Face and Body Natural Papaya Cleansing Scrub Gel (100ml)

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Face and Body Natural Papaya Cleansing Scrub Gel – 100ml, Silky and soft-touch, Leaves skin smooth and soft, 100% natural

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Face and Body Natural Papaya Cleansing Scrub Gel – 100 ML

Face and Body Natural Papaya Cleansing Scrub Gel by Pretty Cowry Natural Papaya Papaya Whitening Refresh Felly.

The pawpaw with the call of “king of tropical fruits”, Contains natural vitamin C, E, D, and B and 12 kinds of fruit lipid essence extracted from Green tea, also named Fairy in Green with the light massage

Size:  100 ML
Country of Origin:  China
Form:  Gel
Brand: Pretty Cowry
Shipping method: Weight Based Shipping

Face and Body Scrub

Pedi Scrub Gel with 12 hours moisturizing formula, this product can effectively eliminate aged hominess on the surface of skin intensively clear impurities and dirt away from the skin,

Instantly recover pure and fresh skin, naturally improve the absorbability of the epidermis, supply fresh essence to intensively nourish skin, remove wrinkles and lines,

Bleach Cleaner Gel increases the water content in the home layer, fully activates skin promotes cell regeneration, leaving skin smooth, and allows the skin to enjoy the fragrance and freshness of pawpaw



  1. After cleansing the skin apply a soft scrub proper of it to sear on the face.
  2. Or lightly massage the whole body till appearing fine-grain rinse off with clean water.
  3. Rinse gel for best gel after gently massaging.

Keep away from the reach of children.

face scrub

Face Wash Body Papaya

Papaya is bliss for the skin, natural papaya skin care products are best.

Papaya Scrubbing Gel

Item Type: cleanser
Gender: female
Type: facial cleanser
Feature: whitening
Ingredient: Papaya

Scrub Gel

  • 100ml
  • Silky and soft-touch
  • Natural Papaya Cleansing Scrub
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft
  • 100% natural

Natural Papaya Cleansing Scrub Gel

The best skincare product featuring the planet’s natural power that helps your skin silky. Cleansing Scrub Gel contains rich vitamin E, C, D, B12, etc, and fruit essence.

With 12 hours of moisturizing formula, it can effectively remove aging cutin, eliminate skin outer layer dirt, promote metabolism and blood circulation, leaving skin tender, delicate, and luster with ginseng fragrance.

Face Body Natural Papaya usage

USAGE: After cleaning the skin, apply proper of it to smear on face, or lightly massage whole body till appearing fine grain, rinse off with clean water.

A Cleansing scrub gel contains exfoliating particles which are suspended in the gel.

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Scrub Gel

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