Feather Blades #1 (Pack of 5 Blades) Sharpest Shaving Blades

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Feather Blades #1 Sharpest Shaving Blades in the World. Highest quality Japanese blades made to fit different double edge safety razors. Extremely sharp,  smooth, and comfortable. Box with 5 individually wrapped blades.

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Feather double edge blades have a very large user base and are also known as Samurai Sword when comes to sharpness giving a close shave. When an individual starts shaving with a double edge safety razor they may not be proficient. Nonetheless, but are very excited to try the Feather double edge to enjoy the experience and therefore.

Brand Feather
Type DE Blade
Pack of 5 Blade

Feather Blades

The Feather Edge Safety Razor Blades are the go-to blades of men’s beards. Made in Japan, they are renowned for their sharpness and aggressiveness. Ideal for men with coarse, they cut easily through just about any kind of bear.

Welcome to Feather Shaving Blades – Elevate Your Grooming Experience!

At Feather Shaving Blades, we understand that the perfect shave is not just about the right razor; it’s an art. With a legacy of precision and craftsmanship, our shaving blades are meticulously designed to offer you the ultimate grooming experience.

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Why Choose Feather Shaving Blades?

  1. Japanese Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the heritage of Japanese craftsmanship. Our blades are forged with precision and dedication, embodying the centuries-old tradition of excellence in blade manufacturing.
  2. Unparalleled Sharpness: Experience the difference with Feather’s razor-sharp blades. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled sharpness, ensuring a smooth and irritation-free shave with every stroke.
  3. Advanced Technology: Our shaving blades incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide optimal cutting performance. From traditional straight razors to modern safety razors, we cater to all preferences with a commitment to quality.
  4. Exceptional Durability: Feather Shaving Blades are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability. Enjoy a prolonged lifespan for your blades, reducing the frequency of replacements.
  5. Versatility: Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a grooming enthusiast, our range of shaving blades caters to all needs. Explore our selection of blades suitable for straight razors, safety razors, and more.

Explore Our Collection:

  1. Feather Professional Series: Elevate your grooming routine with our Professional Series blades. Trusted by barbers worldwide, these blades deliver precision and sharpness for a professional finish.
  2. Feather Artist Club: Immerse yourself in luxury with our Artist Club series. Designed for both personal and professional use, these blades redefine the art of shaving.
  3. Feather Safety Razors: Experience the classic charm of safety razors with Feather’s modern twist. Our safety razors combine elegance with efficiency, providing a close and comfortable shave.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

At Feather Shaving Blades, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our customer service team is dedicated to assisting you at every step, ensuring you find the perfect blade for your grooming needs.

Shop with Confidence:

Browse our online store and discover a world of precision and luxury. We offer secure payment options, fast shipping, and a hassle-free return policy. Elevate your grooming experience with Feather Shaving Blades – where tradition meets innovation.

Indulge in the art of shaving. Shop Feather today!

However, they are NOT recommended for novice wet shavers as they aren’t forgiving. The Feather Double Edge Razor also tends to be too aggressive for men with sensitive skin or men who are prone to skin irregularities such as acne or scarring.


Feather DE

  • Feather Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Feather Stainless Razor gives you long-lasting smoothness shave aftershave. It comes with a stainless steel finish with platinum-coated.
  • The highest quality Japanese blades are made to fit different double-edge safety razors.
  • Extremely sharp, smooth, and comfortable.
  • Excellent in all brands of Double Edge Safety Razors!
  • Feather Double edge razor blades.
  • Cost-effective. Double-edged ease-of-use.
  • Platinum-coated blades for added sharpness and safety.
  • Zero pressure is required.
  • Feather Double Edge Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Box with 5 individually wrapped blades.
  • Outstanding Longevity – retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves!
  • Smoother – Known for providing smooth Shaves.
  • A favorite due to their sharpness and smoothness.
  • Made In Japan.

Safety razor Blades shaving razors’ snap-lock action makes shaving really convenient and hassle-free. Unlike ordinary razors its superior design ensures a firm hold and precise positioning of the blade, minimizing any chance of nicks and cuts. So you can have a shave that’s totally safe and comfortable.

The feathers are treated with platinum for smooth shaves and longer life. It gives you an extremely sharp and clean shave each time. You get double-edged razor blades to get you an ultra-smooth finish. The Feather double edge Razor is a cost-effective buy giving you a longer razor life.

You need not apply any pressure at all and hold it at a proper angle to get the best and safest shave ever. Also, remember to wipe the blade clean of any water after each use to avoid any rust or oxidation. The platinum coating is very close and velvety shaved with a double-edge handle.

Which is the Best Double Edge Blade in The World?

Many Individuals do not go well go very well, but this was certainly because of poor technique and not the blade. For this reason, one should not undermine experiences with Feather and should not award a negative review to the blade.

