Wing Sung 233 Fountain Ink Pen Nib Triumph


Wing Sung 233 Teal Blue and Chrome Fountain Pen Medium Nib, Teal Blue Barrel and Chrome Cap and Clip.
Made By Wing Sung in the 1990s, Filling system: Aerometric, Does not come in a Box.

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Wing Sung 233 Fountain Ink Pen Nib Triumph

Wing Sung 233 Teal Blue and Chrome Fountain Pen Medium Nib, Teal Blue Barrel and Chrome Cap and Clip.
Made By Wing Sung in the 1990s, Filling system: Aerometric, Does not come in a Box.


Wing Sung 233 Fountain Pen, Aerometric Filler, Brand New New Old Stock (NOS). Fine Nib, Plastic Barrel, Golden Colour Cap, Ink Window To See If You Are Running Out Of Ink
Made In 1990s By WING SUNG, Without Box From Retail Package. The Price Is For One Pen, The Colors: Burgundy, Black & Green. Shipping In INDIA Only, Nice Gift For Everyone.


Wing Sung 233 Fountain Pen, Aerometric Filler, Brand New New Old Stock (NOS). Fine Nib, Plastic Barrel, Golden Colour Cap, Ink Window To See If You Are Running Out Of Ink Made In the 1990s By WING SUNG, Without Box From Retail Package. The Price Is For One Pen, The Colors: Burgundy, Black & Green. Shipping In INDIA Only, Nice Gift For Everyone

Wing Sung 233 pen

Wing sung 233 fountain Ink Pen Nib Triumph. Wing sung classic 233 fountain pen with gold plated triumph nib and Golden cap. The fountain pen is in perfect working condition. It is very difficult to get Wing Sung 233 fountain Ink Pen. Price of Wing Sung pen is not high, the classic Wing Sung pen with Nib Triumph.

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  • Brand: Wing Sung
  • Model: 233
  • Colour: Black and gold


  • Length (capped) : 135 mm
  • Length Without cap: 120 mm
  • Length posted: 155 mm.
  • Weight: 21 gms

Material used

  • Body material: Plastic and metal
  • Cap Type: Pull cap
  • Nib Size & Material: F size gold-coated triumph nib and Golden clip.
  • Ink Filler: aromatic Ink converter filling

Brand new Wingsung 233 classic vintage fountain pen with triumph nib in excellent working condition. the pen will be shipped only after detailed testing. We will ink the pen to make sure it’s working but will clean and dry the pen before we ship. For quality writing purpose, you can buy Hero 329 Ink Pen


The Wing Sung 233 is in a lot of ways the quintessential Chinese “New Old Stock” fountain pen. Found on Lelow Online at ridiculously low prices, it offers an interesting (albeit, plagiarized) aesthetic that doesn’t match up to the cheap pens of today.

In particular, we have the standard 60s plastic body with the metal cap, and interestingly, in the wing sung 233 ’s case – a wrap-around style nib that looks awfully similar to the Sheaffer Triumph.I rarely handle these pens and think particularly positive things about them. In a lot of ways, modern Chinese manufacturing and tolerances have left them in the dust, but they do offer a window into the past and admittedly I do like inexpensive quirky options just for the sake of playing around with them.Breaking the Wing Sung 233 down based on performance, it’s easy to see that this is a sub-par pen. A modern Jinhao is infinitely better in terms of manufacturing consistency and overall finish. That being said, the Wing Sung does have a few (okay, one) tricks that modern “cheapo” (and expensive Western) fountain pens don’t have that forces me to give it a second look.Wing Sung 233 HERO Fountain PenRight off the bat, I inked it and it worked perfectly on arrival. Didn’t even bother flushing (I know, I know – I am a rebel). Sadly, the pen kept on working even with the tines were not touching the paper. The result after 1 week was the entire nib and feed unit being clogged up with Waterman Intense Black residue. An odd happenstance, but with a pen that costs less than $2.50 delivered, it’s something that I just have to smile at.Thankfully the total amount of ink capacity is limited and thus the resulting damage was dealt with very quickly. I would imagine that if you use it regularly on a daily basis… this may not happen? Hard to say.I currently have the pen inked on my desk. It’s like a ticking time bomb and I have no idea why. The lack of a removable nib means that adjustment is impossible and the feed is just plain weird. No idea what it’s made of. Looks like poor quality ebonite, but feels like plastic that was left in a bucket of salt for a few centuries.

