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Tiger Balm White Review:

Tiger Balm White Review, Know the usage of Tiger Balm, Tiger Balm Price, Directions of use. Tiger balm Made in Singapore, Difference between White and red Balm.

The combination of camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol in the tiger balm white is a vital combination and a great remedy for clearing the cold within a short time. Menthol provides the cooling sensation.

Apply the tiger balm white on your chest, and throat by rubbing it gently. Repeat the applications 2-3 times a day.

For a headache

When you suffer from an intense headache or a migraine, and you are unable to execute your duties effectively, it feels so frustrating and painful. Tiger balm white is an effective reliever. Headaches are inevitable as you strive with the competition in the workforce and meeting deadlines at your place of work or when you have to juggle between so much in the day-to-day activities. In all this, it is good too to identify the type of a headache you are suffering from to put tiger balm white into its accurate use.

There are numerous Balm avilable in Market. Tiger Balm White is Best among all of them

Tension Headache

tension headache

A tension headache is one of the most common. It occurs mostly in women at least once a week or once in two weeks. It is as a result of being too busy or as a strain when balancing your social and professional work. Tiger balm white will assist you when the pain falls upon your forehead and at the back of the neck. A tension headache has its triggers like depression, poor posture, anxiety or even stress.

Migraine Headache

A migraine headache is more intense and can last up to 72 hours. Like a tension headache, it affects women more than men. The triggers of migraine are many and include environmental triggers (change in altitude, changes in weather, chemical-like pesticides), psychological triggers (medicines like aspirin, birth control pills, little or too much sleep), food triggers (dairy products, chocolates, coffee, tomatoes).

Always use Herbal balm

You can naturally avoid migraine and tension headaches by avoiding the things that cause them. Engage in activities that you can manage within your time and material resources. Vent out tension to prevent stress.

Relieve this pain without hustles on the pills; apply tiger balm white gently on your forehead and temples by rubbing it on. The muscles will relax, and the stress will go away shortly. Repeat this after every 1 hour. It will not take long before the muscles relax, and the tension will be released.


For nasal congestion

nasal congestion

There are many causes of nasal congestion, but most of them are treatable with tiger balm white. Nasal congestion occurs when the blood tissues and vessels swell in the nasal path. This causes a feeling of stuffiness in the nasal passage.

Nasal congestion mainly reoccurs to people who suffer from allergies, especially when exposed to unfavourable conditions like pollen, dust and smoke. Other causes could be cold, or flu. Nevertheless, nasal congestion is not a critical condition though very irritable. Mixed feelings of discomfort, tiredness and nasal discharge, difficulty in breathing, hearing, and speaking can be draining to your day.

It is easy to open up the airways by applying a little amount of tiger balm white around your nostrils, chest, and throat. Other remedies like sipping hot water can help to ease the nasal congestion too. Also, sleep with your head raised whenever you suffer from the stuffy nasal condition.

For insect bites

insect bite

Insects are part of the ecosystem, which cannot be done away with. However, they can be inconveniencing and make you uncomfortable. Such insects are wasps and bees. Their stings deposit poison that causes inflammation on the skin. Other insects do not sting, but instead, they bite; bed bugs, safari ants, mosquitoes, etc.

Insects are part of the ecosystem, which cannot be done away with. However, they can be inconveniencing and make you uncomfortable. Such insects are wasps and bees. Their stings deposit poison that causes inflammation on the skin. Other insects do not sting, but instead, they bite; bed bugs, safari ants, mosquitoes, etc.

This is a more natural way of preventing or sorting out the bites. You do not need the ultrasonic devices, which are cumbersome to carry around. Tiger balm white soothes the bites on your skin pretty fast. The irritation on your skin will be a non-issue once you have the tiger balm white by your side.

However, for more poisonous stings, like scorpion or snake bites, it is advisable that you seek immediate medical attention. Tiger balm white may not be the appropriate remedy to cure such severe conditions.

With the different reactions people have to insect bites, it is prudent that you apply tiger balm white on your skin before you sleep or when out for a nature walk. Children are even more vulnerable to the bites since they interact more with their habitats during play.

Tiger balm white prevents mosquito bites. It has the qualities of mosquito repellents. With it, you can enjoy the wild without fear of malaria. Apply the oil on your body when going to bed to enjoy the sleep. The balm saves you from inhaling the chemicals of the other mosquito repellents, which are nagging and can pose a health risk as well.

Should you get the insect bites, take your tiger balm white and apply on the areas affected. Apply it slowly and gently all around and the soothing will begin immediately.

Other conditions that tiger balm white can treat


This is a condition where the body releases gas from the digestive system through the anus or by belching. It is a normal and healthy process for humans. However, when this condition happens too often in a day, it makes one feel uncomfortable.

You may wonder why there should be too much gas in the body. As you eat you take down the air through your digestive system. It is worse when you eat too fast. During the digestion of food, more gas is produced. Some foods are known to cause more flatulence than others especially the ones with proteins in nature.

Tiger balm white has ingredients like camphor and clove which are very useful to help indigestion and flatulence. Rub the tiger balm white on your belly and give yourself time to heal. Repeat this at least thrice a day to restore your health. Other severe cases like continuous smelly flatulence, abdominal pain, often diarrhoea, and constipation will require medical investigation.

To keep yourself fit, take foods that the body can digest with ease, take your time to digest food, and eat in small amounts. Foods that have a lot of chemicals like sulphur lead to smelly gas avoid processed foods, which may have too many chemicals.

Benefits of using tiger balm white

Tiger balm white has many advantages. There may be some complications in procuring it since it is a non-prescribed medicine. However, when you need it, you can purchase it over the counter. That means in times of emergencies and first aid; tiger balm white is available for use.

It is also very portable. You can use it at will to serve the intended medical purpose. Taking too much medicine is harmful to the liver. With tiger balm white the liver is saved from the strenuous work of excreting the chemicals in the drugs taken.

Tiger Balm Dosage

The dosage has no adverse effect in case you exceed it but in as much as it is safe, it is essential to use the medicine responsibly. You can also use it at closer intervals. You do not need any special guidance from a specialist, read the instructions as directed by the manufacturer and apply it to yourself. You may require extra help to apply it on some parts of the body that you cannot reach.

Cold and nasal congestion can cause an awful start of the day, but the use of tiger balm white, which contains menthol, will help to clear the blockage and free the airway very fast. Other pains like migraine and tension headache are not an exception in the treatment as long as you follow the right application of tiger balm white.

Be keen to use medicine for external purposes only. Any other use may cause harm. Any complication that arises in the course of tiger balm white should be an indication that you need to stop using it immediately. It is recommended that you do not use tiger balm white if you suffer from skin diseases, wounds asthma or respiratory tract infections.

Always consider herbal balm.

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