delay sprays for men

Delay Sprays for Men in India – 18 Best Online.

Delay Sprays for men

Delay spray for men in India, Viga control spray for premature ejaculation. Viga delay sprays are the best solution for premature ejaculation. Choose from top-rated delay spray for men online in India at a low price. The delay spray price starts from Rs.600.

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Viga 50000 Spray

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Excel Power 14000 Delay Spray

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Largo penis enlargement cream

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Remans Dooz 14000 Delay Spray For Men.

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Remans Dooz 14000 spray

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Super Viga 100000 Spray

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Viga 240000 delay spray

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viga 400000

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Delay Sprays for Men Online in India

100% clinically tested and No side effects.

Viga delay spray contains a specially formulated spray that delays ejaculation for men and prolongs sexual intercourse longer than usual, ensuring exciting orgasms for your partner. These best delay sprays in India can also be used as a Viga control spray for premature ejaculation since its main intended feature is to delay the ejaculation for men.

Buying delay spray online is the best option for those who wish to not use a condom, but still want to extend their pleasure for an unusual amount of lovemaking. Delay spray is preferred by couples who want nothing between them(condoms), yet want to last longer in the bed. Viga Delay spray in India is specially formulated to improve and extend the period of lovemaking.

The spray online in India also offers smooth lubrication, allowing you and your partner to experience an uplifting and romping sexual encounter. The long last spray will help you to go on and on for hours, extending and skyrocketing the pleasure graph for both partners.

Best delay spray for men online in India

Order best delay spray for men online, regarded as the best solution for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation sex spray helps to delay the ejaculation. Apply/Spray the delay spray on your genitals and play the game the way you like and for the time you want to. You can get to experience how it is like to live in your dream world with this Viga delay spray.

There are a number of sexual wellness products available in the market these days. Each of them comes with a different purpose and has its own instructions and benefits. showcases the best sexual wellness products in India and makes it simple and easy to buy condoms, delay sprays, lubricants online.

Viga delay spray, which is also called desensitizing spray, is a specially formulated spray that can be applied directly to the penis. By using delay sprays, men can enjoy prolonged intercourse and heightened sexual pleasure. Other Viga delay spray benefits include managing male ejaculation successfully controlling their penile sensitivity maintaining an erection for longer periods performing sexually better.

How does the best delay spray work?

Many men are wondering today how to last longer in bed? How to desensitize the penis? So, here it is. This Viga delay spray for men contains a specially formulated chemical compound known as Lidocaine or Benzocaine. This delay spray for lasting longer in bed is skin-friendly. 

Both the chemical compounds have the ability of locally desensitized when applied to males’ genitals. So it will make the penis anesthetized Viga control spray will make the penis numb eventually slightly reducing the stimulations and sensations in the penis, helping to last longer in bed.

Long-Lasting Spray Benefits

Very Easy to use

It’s not rocket science to know how to and when to use it. Perhaps, it is the easiest and most effective method to deal with premature ejaculation. Just apply on the penis right before having sex.

Use only when it is the need of the hour

A Viga delay spray is not some kind of medicine that is taken on a regular basis. It can be used only when you plan for sex. Buy delay spray online and use the product as per the instructions provided to see effective results.

No Harmful Ingredients

The long-lasting spray usually contains Benzocaine or Lidocaine, local anesthesia which is typically safe as it will desensitize only the region where it is applied. Almost all long-lasting condoms use these chemical compounds for the same purpose. However, condoms will not give you the satisfaction you want.

Available easily

Unlike other medicines, no prescription or doctor’s consultation is needed. One can easily get this best delay spray for men online in India.

Effective Desensitization

Many are confused about whether the viga delay sprays for men’s work? The answer is yes. Most of our customers found it useful, effective and reordered the sex spray.

Uses of Viga delay spray:

Viga delay spray for men is usually used to delay ejaculation while lovemaking activity but there is also some other advantage where it can be used:

  • Alleviates Premature Ejaculation
  • Prolong Erection
  • Local anesthesia
  • Numbness
  • Pain Relief

Is delay spray safe?

Buy delay spray for men online and use the product as per the instructions for the intended purpose only. The ingredients used in the Viga delay spray are skin-friendly and are not considered harmful. Choose the right product and apply the right amounts for the product to work safely and effectively.

However, there are a few factors to consider while using delay sprays. Do not use too much. Apply the minimum number of sprays as per the instructions and work your way how it works for you. Do not use too little. Start with minimum sprays and work according to your sensitivity. Physician sensitivity is not the same with every person. Do not apply the spray in the wrong places wait for the product to work before proceeding to your sexual activity.