Best Shaving Blades

Feather Blades is a renowned razor blade manufacturer with over 80 years of blade-making history. Safety Razor Blades Hi-Stainless steel platinum-coated Feather double edge razor blade is one of the finest blades in the world manufactured in Japan under strict quality control procedures.

Feather has developed the perfect cutting blade angle on high-quality stainless steel to give the best shave. Platinum-coated blade provides a smooth, comfortable shave and prolongs the sharpness of the blade for multiple shaves. Exceptionally sharp but will reward you with the closest shave.

Next, factor in your products and tools. Simply throwing a DE blade onto your straight razor and going to town with an aerosol drug store shave cream is asking to get sliced and diced. A good shave is only as good as the products you use. You’ll want to make sure that at the very least you have a high-quality pre-shave oil, good shaving cream, or good shaving soap and a post-shave product like a soothing cream or gel.

You need to make sure you invest in some good quality products. Check out our other shaving guides for more information on some of the best products. Next, you want to have your routine down pat.

  • Apply heat either by jumping in a hot shower or applying a hot towel to your face. Once the towel is beginning to cool, apply pre-shave oil to your beard and neck area.
  • Lather some shaving soap or shaving cream, and apply it in circular motions to your face.
  • Dip your straight razor in hot water and begin shaving with short strokes with the grain. After the first full pass, evaluate if you need another pass; if so, re-lather your face and proceed across the grain.
  • Shock your face with cold water to rinse the remaining products off and close the pores. Follow with a post-shave product of your choice.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades for DE Safety Razor

When it comes to shaving, it’s no secret razor blades are the king of Wet Shaving, the best safety razor blades on the market today. For many men, choosing the right blade can be a chore and one that’s difficult for the novice wet shaver. Select the right blades for your facial beard. No two blades are the same, and it is all about finding the right blade for your beard.

Standard Safety Razor

Tough Beared

  • Everyone’s facial hair is different. Some are soft and supple whereas others are coarse and tough to manage.
  • Using a DE safety razor and a blade makes it much easier to customize your shave to your particular needs because there are so many blade choices out there.
  • Here are a few factors you want to consider when selecting a blade:
  • Skin type. Rough, sensitive, or acne-prone skin types should use less aggressive blades.
  • Skill level. If you’re a beginner, it may be helpful to choose a less aggressive blade while you’re getting comfortable.

Identifying a DE safety shaving razor blade.

Identifying a Double-edged safety razor blade is not an easy task at all, it involves a time-consuming process.

Double Edge Razor Blade Tips

Tip#1: While most people will reuse their blades three to five times, you may want to change the blade out after every shave if you have coarse hair or sensitive skin. Blades can cost as little as Rs. 5/- so you don’t have to pay much to avoid irritation.

Tip #2: If you are just starting out or the needs of your skin and beard change with each shave, consider buying a sampler pack. They will give you enough variety to compare blades directly.

Tip #3: If you have small children, it’s a wise investment to use a straight razor disposal container for your blades rather than throwing them into the garbage where little fingers could get cut. There are many on the market, but I use the Shaving Factory Razor Blade Disposal Case, which holds about six months’ worth of blades before I have to buy another one. It’s not the most attractive thing, but it does the job.

Brand Average Price Blade Count Price Per Blade

Comparison Packing Safety Razor Blades

Brand Blade Count Per Pack
Feather Blades 5
Gillette Super Stainless 5
Gillette Super Stainless Blade  5
Dorco ST300 5
Wilkinson Sword 10
Dorco Titan 5
Gillette Superthin 6
Gillette 365 Stainless Blade 5
Supermax 10
RK Stainless Blade 10
Laser Ultra 10
Topaz 10
Vijay Blade 5
Gillette 7 Oclock Super Platinum 6

Tip #4: It’s important to remember that a blade is only as good as the straight razor it’s on. You want to invest in a good quality straight razor that works well for your skin and hair type but also your experience.

Feather DE Blade Razor Blades


Every straight razor blade is a little different and, for the most part, that’s on purpose. The first choice in blades is Double Edge Blade

5 DE Blades to be consider

There are lot many DE blade manufacturers around the globe and online shopping has given a huge choice and option to consumers to buy DE blades at a click so it becomes extremely important to buy the best blades.

Gillette DE blades are far different from their cartridge blades

DE Blade by Manufacturers

Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum

These are not the Gillette blades you use with a cartridge razor like the ProFusion or the Mach 3. These are standard, old school DE safety razor blades and they’re some of the most popular around. Fairly forgiving but still sharp, they were a decent blade compared to many of the others. They’re widely available at drug stores across North America.

The sealed package of Wilkinson Sword blades are not very sharp blades mostly these shaving blades are preferred in commercial use by commercial use.

Wilkinson Sword

Another excellent product line, the Wilkinson Sword blades are made in Germany use a proprietary coating to give their blades a comfortable and sharp shave. Ideal for average beard and skin types, these are some great blades worthy of your consideration.

