Why aircraft store their fuel in the wings

Why aircraft store their fuel in the wings?

It seldom matters be the fuel system in the 737 of large aircraft or the smaller aircraft, actually to a large extent store their fuel inside of the wings.

Know the 3 main reasons right now.

Centre of Gravity

As you might have already guessed it a bit of weight and balance when constructing an aircraft weight and balance is extremely important. We know seat passengers throughout the cabin and weight Balance is so important that even where cargo is situated that area has also to be determined. The fuel which is going to weigh many tons is being situated and that is because the wings are giving all of the lift needed in order for the aircraft to fly okay that’s why you need we need to make sure that the center of gravity of the aircraft is situated more or less over the centre from the wings, that gives the aircraft stability and that makes it more aerodynamic as well because it doesn’t need to use so much elevator input and the way to do this if you think about it if you would have tanks that will be situated for to watch the nose of the aircraft or far towards the tail that would mean that as the fuel is being used as being depleted by the aircraft the center of gravity will move okay and it’s not something that you normally want I know that her word an or fighter aircraft like the sr-71 for example that was using few wills in order to trim it but large airliners do not use this in normal cases okay so weight and balance is the first reason why we want to use the tanks in the wings okay now

Create more Space

the second reason is storage room an aircraft is built to you know to be able to lift as much payload as possible now payload is passengers like you cargo and your baggage and that is being put into this metal tube that forms the aircraft body this means that spread precious little room for other things like fuel and we need quite a lot of room for the fuel so it turns out that wings are perfectly suited for this the wings are almost completely hollow the they are they are formed by a couple of wing box in the center of the wing that takes up much of the load and then you have air horizontal spars that forms little walls inside of the wing they make up the shape of the wing and it makes sure that wing is structurally sound okay now the way I want you to picture a fuel tank inside of an aircraft it’s not like inside of a car because inside of car is like a robber box that you fill up with fuel but in the case on aircraft it is actually the structure in itself that’s being used it’s being made sure that it’s completely watertight so it’s being sealed off and then fuel is being pumped up into the space itself and that means that they can utilize a big part of the wing as attack okay and the fact that you have these spores going at regularly intervals inside of the wings now actually have a very good secondary effect which is it keeps the fuel from sloughing you know from moving quickly if the aircraft is for example turning or if you’re subject to turbulence because these spores have holes in them you know they’re perforated by holes that will allow the fuel to move inside of the tanks but it will slow the fuel movement down quite a bit so this means that you will not have large and quick movements of fuel inside of a wing so it turns out that the wings are actually perfectly suited for being tanks, okay so that’s reasonable to storage true reason

The structural integrity of Aircraft

  1. number three this is something that you probably haven’t thought about that much but it’s very important and that is the structural integrity of the aircraft so if you think about it the reason that an aircraft can fly is because the wings are taking up a lot of lift, okay they will take out the most amount of lift during takeoff because that’s when the aircraft is heaviest that’s when you have all the fuel onboard in order for you know to complete the flight and all of your passenger’s cargo and everything’s on board so that’s the maximum weight of the aircraft now all of that weights that I just mentioned the payload passengers cargo all of that is situated at the center of the wings okay so that’s weighing down at the center of the wings and the lift is being taken off by the entire wing surface so if you have all of the weights at the center and you have all of the parts of the wing cruising lift what you’ll get is this right the wings would be flexing and they will be flexing a lot the wings are perfectly constructed to flex but only to a certain amount and if you have an extremely heavy aircraft for example you know the wings are gonna be flexing a lot so when engineers saw this they thought what can we do in order to you know distribute the weight a little bit more equally over the wings and the answer that obviously is why don’t we put fuel inside of the wings if we do that the fuel tanks will act as counterweights it means that instead of having all of the weight here at the center it will be more evenly distributed of the wings so when we’re taking off and when we’re flying along that wings will still flex but not as much and this is a really important reason for having the tanks inside of the wings now this is also recently coming into talking about the systems and the 70s system that we always use the fuel inside of the center time first so the fuel system of the 737 we can lift about three thousand nine hundred and fifteen kilos in each wing so that means about seven point eight tons in the wings okay if we need more fuel than that which we typically need if we fly more than about two and a half to three hours or so then we can upload the fuel into the center tank as well the center tank is situated just behind the main wheel well Bay and that’s also because we want to keep that as close to the center of gravity as possible and but if we have fuel in the center tank that has to be used before we use the fuel inside of the wings for that reason that I just gave you we do that by having AC controlled fuel pumps and the AC control fuel pumps inside of the of the center tank have a higher output pressure than the ones in the wings that is so that when the engines are running the center tank fuel pumps is pushing the fuel out first so the engines would be eating fuel from the center time first and only when the santur tank is completely depleted will they start to use fuel from the wing tanks and that is to make sure that the weight distribution stays even like we discussed before other things about the fuel system we have the fueling station on the

Why aircraft store their fuel in the wings?

in short to Maintain
1. Centre of gravity
2. Create more Space
3. Structural integrity of Aircraft

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