No real explanation as to why this happened. Feel free to chime in down below in the comments.As I said, mediocre ink capacity; your standard Chinese squeezy mechanical ink sac nonsense. We abandoned that a long time ago, and it wasn’t soon enough, frankly. Only redeeming quality is that it’s…cheap? I don’t know. Originally had a metal sleeve over the sac, but it went walkabouts – maybe the cat stole it. In any case, it’s horrible like all ink sac filling systems. Hero 221 fans! I shan’t join your perverse cult!Jokes aside, I like pistons > converters > eyedroppers in that order; so obviously, I am quite biased. You might say, “Hold on a minute there Thomas; it’s a plastic body with plastic threads – just convert it and shut up already!”

But no, dear reader, Wing Sung saw fit to drill a hole into the butt of the body (they like to live on the edge) and this conversion is not recommended if you like your ink to stay inside your pen – albeit you could use Sugru to fill in the hole, but at that point, just buy the pen you want. Wing Sung 233Need bottled ink or refills? After importing Hero pens from China for a number of years in the late ’90s, I thought I’d try Shanghai’s 2nd-largest pen manufacturer, which was Wing Sung 233, which had also been around for decades. Hero subsequently purchased the company but now it appears that it’s no longer a separate brand.

While Hero has designed quite a few pens based on earlier Parker models, the Wing Sung 233 pen was a more of an homage to Sheaffer! Most notable is the use of a Triumph-style wrap-around, conical nib. The Wing Sung 233 pens offered here are NOS (new, old stock) and so are consequently a bit shop-worn (meaning they might need a bit of polishing, but at this price, are a terrific value).“Hi Manoj, the pens and the lovely pen pouch have emerged from their “black hole” (Danish customs) today. Thank you, they are great writers – especially the Wing Sung 233, which combines an XF line with a bit of response, almost “flex” – I can imagine how a Triumph nib must have been, with this clone.

Pity neither is made anymore…Thanks for some lovely pens and a Happy easter to you and yours.” H. N., Denmark “Yay! The pen arrived today. Thanks so much for the fast shipping — the closest thing to instant gratification one can get when there aren’t any fountain pen stores to visit near by.

And the pen is lovely. It writes beautifully, too. I am constantly surprised at how good these Chinese pens are. How can those manufacturers get these nibs so smooth at such a low price point? There are other pen manufacturers who could use some lessons, I think…Thanks again for your wonderful service.” E. B., Arlington, MA“Hello Lelow, the two pens I ordered probably came in last week but as I was travelling, I could only pick them up yesterday. Wow, indeed I am very happy with both of them. As you said, very different from the Wing Sung, and different from each other, but I find I already like them all.

The Wing Sung 233 is a stay-at-home these days (my purse was getting so heavy with all the favorites I carried, I made a radical change and removed about ten) but it’s within easy reach.

The Rocket is staying in my purse though. What a nice little piece of writing technology. I have something with small pens that are still heavy enough to write well with. The Plasma is another story. It’s one of the larger pens I have, but what a joy to write with. And beautiful. Thank you!” M. G., Curaçao   “Dear Manoj: My order arrived Friday.

As usual, the fountain pens and bottled ink were well packed and arrived safe and sound. Also, your personal, sealed note is always a treat. After flushing the fountain pens with a light solution of soap and water (as per your suggestion) I dipped the nibs in ink and gave the pens a short “test drive.” Both pen wrote smoothly without skip or effort.

Your inspection and “tuning” of the nibs really adds value to an already great pen purchase deal. Keep up the good work Manoj. You make it possible for people, like me,  who have a large love of fountain pens and a very small budget, to own and enjoy some very nice writing fountain pens without having to get a third job to pay for them. Good luck and much continued success with Lelow.” J. Z., Parsippany, NJ  “Hi Manoj: The Wing Sung 233 arrived in good order.  I dip-tested it and it writes very nicely, even to someone who’s more accustomed to a medium nib.  The color is wonderful, and is a perfect match for the model 730 I acquired a few months ago, which came from the seller’s mother’s estate and is 30 years old (came in the original box, too).

