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Dallo Piro Titora Titaura Titawra Paun

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Dallo Piro Titora Titaura Lelow Online

Titora – Titaura! Get 58 Best Titora Online – Lelow Online.

Titora – Titauras – Titawra – Paun, are one of the vital frequent meals delicacies in Darjeeling (famous for its tea) and Sikkim, often constructed from fruits. As you move by means of the streets, one can find chains of outlets promoting these candy, bitter and spicy Titauras.

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Anyone who is from Darjeeling already knows what Titora is. Just thinking about it, my mouth is salivating already. For the rest of you who don’t know, Titota is sweet, sour, salty, or hot or a mixture of all those made from fruits like lapsi (pronounced “Lopsy”) which is also known as  Hog Plum or scientific name Choerospondias axillaries. Titora is also known as Paun in the native language of Darjeeling.

Titora seems to be famous among teenage girls so it is also known as lyase Paun. In the local language, the word lyase means young girl.

Lapsi is found in Darjeeling in the hills and they bloom in spring which is around March/April. Lapsi grows in a tree and it has a green cover with flesh and a single seed stone inside when it is ripe.  Lapsi by itself tastes sour but when they make Titaura, they boil lapsi and take the sandstone out.

Piro Titora, Best Amilo Titaura! Get 44 Best Titora Online – Lelow Online. Sikkim’s is legendary for titaura and individuals who come to go to Gangtok from different components of India be sure to take titaura again with them as a memento in addition to presents to their associates and expensive ones.

Lapsi Dallo Masala Titaura:

Sweet and Mild Spicy in Taste

Ingredients: Lapsi, Sugar, Salt, Spices, and Chillies.

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