Hero Pen 329 Fountain Ink Pen (Pack of 3)


Hero Pen 329 Fountain Pen (Pack of 3) with Black, Burgundy, Teal colour Barrel. Original Fountain Pen Model 329 Ink Iridium Tipped Nib. Buy Golden Arrow Fine Nib, Hooded Style, Fine Nib, favorite chromed trim, and decorated.

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Hero Pen 329 Fountain Price Original 329 Ink Pen Iridium Tip Nib. Best Quality at Lelow online. Barrel Best fountain pen to buy Golden Arrow Fine Nib Hero 329 Fountain Pen · Hooded Style · Fine Nib · Favorite Of The Arrow · Chromed trim and decoration · With Black, Red, Green Barrel for the transaction.

It is an early style hero pen, also coveted by collectors · The Fountain pen that could go with you · Basically, iPhone of its day. · Must buy fountain pen from Hero. · Collectors dream fountain pen. · Technical quality from century. · Aero metric Ink refill system · 0.38 mm Nib.

Hero 329 Pen Fountain Price original Ink Iridium tip Nib.

HERO 329 Fountain Ink Pen – Set of 3 Color: Black, Red, Green Barrel

Hero 329 Pen

The Tech Specification of Hero 329 :

  • 17 gms capped and filled with ink
  • 5.5″ long capped


  • 4.875″ long without a cap
  • 5.875″ with cap posted
  • Cap can be posted, just slides down over the end.


  • The pin closes with a slight click, snap-type closure.
  • The nib is approx. F, not labeled that I could see
  • Aerometric squeeze filling ink sac enclosed in a pen


  • Great for your personal use
  • Revolve to absorb ink into the tube

Best fountain pen to buy Golden Arrow Fine Nib

  • Pull-type pen cap makes you feel convenient
  • These fountain-pen has survived time, trade, and technology
  • A must-buy a fountain pen. Collectors fountain pen.
  • Remember the age, witness history, and transformation, selection of technical quality for a century.
  • Aero metric Ink refill system 0.38 mm Iridium Nib can be used with any color ink of the choice Recommended for Fine writing.
  • The half-world – United States, India, or China knows it as Chinese calligraphy and for some Traditional Chinese answer to the world.
  • The pen has Stainless Steel Cap on/off the system.
  • No ink dries problem.

The writing quality is highly regarded, may it be gel ink, gel pen, or ballpoint pen. A perfect gift idea for the near and dear ones. A Classic economical Fountain Pen is one of the Flagship fountain pens in the 1990s. It all started in 1931 and is based in China.

Most of us have experience with fountain pens. It goes back to school days, with ink-stained hands and smudged writing. Pen comes as big relief thanks to its robust quality.

And we suspect most of us have since gravitated towards a ballpoint pen, and haven’t looked back. But in response to the digital age, there has been a trend towards the traditional craft of handwriting and the fountain pen.

The pen has a very good robust built quality.

‘Now that handwriting is a choice, not a chore, and there is a premium on the unique rather than the infinitely reproducible, people are beginning to discover, or rediscover, the thrill of pen and ink.’ – Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times 02/11/2014

Barrel Best fountain pen to buy Golden Arrow Fine Nib Hero 329 Fountain ink Pen · Hooded Style · Fine Nib · Favorite Of The Arrow · Chromed trim and decoration.

The Fountain pen that could go with you · Basically, iPhone of its day. · Must buy fountain pen from Hero. · Collectors dream fountain pen. · Technical quality from century. · Aero metric Ink refill system · 0.38 mm Nib The pen Steel top.

We explore the 5 big reasons why you should consider

1. it’s a Lifestyle Statement

With fountain pens no longer seen as a standard writing tool for everyday use, it has been elevated to accessory status. With email and text becoming the primary communication tool, a fountain pen is an honest statement that you want to write in the old way…in a considered manner. It is a sign to your colleagues you are serious about what you are doing in the workplace. Wing Sung 233

Presidents don’t sign a treaty with a Hero 329 pen, they use a fountain pen.

2. The ‘Good Old Days’

This is the age of mechanical pencils. Hero 329 pens are now often called the good old days for a reason, the pace of life was slower and the stresses of the digital world did not exist (email stress is a real condition).

Taking the time to write a letter using a fountain pen is a relaxing and tactile process, the antithesis of email and text. Feel the sense of history as you fill a converter from a bottle of ink, or sign your name in pen and ink. These pens were never a part of limited edition euphoria.

3. Years of Pleasure

How many ballpoint pens have you broken or lost? For many of us, our ball pen is a disposable item that we throw away over and over again. On the other hand, a fountain pen can last for decades if looked after well (and will improve with age). Ink cartridges are also cheaper and come in such a wonderful array of colors.

