Lapsy Candy Spicy Sugar Titaura


Lapsy Candy Spicy Sugar Titaura

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Lapsy Candy Spicy Sugar Titaura

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Amp Piro Titora

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Imli Jhol titora

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kagati bechi titawra

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khattu khata meetha bayar

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Special Jhol titora

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Lapsy Candy Spicy Sugar Titaura

The gluey flesh is mixed with ingredients like sugar, chili, salt, other spices depending upon what type of Titaura needs to be made. Then it is dried in the sun before packing in a plastic pouch to sell it.

  • Wash the natural fruits
  • Boil in Saltwater
  • Drain Water
  • Mash Boiled Fruit
  • Remove the seeds
  • Grind the pulp to homogenize
  • Dry for a week in a bright sunny day
  • Cut it into small pieces
  • Titauras sheets are ready
  • Now add flavors to the suitability

There are many shops in Darjeeling for Tea and Titora. The Titora from Lelow Online is sold everywhere in India from the corner shops to supermarkets. These days you also find Titora made from mango, tamarind, dates, lemon, gooseberry, and lime.

For the last few years, we have been lucky to get Titora in entire  India and abroad as well. It does not cost much and is worth the price for the treat sometimes. I love the sweet ones a lot. Not a big fan of salty and hot ones.

If you ever get a chance, do try it out. You may like it.


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