Temi Tea Estate

Temi Tea Estate: 100% Organic Tea Estate in India.

Temi Tea Estate

Temi Tea Estate
Temi Sikkim Tea Estate

The Temi Tea Estate and its history when narrated to a person, who doesn’t know, may sound like a legendary saga that had all its stars rightly aligned for it. It starts with China capturing Tibet and a group of refugees looking toward India for help.

The Temi saga:

A few decades ago, in the proud Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim, the Temi story starts to brew. The King (Chogyal) of the land opened his arms and his land with a warm heart, to his neighbours who were at that moment displaced across the Silk Route and were seeking Refuge. He gave them shelter and a home and later also gave them a Purpose in their lives as well.

He took 440 acres of land from his Kingdom and converted it into a sprawling expanse of Organic Tea Plantation which became popular as Temi Tea Estate. In his rich land that was adorned with ginormous pine trees and thick oaks, and mountains towering the land as if to form a barrier from all that was harmful beyond; he devoted this land rich in its loamy and nutritional Soil with its soft slopes, to the people. They in turn grew the most perfect Tea as a sign of gratitude.

More details about Temi Tea Estate:

The history of the only Organic Tea estate in the world goes far back in the year 1969. After the Chinese invaded the Tibetan lands, the refugees were looking towards India to seek refuge and pressing for sanctuary. Back then, Sikkim as we know it was an independent nation.

The ruler of the nation was the very last Chogyal of those times. Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal took the refugees in and allotted to them a Dhura (a village which was formerly a Sherpa village called Ravangla).

This land had initially been allotted to some Scottish missionaries for some kind of social work. The land was later returned to the government in the year 1954. After this, the land was allocated to the refugees who then set up a Temi Tea estate to work on and live with dignity.

About the expanse of the estate and its production:

The estate is perched at an altitude of 5500–7000 meters above sea level and has served as a sanctuary to a huge number of Tibetan refugees hereafter. Later, the Tea estate was named Temi, and soon, the entire expanse of the very region was then known by the name of the Tea estate.

Today the Temi Tea Estate is capable of producing some of the most flavourful and varied teas from an all-organic tea garden. The estate was certified for being an Organic Tea Estate in the year 2008 and has won a few laurels for its quality from all over the world. It stands tall alongside some of the best tea varieties in the world and it is safe to say that Temi Tea Estate Collection has successfully carved its niche in the world of teas.

The richness of the flavours and the characteristics of the tea are owed to the pronounced landscape and the richness of the Himalayan Minerals. The estate stands at an altitude of 1400 to 2000 metres above sea level and this helps each and every flush that is plucked from the estate to be moulded differently with versatile characters.

The ideals that shape its products:

The Estate, to this day, stands on pillars of Tradition, exclusivity and history which helps them with aspects of the trade and the product. It helps them achieve a consistent aroma, character and a legacy that is unmatched.

The vision of the company is to be able to grow and provide its customers with the highest quality, top-notch nutritional, healthy, orthodox black, oolong, white and green teas that are all grown with organic methods. The Himalayan elevation, its soils, its minerals and the clean air are a few things that add to a single sip of the Pristine Temi Tea.

The Estate has been home to the refugees ever since. The inhabitants are responsible for things like cleanliness, the protection of the environment, the development of the workforce, and strengthening the Government of Sikkim by creating an Organic masterpiece abiding by the motto of the state to grow all edible things in an organic way without the use of chemical fertilizers.

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Temi Tea Online
Temi Tea Online Special Sikkim Organic Tea- 250g
Temi tea leaves that make this special packet make for a uniquely mixed range that brings a captivating aroma, a delicious flavour, warm spices, and a sweet lingering aftertaste to the entire cup of tea.
Temi Tea Chestlet Tea
Temi Tea Chestlet Tea Premium Green Tea 200G
Temi Tea Chestlet Tea is a Premium Green Loose Leaf Tea and is a good choice for the health-conscious. It has a mellow and therapeutic flavour and is preferred by people across the world for its medicinal strengths.

Out of stock

temi green tea
Temi tea Sikkim organic Temi green tea 200 grams
Temi Tea Green Tea 100% Organic Orthodox Green Tea leaves from the high mountains of Sikkim, Tea Grade- FTGFOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1), Tea consists of fine uncrushed leaves with a delicate taste. In short a high-quality premium tea.

Out of stock

Temi Tea Orthodox Black Tea
Temi Tea Orthodox Black Tea 250G Sikkim Organic Tea
Temi tea brings you a range of carefully handpicked tea leaves which are organic, healthy, high quality and available in a wide range of flavour palettes.

Out of stock

Setting standards at the Temi Tea Estate

Now, Sikkim is a state within the Indian nation and ever since the Temi tea estate is like honey to the bees (tourists). The organic teas of the state have claimed international and national fame for their attributes. The tea estate itself is the sole Tea estate in the entire state to be run by the Government of Sikkim.

The tea estate has strictly followed and undertaken the guidelines that were issued by the Institute of Marketology of Switzerland, in the year of 2005; and produced completely organic teas ever since. Their undertaking was completed in the year 2017. Temi Tea is also recognized and certified by the HACCAP as per the ISO 22000 standard of Food Safety.

Ever since the production of the Temi tea estate has participated in International Tea championships and has been awarded as winners of a few of these championships. One of the winners is the Black tea from the Temi Tea estate.

One of the most distinct arrays of teas that Temi is known to produce, is the Black Tea. The manufacturing of teas started at a mass level in the year 1977. Apart from the colonial era varieties of teas that are still grown amidst the Temi Tea Estate, the estate grows plants from the Chinary seeds that help in growing the tea leaves for blending in the flavoured variety of Teas. Now, a large expanse of 500 acres along the mountainside is completely utilised for tea plantations.

The Temi Green Tea

With all these infinite resources and nutrition fueling the Himalayan Soil within the Temi Tea Estate, the product is bound to be of top quality and strain. Even the simplest of teas that are consumed on an everyday basis is on the higher side of the nutritional value because of the region it is grown in.

Green Tea, however, is the single most bought box of tea from the Temi Tea Estate. Green tea is a proven and tested medicinal tea that has helped a lot of people fix a lot of their health issues with its medicinal traits. Green tea is one of the top-league herbal teas. Green tea is a veteran herbal tea until all these other kinds of herbal teas entered the market; it was the green tea that was doing all the work for all kinds of people.

Many studies have shown that the use of Green tea on a daily basis can end in positive results in cases of Weight loss, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, lowering the risk of heart-related diseases, brain functioning and liver disease. Other studies have also hinted that green tea has positive effects on cancer that surround the following body parts:

  • Breast
  • Bladder
  • Prostate
  • Skin
  • Lung
  • Esophageal
  • Colorectal
  • Stomach
  • Ovaries

There is so much that goes into the composition of these medicinal compounds of green tea that are effective for us, which we shall explore in another article. Now imagine all this goodness coming out of the green tea of the Himalayas.

Where one may be in a habit of consuming Green Tea that is grown in plainer areas, the soil of which definitely does not compare to the nutritional value of the soil in the Himalayas.

The Temi Tea Garden is home to some of the top-notch green tea leaves grown on organic processes within the entire nation and internationally even. So when you are buying a packet of Temi Green Tea, know that you are buying the best of the best and that this is not the kind of green tea that you get in those commercial packets that may be processed chemically and may not be the healthiest alternative.

If you are intrigued enough, do get your own, Himalayan soil enriched Green Tea from the organic Temi Tea Garden from www.biknishop.com. And while you are at it you can check the other tea varieties from the Temi Tea Garden that are displayed on our website which is equally good.

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