Chai Bar Bar CTC Tea. #1 Strong Premium Darjeeling Tea


Chai Bar Bar CTC Tea. #1 Premium Darjeeling Tea CTC. A refreshing tea, rich taste and aroma, The perfect way to start your morning, A perfect tea, beyond compare, Marketer: Om Chandra Tea, Country of Origin: India

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Chai Bar Bar CTC Tea.

Carefully blended CTC tea made from high-quality tea leaves sourced from the foothills of Darjeeling. Enjoy a refreshing cup of Chai Bar Bar Darjeeling CTC Tea to start your day right.

Origin: Assam, India
Type: Black Tea
Cultivar: Chinnary
MPN: Lelow CTC
Blended: English Breakfast Tea
Garden: Various
Brand: Chai Bar Bar
Weight: 400g  (160 to 200 cups)

Chai Bar Bar

  • Refreshing tea
  • The rich taste and aroma, The perfect way to start your morning
  • A perfect tea, beyond compare, Marketer: Om Chandra Tea
  • Country of Origin: India

Chai Bar Bar Tea

Darjeeling is well-known throughout India and the world for its quality Darjeeling Tea products. With an aroma that invites you to savor the rich taste and unique blend, Chai Bar Bar blends 85 percent strong CTC granule tea with 15 percent of the choicest long tea leaves. Try it, and you will agree it adds up to an experience you will look forward to each time.

Enjoy Titaura from the Hills of Darjeeling. Taste Dilranjan, taste of Siliguri

Is CTC Tea better than other Tea?

CTC Tea is a common drink beverage in India. No Major Health issues are related to CTC Tea, instead, CTC Tea contains Caffeine and is good for Health.

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