4. A Luxurious and Expressive Writing Experience

To write with a fountain pen on creamy paper is one of life’s great sensual pleasures’ – Daisy Goodwin, Sunday Times.

The ink from a fountain pen glides effortlessly over the surface of the page, meaning glorious strokes and less pressure on the paper. You can also achieve a more unique writing style by adapting your choice of the nib, hold, and angle of the pen (solid gold nibs actually adapt to your writing style).

5. Improves Handwriting

But does a fountain pen improve your handwriting?

We recently asked various teachers what they thought, and their answers were overwhelmingly positive. Mr. Thapa, a Hindi teacher, felt a fountain actually made him write slowly and more clearly.

Ms. Rai used to teach in a private school where fountain pens were mandatory. “I cannot say how far this is due to a different economic background and education system, but there was definitely a higher quality of handwriting in the private school and I do wonder whether the equipment was a factor.

The school equipment aimed at poor students is generally of poor quality and tends to break easily, and I am sure this has an impact on students’ attitudes to their work.”

The world of inexpensive Chinese fountain pens is something you should fall in love with, and you will get smooth results. The most recent impulse buy is a Hero 329 fountain pen. For less than Rs. 500 (sometimes less than Rs. 400/), you get a set of 3- fountain pens shipped by Lelow. online, India. There’s something completely unbelievable about that, but it’s the real deal.

So, what do you get from the Hero 329 fountain pen?

When you consider the functions of a pen, a few things that come to mind are: it writes, it’s comfortable to hold, it keeps ink from drying out when not in use, it clips to a pocket, and it’s reusable. Lots of pens cover these basic characteristics. But there’s another characteristic that many of my favorite pens have that’s difficult to quantify: they’re delightful to use.

That’s where the Hero 329 comes in a powerful workhorse and the main reason it will be probably one of the best buys. It’s fun to use, and it actually bolsters from my writing experience. These are lenient words for a pen, and I should probably back them up. So, here we go.


Hero 329 pen comes in 3 body colors: Black-Maroon –Green. It’s also only available in a fine nib. The material of the body and cap is classy plastic. Each part of the pen has the same shade of color, adding to the high-quality look. The metal clip is silver and actually does a good job as a clip.

The main thing that does it for me is the silver label on the cap of the pen. I was really disappointed when I realized it wasn’t a sticker that could be removed. I’m not sure why it’s there. The top part of the rectangle is Chinese characters, and the bottom part says “329” in a script font. Why? The pen would look a bit classier if the silver stamp wasn’t there.

Uncapped, the grip section is textured in a hatch pattern, although it doesn’t really provide any real grip. The texture is very slight. The nib is hooded by the end of the grip section, which gives it a unique look.


Hero 329 pen writes fairly smoothly and that’s a little nib smoothing would help a bit, really interesting in working on it. It’s a very light and narrow pen and handles well either posted or unposted in your hand. The nib can be finicky regarding the angle of attack. One has to be very mindful when writing with this pen to hold it at the right angle.


This is a perfectly good pen really impressive functional fountain pen can be made at that price. Fortunately, this pen is enjoyable to use. It asks a lot of the writer and introduces constant distractions and speed bumps along the way. There’s nothing wrong with buying a pen, you can experiment, and will not be disappointed. It’s fun to experiment with different pens.

Is the best fountain pen to buy, the high-class pen as they are one of the cute ink pens to buy, making it quality writing pens and are rightly called fountain pens of the world once decided to buy, the question arises where fountains pen to buy, buy pen online at Lelow Online

Hero 329 Pen, a Chinese writing pen is a fancy pen for men. The handwriting is on the wall: Fountain pens are back. A generation that wasn’t taught cursive and whose members do most of their writing on a keyboard or smartphone screen has breathed new life into the old-fashioned fountain pen. And that means Hero 329 Fountain pen, nice paper, and ink. Lcd Writing pad.

This is a brand new product, An arrow embed on pen grip.

  • Hero ink Pen 329 is a hooded nibs style with iridium tipped, Fine nibs
  • Nibs size 0.5mm, Smooth for writing.
  • Hero Fountain pen Coloured Barrel Available in 3 colors BLACK, GREEN, RED.
  • Plastic body set off by the stainless steel with a mineral cap.


  • A vintage ink converter pump style is fixed inside and will take any ink bottle ink.
  • Dimensions: approx 13.9cm in length capped, 12.0cm uncapped, 1.1cm in barrel diameter.
  • Weight: approx 13g.

A long nib pen is Hero 221 Pen. You can visit: Hero Pen, Shanghai

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 8 cm


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