I’m becoming a fan of the modern Chinese pen, as I think it offers great value for the price.   I’ll be visiting your web site again to see some of your others goodies. The note you included was a nice touch! Thanks.

It’s the first correspondence I’ve ever received  with a seal affixed.  And I finally was able to refold it.  You must do Origami!  This whole transaction has been a pleasure.  A friend in the Netherlands cued me in your direction, since we share a common interest in older Wing Sung 233 pens.” B. B., Harriman, TN“Norm:  I have received the pens yesterday in good condition.  Followed your cleaning recommendation, which was very helpful.  Ink one of the pens this morning.  All I can say is this product is an incredible value, along with your QC before shipment. 

Thank you for your service. The pen writes flawlessly and is reasonable in price. Well done.” J. A., Richmond, VA “The Jinhao is beautiful and I can’t believe the quality of this pen and for such a modest price.

It looks great, it feels great and is packaged like an expensive pen. I recently bought the Conklin Nozac (the reissue) and there is no comparison, in my opinion. But the Wing Sung is a delight and will be the pen most used. So once again thank you.” P. W., United Kingdom“Hello Manoj. I ordered the Wing Sung 233 FP and a few other pens from you a few weeks ago. I love fine point and extra fine point fountain pens and I’m amazed how smooth the Wing Sung 233 writes.

I’ve used it everyday since received. I have some costlier fountain pens in my collection and I can honestly say that I, based purely upon how the Wing Sung writes, I prefer this pen over some of the more expensive fountain pens in my collection.” S. T., Palmdale, CA “The Wing Sung 233s are sleek, compact, and good writers at a good price.

I got one for myself and one for my son because he wanted a refillable fountain, pen and I thought the vacuum filler complemented the pen’s historic styling.” A. Y., Camarillo, CA   “Manoj, I received my order of the Wing Sung 233 on Saturday last.  First ink was a true joy,  Filled with Parker Quink Black with no problem and flow was immediate. 

On this pen I would have to say that the line is closer to fine than medium though.  There is very little tooth to the nib and it almost glides across the page.  Fit, finish and feel are all well above average. 

A definite keeper and I believe that it will have a prominent place in my rotation.” W. D., Lancaster, CA “Wow. The light teal Wing Sung arrived today.  Much thanks. It’s a great pen.

Amazing how a pen with a nib that fine can be that smooth.  You are truly a god among pen sellers!   I also used it to write a short note which will go out in the snail mail tomorrow.

 I think everyone should have at least one Wing Sung.  It should be mandatory. Especially people who think they may not like extra-fine nibs.  A Wing Sung, with HISNIBS QC, is an amazing pen.  Again thanks.” S. L., Arlington, VA

“Hello Manoj, I love my Wing Sung 233 so much, I must have more! Please send me a PayPal invoice for one burgundy and one black. I am also really enjoying the Pilot 78G stub. 

It gives wonderful line variation.” L.L., Raleigh, NC “I’ve been writing with the Wing Sung all evening—oh, my! This is even better than the Hero 100. (And to think that for months I scoffed at the very idea of these “cheap” Chinese pens!)

Though it feels almost too light, the slightly longer length gives ideal control and handling. It writes like a smooth and wet medium nib (with Noodler’s Navy Blue ink), though I was fearing that it would lay a dry extra-fine type of line.

Well, this will easily become my daily use pen. You can expect me to order more of these very soon! I love the torpedo/submarine shape—very reminiscent, as you say, of old Sheaffer snorkels.” A. F., Metuchen, NJ “Very many thanks for the Wing Sung 233 fountain pen which arrived today.

Even with the cost of postage to the UK, this pen is still ridiculously cheap – and it writes superbly.” M. H., United Kingdom   #233 Black    $15.00    Sold out  #233 Burgundy    $15.00   Sold out  #233 Mocha    $15.00   Sold out  #233 Light Teal    $15.00   Sold out   Reminiscent of the Sheaffer TM of the early 1950’s, these pens measure about 5-1/2″ capped and a full 6″ posted. The pen sports a steel cap with subtle pinstriping and a spring-loaded clip. The cap band is marked with the Chinese characters for ‘Wing Sung 233’, as well as the model number ‘233’ and ‘Wing Sung’ in EnglishRemoving the slip cap — which securely snaps back into place — displays the wrap-around, conical nib. It’s gold-plated steel and equates to a western fine. Like most nibs designed for the Asian market, it’s designed to be firm for writing the more intricate Chinese characters.