Gillette Super Thin Blades

Superthin from Gillette, As the name suggests these are not the thinnest blade in the Market, in fact, they are the sharpest blades just after Feather Double Edge Razor, yet very forgiving and provides a very great shave in the DE Blade.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this guide on the top DE safety razor blades on the market. Try a sampler pack if you’re new to wet shaving. What kind of blades do you use?

7 O Clock Super Stainless Blade

Gillette 7 Oclock Stainless Blade is manufactured by Gillette in India. They are good in quality and we recommend it after a super-thin blade. Feather double edge safety are our first choice.

Dorco DE Blades

Dorco DE Blades are not very sharp but are very durable shaving blades, they are mild on the skin and do not give nicks and cuts.

Gillette 365 Blades

Gillette 365 Blades, the Only Dermatologist approved Blades and these Blades are made by Gillette

Our Best Shaving Content

Shaving is a ritual that involves products, tools, techniques,s, and knowledge to create a smooth, closely shaven face. Each man has different needs, and even though we love a deep dive into one part of shaving, we know that the Big Picture is just as important.

To answer the many shaving questions and concerns that we receive from men every day, we put together the most comprehensive Shaving Guide out there.

The Best Safety Razor Shaving Blades

These were not easy earlier to purchase, but with the presence of online shopping, feather double edge razor are easily available online


Omega Shaving cream and brush are the best a man can get.

EAN: 4902470590684

Double Edge Blades

Double Edge Blades are designed to be used in Traditional safety razors and are a great way to get a quality shave at less (money) and with fewer efforts (passes). In this process, you are less scraping off your skin on your face and little exposed the grime to open pores.

Why does the shaving blade get dull?

Shaving Blade gets dull while cutting men’s hair because in the process the impact on the blade with small chips on the surface of the blade, these chips detritus the process of ability to cut beard.

Double Edge Blades difference in them?

Double Edge Blades are manufactured with different coating and technology, these ways blades become different in:

The sharpness of Double Edge Blades Depends on?

Double edge blades are sharp, very sharp, however, some are sharper than others and we, therefore, end up discussing their sharpness in relative terms. For example, Dorco ST300 is known to be quite a dull blade whereas could slice the air in two given the chance.

Coating: Some manufacturers add a special coating to the blade to help it glide across the skin easier or last longer. For example, Wilkinson Sword claims to add a synthetic polymer coating that is supposed to prevent cuts and irritation in this way.

Why would you want a relatively dull blade, surely the sharpest of the sharp will do the best job? Again that depends on the user, the sharper the blade that you use, the more risk there is of causing razor burn and general irritation. Therefore you want to use a blade that effortlessly and painlessly removes your stubble. Dorco ST300 Blades are good for those with a finer mustache as they won’t need a super sharp blade-like but also those with more sensitive skin, as it isn’t so aggressive.

Based on the above information you may think that it is relatively easy to narrow down the type of blade you want. If you have a fine bear, go for Derbys and if you have mini tree trunks bursting from your pores then go for a sharper blade such as the Feathers. However, it isn’t that simple when you factor in your skin type, what if you have very thick bear but incredibly sensitive skin? Using a very sharp blade-like Feather Double Edge Razor, would certainly give you a smooth shave but likely at the cost of a lot of pain. This is why experimenting with different blades is such a necessity.

  • Excellent in all brands of Double Edge Safety Razors!
  • Double edge razor blades. Cost-effective. Double-edged ease-of-use. Platinum-coated blades for added sharpness and safety.
  • Zero pressure is required. Feather Double edge Blades. Keep blades free from the water before storing.

I realize sharpness is “Very” subjective to each individual but there must be some sort of standard scale right? I’m guessing everyone would say Feathers would top out on a sharpness range but what would be the “dullest” blade (on average)? What’s a blade that is almost as sharp as Feathers but not quite? And down the list…

I ask this since I am working thru a sampler and have found some blades (such as Wilk. Swords & Topaz Platinum) just do not work at all for me, one or two passes, and they are tugging and yanking badly enough to stop and switch mid shave. I’m guessing Astra Superior Platinums are close to the top of a sharpness scale? Those are currently my best blades.

I’ve got some Sharks (super stainless and super chrome), Persona Platinums, Racer super  Stainless, Derby extra, Laser super platinum, Rapira, Voskhod, Asco super stainless, and some Feather (which just came yesterday) to try yet.

I’m curious to see if there is a correlation between what blades do or don’t work for me and the relative sharpness. And this may be good for general knowledge for new DE shavers and probably experienced guys/gals too.

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1 review for Feather Blades #1 (Pack of 5 Blades) Sharpest Shaving Blades

  1. Karthikey (verified owner)

    These are incredibly sharp, and will give you a good shave if you know how to double-edge shave properly.

    If you are a beginner, or are being careless, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

    Feather is a company that also makes sugical scalpels and other such medical instruments, so that should be a good indicator of how sharp these blades are.

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