To Build a Fire by Jack London Explained in Hindi
Listen in Hindi – to Build A Fire
A man was going to have a travel to his camp in Yukon during the severe winter which is 75 degrees below zero. It wasn’t a good time to have a travel. The husky he brought was aware of this with its natural instinct so it didn’t want to go with him but he still went on his trip. When it was half pass twelve o’clock, he made it to half of his way and started to enjoy his lunch. He didn’t put his mittens on and forgot to build a fire while he was going to enjoy his lunch. His toes were already numb and he started to feel a bit frightened. After he built the fire and finished his biscuits, he continued his trip. Just few minutes after he kept going, he fell into an ice trap which was water covered in the soft snow. He had wet himself from feet to knees and had to take another hour to dry his footgear. He attempted to build a fire, he had no chance for failure with his freezing legs. However, the first fire that he started was blotted out by the snow on the tree because he built his fire under a spruce tree. He made up his mind and started to build another fire immediately with his mouth to scratch the match because his fingers were so numb that couldn’t even pick up a match. After he failed, he got a wild idea into his mind; he decided to cut the dog and bury his hands into the dog’s belly and made them warm. He had once caught the dog but he quitted. After this, he started to run. Even running made him feel warm he had a conflict inside himself, he sat down, he wanted to die with dignity instead of running like a chicken. At the end, he saw himself with the boys looking for himself and fell in to the most comfortable sleep that he ever had.

external conflict: The man versus the weather; he had to deal with the coldness in order to survive.

The man versus the dog; when he tried to catch the dog to warm his hands, he was in the conflict with the dog.

internal conflict: The man with his thoughts of death; he struggled to survive but then he quit because he wanted to regain his dignity.

Climax: When the man was struggling to build a fire and dried his shoes and pants, the story came into the climax. It was the most excited part in the story because he had no chance to fail. Again and again, each time after his fire was put out, the story has become more and more excited.

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