The nib is engraved with the Chinese characters for ‘Wing Sung’, along with ‘Made in China’ written in English. Also readily apparent is the ambered ink-view window, which allows the user to instantly determine when it’s time for a refill. Unscrewing the barrel reveals the pump-style filler, for use with bottled ink.

As with all new pens, I recommend running a dilute solution of dishwashing soap (two or three drops to a small bowl of water) through a new pen a few times, followed by water only.

Step one is effective at removing manufacturing oils that can tend to make the ink less than enthusiastic in heading from the converter/filler to the nib, and step two removes the traces of the detergent you’ve used…which tends to have the opposite, diuretic effect.  After discovering that Wing Sung 233 decided to commit hara-kiri, I cleaned it up very quickly and inked it up again. I should mention that it’s been a few days since the incident and Wing Sung is behaving itself.

Thus so far anyway. Perhaps it learned its lesson after I waterboarded it under the taps. Wing Sung 233 Fountain Pen, Aerometric Filler, Brand New New Old Stock (NOS). Fine Nib, Plastic Barrel, Golden Colour Cap, Ink Window To See If You Are Running Out Of Ink Made In the 1990s By WING SUNG, Without Box From Retail Package.

The Price Is For One Pen, The Colors: Burgundy, Black & Green. Shipping In INDIA Only, Nice Gift For Everyone. The wing sung 233 fountain pen is in perfect working condition. NEW OLD STOCK (NOS), Brand: Wing Sung. Model: 233. Colour: Black/green/burgundy with Golden cap. Ink Filler: aromatic Ink

converter filling

Outside of this inky mess, performance is solid. The steel nib is ridiculously wet to the point that I would be very cautious scribbling on anything other than fountain pen-friendly paper. It’s relatively smooth (not glassy, but limited feedback) although the sheer amount of ink it cranks out goes a long way into smoothing over any writing issues.

I know that the writing sample below shows some railroading, but I haven’t been able to re-create that so I would say that it was an isolated incident.The pen is unsubstantial. It weighs literally less than nothing and the grip section is perfectly acceptable in a 60’s girth sorta way. Compared to modern pens, the 233 might be a touch anemic and I can’t say I am sold on that taper, but on the whole, it’s perfectly comfortable even if it’s not my “ideal” pen section. Hard to complain about smooth plastic. everything.

It’s like a slightly prettier Bic. Please also note the hideous amber “ink window” that doesn’t serve any practical purpose. Out of the box, the wing sang 233 pens has a steel sheath over the sac, and even with ti removed you can’t see a damn thing, but then again tastes vary and some people may like this aesthetic flourish.Waterman Intense Black Fountain Pen Ink No flex, no real character of any kind. It’s a Western F-M’ish with absolutely nothing to write home about except how much ink it dumps out. Which, as I said, is a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.At this point, you might be thinking, “What’s so interesting about this pen?” Well, my inky friends, this Wing Sung 233 has a very nice cap (relative to price & manufacturing period) with, I shit you not – a spring-loaded clip. Not only that but a perfectly executed spring-loaded clip.

I was shocked. Retention is perfect and frankly, in terms of utility, it’s better than 99% of the clips on my other pens. The cap is also nicely decorated with striations and is honestly pretty damn perfect. I have an expensive Chinese fountain pen ($100+ gold nib etc.) which has a cheap plastic sleeve inside the cap.

This one has individual wings (5 of them!) soldered on the inside to grip the section (I assume it latches onto that little steel band under the amber ink window). Great stuff.It’s always interesting to review these super inexpensive Chinese wing sung 233 pens. I may have a positive experience and others the exact opposite. Maybe my Wing Sung 233 has a nib that was especially wet and if you buy it, yours will be dry as a bone. Consistency wasn’t exactly a PRC specialty, so bear that in mind. Maybe treat it as a lottery and live vicariously that way!

Ultimately, performance will be dictated by your particular wing sung 233 pens is an example.

If you want a solid, reliable scribbler for very little money pick up a Jinhao 992 (spoiler alert: it’s magnificent), otherwise treat this as a curiosity, something to enjoy sporadically inking up or displaying, but not really ideal for everyday use – especially in an academic environment.

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