Swan Harmonica Tremolo 28 holes C Key Organ


Swan Harmonicas’ Unique design, makes your Instrument more effective and durable Light Weighted Alloy

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Swan Tremolo Harmonica 28 holes

  • 100% Brand New And High Quality
  • Unique design, makes your Instrument more effective and durable
  • Light Weighted
  • Alloy
  • Brand: Swan
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Swan Tremolo Harmonica 28 Holes Harmonica C Key with Plastic Case


Tips For Maintaining Swan Harmonica

Package Includes

Swan Tremolo Harmonica Review

28 Holes Harmonica swan Tremolo Key of C with Plastic Case

Swan SW28-2 28 Holes C Key Wide Range Polyphonic Harmonica

Swan Tremolo Harmonica 28 Holes Harmonica C Key with Plastic Case. #1 Best Tone

Swan Tremolo Harmonica is small in size and easy to carry, and is known as “carrying music” and “piano in your pocket”. It can be solo, an ensemble of two, three, or five people, dozens of people playing together, or an ensemble, can also play together with other instruments, or accompany singing, or dancing.

The Swan Tremolo Harmonica is a reed-tongue instrument.

The upper and lower cells of each hole of the polyphonic harmonica are homophonic, and the reeds in the two cells are pronounced at the same time when playing. It has a variety of playing skills and imitates the sound of other instruments, so it is popular with music lovers, especially primary and secondary school students.

Swan Tremolo Harmonica is pronounced, “1, 3, 5” for blowing sounds, and “2, 4, 6, 7” for sound absorption (same for low, middle, and treble). To suit the needs of playing and harmony, the scales are arranged at intervals of blowing and suction. The specific positions of the low, middle, and high notes of the commonly used polyphonic harmonica in harmonica are shown in the figure below.

Brief introduction of Jiangsu Swan Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. Our company was founded in 1982, and it is a leading enterprise specializing in the production of Swan brand high-end harmonica, harmonica, and clarinet. For many years, the company has taken the lead among its peers due to its large scale and wide variety.


  • Brand: Swan
  • Model: SW28-2
  • Classification: Octave Harmonica
  • Holes: 28
  • Tone: C
  • Packaging: plastic box

Here are some tips for maintaining good Swan Tremolo Harmonica:

  • Do not drink heavy and sticky drinks before playing
  • Keep your harmonica in the box or in some other clean place if you are not playing.
  • Don’t let other people play with the harmonica unless it is someone you do not mind kissing
  • Don’t let your harmonica near heat or in direct sunlight
  • Rinse your mouth out well, wash your hands, or brush your teeth if necessary, before playing the harmonica. Do not wash the harmonica with hot water, alcohol, or another chemical reagent.
  • Tap your harmonica out gently after playing, tapping out the excess saliva – holes down.
  • Be aware that “bending” notes – though they can sound great – may bend the reeds out of tune – do not force the reeds when you bend them, use finesse.

Swan Tremolo Harmonica Package included:

1 x Harmonica

Swan Harmonica

Swan Harmonica

After more than 20 years of efforts, the company has won the support and love of domestic and foreign customers with first-class production equipment, superb technology, a good brand reputation, a reliable quality system, and perfect after-sales service.

The Swan brand has successively won honorable titles such as “Quality Products” of the Ministry of Light Industry, “Silver Award” of the Expo, Famous Trademarks of Jiangsu Province, and Famous Brand Products of Jiangsu Province. Since 2003, the company has been rated as a strong enterprise in the musical instrument industry by the China Musical Instrument Association.

Swan Harmonica

The company’s main products include 28-hole, 24-hole, 20-, 16-, 10-hole, 20-tone, and 48-tone harmonicas suitable for elementary and middle school students. There are professionally used 16-hole 64-tone, 14-hole 56-tone, 12-hole 48-tone, and 1040-tone.

High-end chromatic harmonica; fun Affects normal suction. Straight, arms hanging down to clamp the chest, so as not to move, do not move your head. When playing, you must use the movement of your upper body to move the harmonica left and right by holding the harmonica’s bass part with your left hand and the treble part with your right hand (see figure).

There are many ways to play the harmonica when playing, and sometimes it is necessary to change the posture according to the application of the playing method.

