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Rohini Tea Estate Youngest Darjeeling Tea Garden

History Of Rohini Tea Estate

Rohini tea estate was closed for a long period of 30 years.

That was assumingly between 1962 to 1994, until the Saria family foresaw the cumulative latent potential that this stretch was capable of gifting to the world.

This Darjeeling tea garden is spread across an area of 138 hectares, of which only 110 hectares have been replanted with tea bushes around 1994 which marks the beginning of its rebirth into a garden which is destined to produce the best Darjeeling teas in years to come.

Rohini Tea Estate is located in the Kurseong valley of Darjeeling. The estate was closed for a period of 38 years from 1962 to 2000. From the old 1300 Hectares, around 38 Hectares are still present. These teas are of Chinese origin and in the second flush produce exquisite muscatel teas.

The total area of the garden is around 146 Hectares. Out of this 108 Hectares is young tea. These bushes have been planted from 1996 onwards and they have not yet attained maturity. All the bushes are of the highest quality and they produce exquisite teas all around the year.

The garden is divided into four divisions. The lower division is called Jabarhat and is around 38.19 Hectares. The mid-elevation divisions are called KOTIDHARA and PAILODHARA.

These two divisions together are around 74.56 Hectares and it produces very high-quality teas. It has been planted with AV2 and T-78 clones mostly. Tukuriya is the highest division at an average elevation of 4400 FT and stretches right up to Kurseong town and the area under production is 33.25 Hectares.

This is mostly the old tea area which now today would be more than 100 years old. The entire garden is accessible by road except for Pailodhora.

The estate has a new factory which incorporates all hygiene and food safety requirements as per the HACCP standard specified by RVA Netherlands

Location Of Rohini Tea Estate:

Rohini Tea Estate is located in Kurseong, sloping gradually and picturesquely in this Darjeeling district.

Location Address:

P.O Kurseong, Darjeeling 734203 West Bengal

Area Of Rohini Tea Garden:

The garden is divided into four divisions: Jaberhat, Kotidhara, Pailodhara and Tukuriya, named in ascending order with respect to their elevation.

The lower division, at 1500ft, has an area of about 20 to 24 hectares is called Jaberhat.

The Kotidhara and Pailodhora division cover about 70 to 80 hectares and have AV2 and T-78 China clones, thus producing some of the high-quality teas from Darjeeling.

Located at an elevation of more than 4000ft is the Tukuriya division, the highest tea-planted area of Rohini Tea Estate.

The total area of the Rohini Tea estate is about 320 hectares and the actual tea-producing area sums to about 138 hectares.

Certifications: The estate has a new factory which incorporates all hygiene and food safety requirements as per the HACCP standard specified by RVA Netherlands.

Indian Tea Board Registration Number: 2074

CTM Registration No: DJ/12/01032000/P

Ownership Of Rohini Tea Estate:

Rohini Tea Estate is owned and managed under the experience and expertise of Mr Shiv Kumar Saria and Mr Hrishikesh Saria.

The garden is marketed under Sona Tea Limited (Established in 1955), which also manages its sister gardens: Gopaldhara Tea Estate in the Darjeeling hills and New Glencoe and Soongachi Tea Estate in the Dooars.

Contact Address:

Sona Tea Ltd,

Arjun Enclave,

C & E Block, 1st Floor,

Green Park Colony,

Tea Auction Road,

Siliguri – 734003

West Bengal.

Ph: +91 353 22510831/32/34

Fax: +91 353 2510833

Registered Address Of Rohini Tea Estate:

17, Business Point,

Ganesh Chandra Avenue,


West Bengal,

PIN – 700013

FAX (91) – (33) – 22251427

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