Second Flush

Taking place in May and June during the hot season that precedes the monsoon, the second flush or Summer Harvest happens at the time of the year when production reaches its highest level.

The processing of the leaves is similar to that carried out in spring, except that they are subject to greater oxidation which, combined with the effect of the climate, produces a dark-golden liquor in the cup, with opulent woody, fruity scents.The world famous MUSCATEL TEA is produced during this season. In Darjeeling, ‘Muscatel’ is applied to a tea with an aromatic bouquet that evokes the fruity sweetness of the muscat grape. The characteristics of this very rare bouquet are due to an insect – The Jassid.

These insects bite into the leaves, it stems the growth of the young shoots and changes their color, which takes on a blotchy, parma-violet tint. The Jassid bite upsets the chemical composition of the leaf, giving rise to very original notes after oxidation.

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