Double Edge Blades List

S. NoName of BladeTypeReview
1Ace super platinum
2American shave chrome platinumSoftly sharpoutstanding
3American shave super stainlesscomfortably sharpbalanced and above razors
4Astra greenSmooth and sharpworks better with aggressive razors – smooth and sharpness improves in subsequent shaves/ passes but rusts quickly
5Baolai stainless steel (platinum edge)
6Bic Astor
7Bic Chrome Platinumsmooth and subtly sharpworks well with medium aggressive and higher aggression razors
8Bic single edge disposableExtremely sharp
9Derby extra
10Derby Extra super stainlessMild and comfortablecomfortable but too mild for coarse beard, bumps from 3rd use
11Derby Platinum
12Dorco HQ ST300Fairly sharpMild, not super sharp, comfortable.
13Dorco KlassBalancedworks well with a mild razor too, gets better from 3-4th shave, but too tuggy with coarse beard
14Dorco TitanSharpNot Smooth, you can feel blade sharpness, gives 4 Clean and close Shave
15FeatherSharptoo expensive and not enjoyable, just too sharp and uncomfortable
16Fresh Chromium GermanMild and comfortablenot readily available, two passes must
17Gentlemen super platinum by Poshnot comfortablehint of bite
18Gillette 365comfortably sharpsimilar to Gillette Perma Russian, durability quite good
19Gillette 7 O’Clock PermaSharp Stainless Green (India)Smootha bit unreliable, one side smooth and other not
20Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum BlackSuper Sharp and smoothpricey, works great with mild razors, too sharp for comfort
21Gillette Nacet
22Gillette Super Stainless (Russian)Mild, comfortably sharpMild, excellent audio, works best with medium aggressive and above
23Gillette Platinumsharp
24Gillette Super Stainless (Russian)super sharpsuper sharp in the first 3 uses, featherish, caused shave bumps
25Gillette SuperThin (Thailand)Sharpsharp blade, but quite thin, not too forgiving towards bumps or coarse beard. Enjoyable though
26Gillette Wilkinson Sword ChinaSharpSharper than Indian, works better with aggressive razors
27Gillette Wilkinson Sword IndiaBalancedGo to, use medium to aggressive
28Gillette Winner BlackBalancedPerfect replacement for Gillette Wilkinson sword – but slightly milder and smoother
29Gillette Winner BlueMild
30GlatzMildmedium aggressive to above razors only
31Kingston Ultra platinum
32Kleen shave premium stainlessComfortablegood enough for 1-2 shaves, typical barbershop
33Laser UltraSmooth and sharptoo smooth – causes bumps, after 2 years, enjoyable blade
34Lord cool super stainlessscratchy
35Mingshisharpnice blade
36Ninja Stainless SteelBalanced
37ParkerMild and comfortablenot durable
38Personna BlueSuper Sharp and smoothlong lasting
39Polsilver Super iridium extra stainlesssharp and smoothquite comfortable – discontinued blade
40Power max premium coated steel
41Pro 500 Super PlatinumSharp
43RK Chromium Coatedsharp, not smoothdrag with coarse beard, single use blade, but cleans well
44RK Stainless SteelGoodWorks well in aggressive razors
45RK Ultra Man super platinumcomfortably sharpworks better with higher aggression razors
46Runner super platinum
47RX 100 platinum
48Sharp Xtra 5 Cryo Platinum
49Shave dunia super platinumcomfortably sharpshaves were good, but not enjoyable. Almost like Laser Ultra. As per Purshottam, these are Vertice blades discontinued
50SP stainlessMildGets poor on second usage
51Starmaxx superior platinum blackmilddrag but comfortable result, too mild
52Starmaxx superior platinum SMP 100comfortably sharpnot bad but not durable
53Starmaxx superior platinum SMP 200 (half)
54Starmax super stainlesscomfortably sharpbrilliant
55Statum PlatinumMild
56Sunny super StainlessEfficientWorks well mild to balanced to medium aggressive razors, rough in aggressive ones
57Super sixer stainlessSharploses sharpness on the second use
58Super-Max Diamond EdgeBalancedGo to – exceptional, versatile – works great with all kinds of razors, medium aggressive to aggressive post 8
59Supermax Kwik 1 SE disposablemild
60Supermax Kwik 2 twin blade disposable
61Supermax Platinum PlusMild
62Supermax StainlessBalancedstarts rusting soon
63Topaz Platinumokaytry again
64Topaz StainlessPoorjust okay
65V12 Super PlatinumSmooth and Mildworks well with mild, balanced and aggressive razors
66Veesta Super Stainless
67Veesta Ultra PlatinumSmooth, fairly sharpworks well with medium aggressive but not so much with aggressive, gets sharper with use
68Vertice OneSmoothsuper smooth, perfect after using a sharp blade for long – healing, however drags in aggressive razors
69Vertice ShavexBalancedworks well with BSC
70Vertice Silvermax blackSharp but scratchySharp and thin, not smooth – works well with medium aggressive razors. Loses sharpness quickly
71Vertice Silvermax super platinum bluebalanced but some scratchinessa little scatchy which goes away from 3rd use, works best with medium and above
72Vi John Chrome Platinumsharp and smoothjust amazing – similar to Bic yellow
73VI one 366 cryo coated platinum
74VoskhodMildlot of resistance in coarse beard, not enjoyable
75Willy’s premiumBalancedbalanced and quite comfortable. Tad softer than Gillette Wilkinson. Move to medium aggressive from 3
76Zero waste club premium ss
77Zircon super platinum
78Zlade SE disposable BICbalanced – bordering medium aggressive, burning on 3rd
79Zorrik Super PlatinumOkayworks okay with aggressive razors, two pass must
80Zorrik Supreme Chromium steelMild to Balanced – smooth

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