Autumn Flush

Autumn Flush teas possess a fine aromatic balance and a character that is quite distinct from the other two harvests. They can be recognized by the color of their liquor, which is copper, tending toward orange.

After the monsoon is over, which lasts from July to September and only results in the most mediocre of the plucks, Third Flush of Autumn Harvest sees the last harvest of the year.

The temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and the volume of yield diminishes rapidly. The tea bushes then enter a dormant state for about three and a half months.

Careful attention is usually paid to the autumn plucks in order to guarantee vigorous vegetative growth once the winter is over. Since they are tougher at this time of the year, the leaves need to wilt for a longer period. The degree of oxidation they undergo is somewhere between those from the spring and summer harvests.

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