Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence Otiei Gel 60 Caps

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Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence Gel Otiei is for Healthy Hair Surface Consists Of a Set Of Intact Cuticle and Natural Sebum Constituting Hair Protection Film. Keep Hair Shine & Glossy. Work as Moisture For Hair. Per box 60 pcs. This Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence Gel Is Suitable For Bifurcate, Dry, Or Dull Hair.

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Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence Otiei Gel (60 Caps).

Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence Otiei Gel is very much suitable for Rough, Dry, Dull, and Bifurcate hair. It Reduces Split ends through Deep Penetration. Provide effective Maintenance For Rough And Dry Hair.

Container Type Bottle
Quantity Per Bottle 60 Capsule
Ideal For Men And Women
Item Weight 161 g
Country Of Origin China
Manufacturer Guangzhou Changshengkang Biological Technology
Net Quantity 1 Count
Application Area Hairs
Professional Care Yes

Keep Hair Hydrated and Moisturized. Lock Nutrition and make Hair Shine Brightly. You will be Very Happy Within 2 days and after 7 days you will feel very Different as your Hair Will Become Completely Smooth.

Healthy Fragrance Radiant Brilliant There are Big 60 Soft Gel Capsules.

Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence Otiei Gel (60 Caps) Key Facts:-

Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence

This Product Is Suitable For Bifurcate, Rough, Dry, or Dull Hair. Reduces Split Ends Through Deep Penetration. Provides Effective Maintenance For Rough Hair. Keep Hair Hydrated and Moisturized. Lock Nutrition and Make Hair Shine Brightly. Please Do Not Store Above 30 Degree Celsius.

Ingredients Of Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence

Liquid Paraffin, Gelatin, Purified Water, Glycerin, Common Pigment, Lemon Essence, Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate.


  • After shampoo dry the Hair,
  • Break Capsule With A Needle,
  • Directly Applied To The Hair,
  • Comb Your Hair Evenly,
  • And then leave-in.

How To Use Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence?

Hair Capsules Vitamin E Hair Serum: Now, This Technique Is Very Effective. Pop Open 2 To 3 Vitamin E Capsules Depending On Your Hair Length. Smooth Out This Liquid Onto Your Hair Lengths, Also For Extra Nourishment, You Could Apply It Your Scalp Too. But, Again, Be Cautious, It’s Sticky, So Your Hair Would Get Very Sticky (Unlike The Commercial Serums, Which Disappear Into Your Hair).

After Keeping It On For Half An Hour To An Hour, Wash Your Hair And Condition it. Wash Your Hair And Scalp With A Mild Shampoo. Squeeze The Excess Water From Your Hair, And Blot Your Hair With A Towel Until Damp.

(OR YOU CAN ALSO TRY) :- The Vitamin E Penetrates Best On A Clean Scalp Pour A Quarter-Sized Amount Of Grape Seed, Sesame, Or Carrot Oil Into A Small Dish. Use Grape Seed Oil For Normal Hair, Sesame Oil For Oily Hair, And Carrot Oil For Dry Hair.

Pierce Two Vitamin E Capsules With A Pin, And Squeeze The Contents Into The Oil. The Oils Help The Vitamin E Spread More Easily. Part Your Hair Into Four Sections: Front-To-Back And Ear-To-Ear. Twist Each Section And Clip It To Your Head.

Release One Section Of Your Hair. Dip Your Fingers Into The Vitamin E Oil, Rub Your Fingers Together, And Massage The Oil Into Your Scalp. Work The Oil From The Roots To The Ends. Repeat With The Remaining Sections.

The essence is specially formulated normally to dry hair using after shampoo and dry up, twist off the capsules and squeeze out, apply on the hair it will keep your hair feel silky smooth & healthy all over.

More Information On Kenspeckle Hair Soften Essence:-

The product Is using vitamin E as the main active nourishing preventing hair from the harmful elements in the air, tending hair shine and smooth, and restoring its perfect look.

• Moisturize and stimulate the hair roots.
• Anti-dandruff.
• Itchy scalp.
• Hair loss.
• Split ends hair.

Applied For:– Anti-dandruff, Color Protection, Deep Conditioning, Dryness Care, Hair Shine, Split-ends, Scalp Cleansing, Daily Care, Anti-hair Fall, Hair Volumizing, Nourishment & Moisturization, Straightening & Smoothening, Damage Repair, Frizz Control.

Hair Condition:– Permed Hair, Damaged Hair, Colored Hair, Chemically Treated Hair.
Suitable Hair Type:- Greasy Hair, Curly Hair, Oily Hair, Frizzy Hair, Dry Hair, All Hair Types, Coily Hair, Wavy Hair, Straight Hair, Normal Hair.

Safety Information:-

  • Please Do Not Store Above 30 Degree Celsius.
  • Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Additional information

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 8 cm

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    Makes Hair Soft, good product to revitalize the hair.

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