Organic Tea

Darjeeling Organic Teas are a high-grade variety of tea. What is unique about this tea is the environment and the climatic conditions in which they are grown. These teas are strictly cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, making the leaves natural and free from harmful properties. The soil is maintained using only natural compost to retain soil moisture that also gives it its extra nutrients. Darjeeling Organic Tea leaves are harvested according to the lunar cycles which ensure that they have already matured to yield the healthiest and fullest flavor of the leaves. Because of this, Darjeeling Organic Tea is known for its distinct rich texture with a hint of sharpness in its taste. Darjeeling Organic Tea is very healthy because of its chemical-free properties; unlike other food and food products that have been grown using chemical compounds which have also been closely associated with cancer diseases.

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