Takla punjabi singer

Takla Punjabi Singer – Mr. B Parak alias Pratik Bachan.

  • Takla means bald in Hindi slang.
  • Punjabi means a person who belongs to the province of Punjab.
  • Singer means a person who sings songs.

Takla Punjabi Singer is the latest search term in Search engines like Google, basically searching for professional pop singer Mr. B. Parak – Stage Name.

Why do people search for Takla Punjabi Singer on Google?

Takla punjabi singer

Because of Mr. B. Parak is Bald headed. And songs of Mr. B. Parak is popular and wants to listen to the songs again and again. Since the audience does not know the actual name, they try to search for the singer through his physical appearance.

takla punjabi singer song

Who is Takla Punjabi Singer?

The Real Name is Pratik Bachan of the singer of this song Mr. B Praak, aged 34 years. B Praak is a professional Singer and musician. Mann Bharrya is the latest song that made him an icon in the music industry.

Mr. B. Parak is referred to as Takla

On youtube, Takla Punjabi Singer gives results for songs like Teri Mitti from the film Kesari.

Songs on Youtube

Mann Bharrya

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