Second Flush Darjeeling Tea (May through June)

Second Flush Darjeeling Tea (May through June)

After the first flush Darjeeling Tea, a month or so of dormancy follows from mid-April to mid-May, called the banji period—a brief time when pluckers can only take two leaves but no bud—beset by sudden, sporadic, and intense showers, with sharp claps of thunder, power outages, and pulsating rain. The moisture spurs on the second flush, and the tea bushes again sprout new shoots and leaves.

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  3. Temi Tea Second Flush Sikkim Tea
  4. Castleton Muscatel Chinary Musk Second Flush

Second Flush

The fired leaves have a darker hue than those in the first flush, moving from spring tea’s grayish greens to oxidized coppers and mahogany. The hot weather gives more color to the liquor, turning it a bright, deep amber, even tawny, tone.

The body of a second flush tea is fuller but still relaxed, the flavors deeper and less grassy, a touch more prominent on the palate, yet roundly mellow with a sweetish, fruity, often peachy note. And, important for connoisseurs, Darjeeling tea’s renowned muscatel flavor—a musky spice with sweet hints—is more pronounced. So pronounced that the season often carries the moniker “muscatel flush.”

The year’s opening harvest might garner excitement and attention, but this second one, famed for its concentrated signature flavors, fetches just as high prices.

Summer in Darjeeling is the premonsoon season, beginning sometime in April and running to July. The hottest month tends to be May.

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Temi Tea Online
Temi Tea Online Special Sikkim Organic Tea- 250g
Temi tea leaves that make this special packet make for a uniquely mixed range that brings a captivating aroma, a delicious flavour, warm spices, and a sweet lingering aftertaste to the entire cup of tea.
Temi Tea
Temi Tea Second Flush Sikkim Tea 100 Grams
Temi Tea 2nd Flush Sikkim Tea from the TEMI tea estate in the organic state of Sikkim offers a delicious full-bodied tea giving deep amber liquor and a vibrant cup.

Out of stock

Castleton Muscatel Tea
Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling Tea Chinary Musk Second Flush 100g
Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling Tea is probably the most sought-after tea from Darjeeling. The finest specimen defines ‘MUSCATEL’ in the finest way.

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