Viga delay spray side effects

Viga delay and sex spray both are absolutely safe to use unless you are allergic to lidocaine and benzocaine, these chemicals are used in sprays to make delay ejaculation. 100% clinically tested for reliable quality. Buy viga delay spray for men and use the product as per the instructions provided.

Why Men should use Viga delay spray for better intercourse?

Viga delay spray is also known as sex spray slightly decreases the sensitivity and blood flow to the penis when sprayed/applied for coquettish lovemaking. The Viga delay spray will boost intimacy and ignite the fire between couples. This long-time sex spray will make the foreplay fervid. 

Premature ejaculation is the most common problem among men. But worry no more! buy Viga delay online in India to the rescue. But when opting to buy delay spray for men, it will accord great benefits to both partners as it will induce titillating sexual intercourse whenever Viga delay spray is used. 

Viga sex delay spray can effectively and efficiently enhance sexual intercourse for an exploding orgasm. Using it regularly will boost confidence and make the couples feel younger! Viga Sex delay spray is also known as long time sex spray or spray for long-lasting in bed, which is applied to the male genitals before making love, will enhance the sensations during sexual intercourse.

Frequently asked questions about Viga Delay Spray

Viga delay spray price in India?

Viga delays spray price changes across brands starting from Rs.100 in India. There is not only one brand in the market to sell the stay-on spray in India. Rather there are numerous brands in today’s market, but not all the products are of good quality and worth your money. And some of the best-imported Viga delay sprays are also available online. Usually, the imported sprays cost Rs. 600 yet it will be worth a shot.

Who can use long-time sex spray?

Well, this is a very common question among everymen. Anybody who wishes to have prolonged sexual intercourse can use Viga delay spray. And those who are suffering from premature ejaculation can use this long-time sex spray.

What are the premature ejaculation symptoms?

The main symptoms of Premature ejaculation are
When the ejaculation occurs with very minimal sexual stimulation.
Poor control over ejaculation and decreased sexual pleasure.
Feeling anxious, frustrated, and embarrassed.

How long does a delay spray last?

Typically the long-time sex spray lasts for about 20-25 minutes.

What is the quantity of the delay spray/cream?

The quantity of the delayed spray/cream differs according to the brands. And the minimum quantity of the sex spray is 10 g with the pricing of Rs.195.

What is the expiry date of the Viga delay spray?

Almost all the long-lasting sprays are best to use before 2 years from the manufacturing date.

Can delay spray be used with condoms?

No, the long-lasting spray cannot be used with condoms. It should be sprayed only upon full erection. Buy Viga delay spray for men and read the instructions before using the product for effective results.

The delay spray for men in India are concocted from the skin-friendly ingredients and it has no side effects.

The home sexual health market is growing rapidly. Products and services that used to require you to go to a sketchy adult store or wait at the doctor’s office are now readily available Lelow Online from reputable telehealth companies.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is quite common, but even more common is the desire of men to last longer in bed with their sexual partners. Luckily, the science of lasting longer has advanced considerably over the past decade. It is now easier than ever to find a highly effective delay spray and have it delivered discreetly to your home within a couple of days.

There are literally hundreds of delay sprays on the market. Most are OK. Some are questionable, but some are outstanding.

Three brands rose to the top in 2021, and we recommend that you go with one of them.

Super Viga

Super Dooz

Deadly Shark

What is a delay spray, and how does it work?

They’re known by a number of names – PE spray, premature ejaculation spray, PEJ spray, delay spray. We prefer the term “delay spray” since definitions of PE vary and the spray itself has broader usefulness than some definitions would suggest.

How does a delay spray work?

Delay sprays, as the name suggests, delay a man’s orgasm, allowing sexual activity to continue longer. The sprays achieve their intended effect by slightly and temporarily numbing the nerves in a man’s penis. You simply follow the instructions to spray a small amount of the product onto your penis and then wait a certain number of minutes prior to sexual activity.

Does Delay Spray give erection?

No. The purpose of delay spray is to minimize the sensivite of the penis in males, and this helps them last longer in the bed.

Is it good to use delay spray?

Yes, It helps them to last longer in the bed; without making the penis too numb to enjoy sex.

Don’t worry – the penis is highly sensitive, as you no doubt know, and a little numbing won’t ruin anyone’s enjoyment. (In fact, some men report more intense orgasms while using delay spray as directed because the pleasure builds more gradually over a longer period of activity.)

As long as you follow the instructions – using an acceptable amount of the delay spray and waiting the necessary amount of time afterward – then evidence, our testing experience, and ample customer accounts suggest that you can confidently expect sexual activity that lasts longer for you and your partner.

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