How to play Swan Harmonica

  1. The lower row of the accented harmonica is eight times lower than the upper row;
  2. The “4” sound in the 20-hole harmonica was changed to a “2” sound;

Note 1. The actual pitch of each note in the harmonica is an octave higher than the score;

Practice the accompaniment. Cover the tongue with the middle five holes. When you need to add accompaniment, the sound is 123. The phrases in the music are marked with … the octave and the sound method are used, for example, the actual five holes of 755, and two left and right suction holes (see picture), so that the two notes that are an octave apart are simultaneously Play it out.

Octave harmony” is also called “stress”. Nine holes in the mouth when playing cover the middle with the tip of the tongue Octave Harmony 26563-2122356176 515612 4-66156 32 1-11-oo |

Swan Tremolo Harmonica

Swan Tremolo Harmonica

The amplitude should not be too large, so as not to cause the lips to deviate evenly, shake the piano back and forth, shake both ends of the piano, and use your right palm to relax the muscles of the lips when the harmonica is high.

The lips cover the lower compartment (see picture). Play “Fiddle” is a method of playing that mimics the sound of a violin. Narrow your mouth while playing one bass section, midrange section, and treble section.

Swan Tremolo Harmonica Porous monophony.

Open your mouth wide and play the harmonica wider (Including about seven holes), cover the left six holes with the tip of the tongue, leaving one hole on the right (see picture).

A single tone is played by the right lip. This method of playing is called porous monophony. Note that the scale is always on the left side and does not leave the frame, no matter whether the scale is up or down.

Swan Tremolo Harmonica method uses the left thumb and forefinger to straighten and hold the harmonica (see picture), the other three fingers point to the forefinger and disturb, the five fingers of the right hand are slightly bent together, and the right wrist is pressed against the left wrist so that both hands cover Closing (see figure, with the right hand evenly opening and covering the wrists when the playing is inseparable).

With the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger of the left hand opening the cover at the same time, the air vibrates, and a pleasant vibrating sound is emitted. Marked by a handshake.

Accompaniment is also called “polyphonic”. When the right lip plays a clear monophonic sound, quickly open the tongue covering the left fret once, and then cover it back immediately, this is a post-accompaniment;

The “accompaniment” means that the “accompaniment” sounds at the same time as the monophony is played. When you want to play (absorb) a certain sound, the tongue first leaves the grid and then quickly covers it. On the tongue

When the tip of the tongue covers the opening and closing action, the single tone on the right lip cannot be interrupted.

The “pot” sound when the tongue is released when the tongue is opened is the accompaniment, but it should be noted that the opening and closing of the tongue have nothing to do with blowing. When blowing, the tongue is always blowing when opening and closing. When inhaling, the tongue opens and closes. Time is still sucking.

Note: “Person” is the accompaniment mark, and “O” is a multi-hole monophonic mark (that is, no accompaniment is added).

Swan Tremolo Harmonica Contact Details

Swan Mouth Organ

E-mail: info@harmonicas.com.cn Fax: 0523-84580039 Telephone: 0523-84582508 84580163

Visit the Website

Zipcode: 214526 Company address: No. 12 Zhenxing North Road, Maqiao Town, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce (2015-2018) Jiangsu Famous Trademark General mobilizer co., Ltd. Sky Musical Instrument “Enlightenment Teacher” for elementary and middle school students. Swan Tremolo Harmonica, Swan harmonica, harmonica, clarinet.

Feel the charm of music from here:

Swan Tremolo Harmonica playing Device. Music teachers and harmonica enthusiasts, please contact us by letter or call to purchase Swan music materials. Welcome to the education committees, teaching and research offices, colleges, and primary and secondary school audio and video users.

And equipped with special harmonica, harmonica teaching materials, beautiful tone color, unique shapes, and many domestic 8-hole and series tuners. The Swan Series of instruments are distinguished by their high-quality 32- and 37-key tone organs; the clarinet has hardcovers, paperback 6-holes, chords for team accompaniment, and bass harmonicas; there are 13-key, 27-key,

Famous brand products in Jiangsu Province

Standard number: QB / T1299-2011 passed ISO9001-2015 quality system certification.


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