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Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX Generic Non Programable


Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX Generic

LCD shows more of your work to minimize scrolling, Advanced calculations let you quickly work through multi-step problems, Visualization provides fast representation of data for entire class, 2-way power ensures reliable use in any setting, Perfect for Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and more.

Generic Calculator

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Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX Generic

Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX Best 5 Uses, solar + battery, LCD displays more information, set of advanced functions, non-programmable, Non Programmable Calculator.

Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX

Most of us carry around a primary calculator with us always; in any other case often called our smartphone. But what if you’re taking superior math and science courses? Or in case you work in a trade that often makes use of difficult calculations to design or develop superior ideas like engineering, surveying, medication, or chemistry?

Then you want one thing higher suited to fixing your tough issues. A scientific calculator will match the invoice. And in case you plan to take a higher-level math class any time within the close to future, your professor might require you to make use of a scientific calculator.

scientific calculator
Scientific Calculator

Non-Programmable Calculator

  • LCD shows more of your work to minimize scrolling.
  • Advanced calculations let you quickly work through multi-step problems.


  • Visualization provides a fast representation of data for the entire class.
  • 2-way power ensures reliable use in any setting.
  • Perfect for Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and more.


Casio Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX
Generic Scientific Calculator Fx-991 EX

Scientific Calculator


A new high-performance scientific calculator with a high-resolution display increasing the amount of information displayed and super-fast calculation speed for high-stakes testing or for performing the most advanced mathematics.

Its new high-resolution LCD screen allows more information for applications. This calculator has a comprehensive set of advanced calculations for integration and differential calculus, along with vector and inequality calculations. For the middle and high school grades, we’ve incorporated basic spreadsheet functionality, ratio and statistical functionality, down to ratio calculation and prime factorization.

No matter what the need, this scientific can do it all! Need representation for data generated by the fx-991EX – no problem! students can see data.

scientific calculator
scientific calculator

This remarkable screen can display between 2-6 times as many characters as other scientific calculators, yet still runs on solar power. Use theWkey to turn the calculator on, and press qC(OFF) to power the unit down. The icon-based menu, accessible via the p key, allows easy navigation of features using the arrow keys and the number keys or theQ shortcuts.

The o key can be used like Backspace in a word processor to delete the character(s) left of the cursor. The symbols printed on the keys use Natural Textbook Display™ notation, similar to that found in textbooks. This makes input of expressions fast and easy. Then key toggles your calculation results between Standard (exact) and Decimal forms.

What ought to I search for in a scientific calculator?

If you count on taking any courses that dive into geometry, scientific notation, trigonometry, engineering, and physics, then it’s possible you’ll have to learn to use a scientific calculator sooner or later.

Non-Programmable Calculator

This is a non Programmable calculator and hence should not be a problem to be used in Exams.

The following explains the meaning of each icon on the fx-991 EX icon menu.

Menu Name Description

CALCULATE Perform general computations using Natural Textbook Display™ notation, including absolute value, logs of any base, summation, derivatives, and integrals.

COMPLEX Perform computations with complex numbers, including a + bi form, polar ( ) form, and conversions between the two.

BASE-N Perform binary, octal, and hexadecimal computations, and convert among those number bases and base-10.


MATRIX Perform operations on matrices up to 4×4, including matrix arithmetic, determinants, transpositions, and identity matrices.

VECTOR Perform operations on 2- and 3-dimensional vectors, including vector arithmetic, dot products, angles, and unit vectors.

STATISTICS Calculate 13 different one-variable statistics and apply linear, quadratic, logarithmic, exponential, and geometric (power) regressions.


DISTRIBUTION Investigate Normal, Inverse Normal, Binomial, and Poisson probability and cumulative distributions.

TABLE Create tables of values to compare up to 2 functions simultaneously.


Solve simultaneous (systems of) equations with up to 4 unknowns, and polynomials of up to degree 4.

INEQUALITY Solve polynomial inequalities of up to degree 4, with the solution set expressed as a compound inequality.

RATIO Solve proportions of the form A : B = X : D and A : B = C : X.

Eco Cal FX-991 ES

Yasuda YS11WS

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