Chandni Whitening Cream

Chandni Whitening Cream Review

Chandni Whitening Cream review, from Pakistan, is a great cream like Promina – Thailand and Qian Li – China, if the results are compared among all three then Chandni Gives the most desirable result, but Chandni Whitening cream comes with a high quantity of Mercury, harmful for the human body, in fact, it is not advisable to use.

Chandni Whitening Cream Ingredients

Ingredients of Chandni Whitening Cream

The company makes no disclosure of Mercury in its ingredients list published on the wrapper. All it publishes are:

• 100% natural ingredients like milk protein,
• aloe vera, and
• glycerin.

mercury is toxic
Mercury is Harmful for Humans

The manufacturers of Chandni are well aware of the fact Mercury is an abolished product in cosmetics whole over the world that may be the reason that they are not disclosing.

Chandni Whitening Cream has no Rivals

When it comes to performance there is no rivals or match to Chandni Chandani makes skin glow and it gives very good radiant effect on the face of the user, especially woman, this makes many women extremely glamourous, the skin gets nourished within few days and the results are no match with any cream in the market.

Chandni whitening cream makes face younger, it miraculously treats dark circle, the user may use it every day for glowing skin.

International cosmetics manufacturers reveal that both hydroquinone and mercury are known to humans for their de-pigmenting capabilities, they are used to lighten and brighten dark areas. Mercury is used to skin-brightening products. Mercury removes acne, wrinkles, freckles, etc.

Mercury is a heavy metal and it cannot be used in skin care product.

Chandni whitening cream review Pros:

  • Instant glow.
  • Decreases dark marks.
  • Effective for dark circles.

Chandni Whitening cream washes away pigmentation thanks to its high usage of Mercury, dark spots and blemishes fade away. People with dark tanned skin may try and get benefitted.

Chandni whitening cream review Cons:

Skin-whitening creams do effectively help you attain fair and glowing skin but it comes with a heavy price, in long term mercury will wear away your skin like paper, and this the major concern with Chandani Whitening Cream.

You should try Pearl Cream

Chandani is a famous brand in third world country like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Srilanka

Some countries have banned 8 Creams and cosmetic product of Pakistan because of the excessive use of hydroquinone and Mercury as ingredients.

chandni whitening cream review
chandni whitening cream review

These 8 products are:

  1. Goree Whitening Cream,
  2. Chandni Whitening Cream,
  3. New Face Whitening Cream,
  4. Due to Cream,
  5. Golden Pearl Cream,
  6. Faiza Cream,
  7. Noor Cream and
  8. White Pearl Plus Whitening Cream.

Both hydroquinone and Mercury are harmful to the health of the Human Body. In a study, it was found that not less than 200 times do these harmful chemicals were used, beyond the permissible limit of any cosmetic regulatory act worldwide. Any skincare cosmetic products cannot have more than 1ppm mercury and 5ppm hydroquinone.

A prolonged use of these 8 cream will create harmful effect on human body.

FAQS on Chandni whitening cream review

chandani whitening Cream

Frequently asked questions and Chandni whitening cream review

How to use chandni whitening cream?

Ans: Clean your face with face wash and let you face dry naturally. After 5 minutes just apply the cream on the face and do not rub it.

When to use Chandni whitening cream?

Ans: During the night and in the morning. Don’t use the cream more than 2 times.

Are there any side effects of the cream? Is there any mercury or other chemicals in it?

Ans: Yes Mercury is present in the cream, though the brand is not admitting it. The cream has great side effects.

From where to purchase?

Ans: It is available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Mauritius, UAE and Nepal, In India, you can buy it online

Is Chandni Whitening Cream Safe to use?

NO, IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Product. As per the research conducted wedish International Development Agency (SIDA) via the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)

Chandni Whitening Cream Review: Mercury Content

Country of purchaseCountry of manufactureBrand name Mercury [ppm]
Bangladesh Pakistan New Face Whitening Cream 16,000
Bangladesh Not indicatedNoor Herbal Beauty Cream 16,000
Bangladesh Bangladesh Lata Herbal Skin Bright Cream8,500
Bangladesh Pakistan Chandni Whitening Cream 6,800
Bangladesh Pakistan White Pearl Plus Cleanser Cream    93
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic Crema Blanqueadora Whitening Cream Lisso260
MauritiusPakistanChandni Whitening Cream14,000
Philippines ChinaJiaoli Miraculous Night Cream1,200
Philippines Hong Kong Glutathione Grapeseed Extract Whitening750
Philippines ChinaJiaoli Miraculous Day Cream500
Trinidad/ Tobago Jamaica Non-Oily Deluxe Silken Bleaching Cream8,300


Are now another Skin Drugs available at every nook and corner of third world countries.

The dangerous and cancer full game of mercury-added products often claimed to be Skin Lighting are back in demand, especially in south-east Asian countries

Bangladesh 50%
Indonesia 31%
The Dominican Republic 33%
Mauritius 7%
Philippines 19%
Thailand 63%

Conclusion: Chandni Whitening Cream Review

Routine use of skin lighting cream and products will lead to skin discolouration and rashes. It won’t stop here, kidney problem digestive and lungs disorder.

Countries like Pakistan do not have any law that prohibits the manufacture of this kind of Cream instead it has emerged as a hub, exposing Pakistani women to risk.

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