin: Niroulas Cooperative, Chotta Poobong Busty, Near Ghoom, Darjeeling

Size: Personal ancestral plantation area of 25 acres and green tea leaves from 180 small tea growers in and around Darjeeling. The total tea plantation area is 350 acres.

Harvest Time: 1st week June

Cultivar: Mixed Clonal-  ( AV2, P312, Takdah 78 and Gomtee ) and China bushes.


Plucking standard : 

Processing: Withered, rolled, oxidized, and fired.

Experience:  The tea makes a dark amber liquor and delivers a deeper toastier cup – both warming and nourishing.

Niroula’s 2nd Flush Black Darjeeling Tea- 100g

The Niroula’s 2nd Flush Black Darjeeling Tea is homegrown on the Niroula’s Tea Estate. The Second Flush Black Darjeeling Tea when brewed into tea gives off dark amber liquor along with a light translucent shade to the brew. The flavors deliver a deeper tastier cup, both warming and nourishing. Taste is fruity and fairly acidic and very robust in the flavor profile.

The aftertaste is smooth. The Niroula’s Second Flush Black Darjeeling Tea is the result of a small farmer’s hard work and dedication that makes the perfect cuppa.

Temi Organic Tea

Situated in the mystical hills of the Himalayas and located at around 10 km from the Ghoom railway station; the Niraula tea farm is surrounded by a beautiful tea garden in the south and a magnificent reserve forest area with diverse flora and fauna towards the north.

Niroula’s Tea Farm is presently a micro tea processing unit of organically grown Darjeeling tea initiated to deliver quality and healthy orthodox tea, to tea lovers looking for the right blend of taste and health.

Niroula’s Tea Farm also produces premium high-quality orthodox Darjeeling Tea, which is bio-organically homegrown by a small group of dedicated local farmers of Darjeeling, using a time-testing method to retain the complete flavor, original taste, and aroma of the Darjeeling Tea.

How to prepare tea [Western Style].

Amount of Tea Per Cup (200 ML): 5G

Temperature of water: 95℃ / 185℉ (boil kettle, cool for 20 seconds)

Infusion time: 2-4 minutes (or as desired)

Number of infusions: 1-2

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

Niroulas Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

Niroulas Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

Extract from the book Tales of the tea trade : 

Bhawesh: The story starts with my father, Bikram, a retired government employee who started planting tea in 1999 as an alternative crop because all the other conventional farming was not successful due to the local wildlife destroying it] ‘My father has always talked about helping the poor small tea growers in Darjeeling, so we started thinking about how to make tea farming in our village a viable way of life again.

After a year of research and the confidence of a bank in me, we started Darjeeling’s first farming cooperative in 2015 and built our own manufacturing unit to support it. We now collect leaves from neighboring farmers at a very good price (two to three times the average rate), a model that is encouraging new local plantations.

People who may previously have given up on farming and left for more lucrative possibilities in the city are starting to see the opportunities that can come from cultivating tea.

  • Bhawesh works with around 180 small tea farmers in and around Darjeeling. Their livelihood runs through their factory.
  • Bhawesh explains ‘We conduct training sessions on various farming methods and encourage organic farming. We offer them the best and fair price for their produce. ‘
  • All farming practices are organic. No inorganic fertilizers were used. ‘We only use natural organic methods ( cow dung, urine, and herbal plants)’
  • Niroula’s Tea Farm had participated in the 11th International Famous Tea Appraisal competition in China and was award Gold Medal for their Black Tea in 2016.


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