Tiger Balm Warm Medicated Plaster 14x10cm


Tiger Balm Warm Medicated Plaster for Fast Relief of Muscular Pain – 14x10cm Adhesive Band-Aid  (Set of 2), For Relief Of Muscular Aches & pains, Inflammation, Stiff Neck & Shoulders, Arthritic & Back Pains.

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Tiger Balm Warm Medicated Plaster 14x10cm Adhesive Band-Aid  (Set of 2)

  • For Relief Of Muscular Aches & pains
  • Inflammation
  • Stiff Neck & Shoulders
  • Arthritic & Back Pains.

Tiger Balm Warm Medicated Plaster

for Fast Relief of Muscular Pain – 14x10cm Adhesive Band-Aid  (Set of 2)



Brand Tiger Balm
Model Name Warm Plaster for Fast Relief of Muscular Pain – 14x10cm
Pack of 2
Waterproof Yes
Set of 2
Material Non-Woven Ventilated Material
Latex Free Yes
Sterile No


Length 14 cm
Width 10 cm
  • Generic Name: Adhesive Band-Aid
  • Expiry Date: 5 Nov 2023
  • Country of Origin: Malaysia


for added adhesiveness Adhesive Sheet

One of the best stiff neck remedies, the warm pain relief patch is comfortable to wear, provides long-lasting relief, and developed with Tiger Balm’s distinctive formulation. Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm) is a unique preparation that provides long-lasting, soothing relief for stiff necks and muscular aches and pains.

It is a comfortable and effective remedy for stiff neck and shoulders, back pains, and muscular fatigue. Made from hydrogel technology and non-woven ventilated material, Tiger Balm Plaster (Warm) is comfortable to use with easy application that leaves no residue on the skin, making it ideal for everyday use.

  • Warm relief for sore muscles, stiff neck, and backaches
  • Long-lasting, comfortable to wear
  • Available in 2 sizes.
    • Small (10cm x 7cm) – For the neck, arms, legs, and joints
    • Large (10cm x 14cm) – For back and shoulder blades

Tiger Balm Warm -Medicated Plaster for Fast Relief of Muscular Pain – 14x10cm Adhesive Band-Aid  (Set of 2)

TIGER BALM PLASTER-RD for added adhesiveness Adhesive Sheet

Backing INSIDE

Information Leaflet

WARM EX .0.5g

Tiger Balm Plaster – RD is an analgesic and mild Tiger Balm Plaster – RD adalah sejenis plaster yang memberi anti-inflammatory preparation. Once applied, its ingredients are kesan “analgesic” dan “anti-radang bengkak”.

Rumusannya absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation which helps to meresap ke dalam kulit apabila ditampal. Ia juga merangsangkan expedite the healing process.

Its permeating and warm action pengedaran darah yang boleh mempercepatkan proses provides relief and comfort for hours.


  • Camphor……………..0.6g
  • Mentha Oil …………..0.5g
  • Eucalyptus Oil ……….0.3g
  • Capsicum Extract….0.2g

Muscular pain, stiff neck and shoulders, contusion, selepas mandi atau ditanggalkan satu jam sebelum mandi. sprain, backache, and arthritic pain.


Clean and dry area of application. Peel off the protective film and apply plaster to the affected area once or twice a day. Apply plaster half an hour after bathing, remove plaster one hour before bathing.

Adverse Reactions: May cause allergic reactions in some individuals with hypersensitive skin. If severe irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Known or suspected intolerance to rubefacient should exercise caution when using this preparation.

Storage: Keep the plaster out of reach of children. Store below 30°C. Keep unused plasters in the original packaging. Do not ZTEÆ, NER. expose unused plasters to the atmosphere for too long.

Can Cause Convulsion: Contraindicated in infants below 2 years of age. Caution must be exercised when older children are treated.

How to use Tiger Balm Plaster Warm?

  • Place plaster on top & peel off plastic film
  • Peel off the side strips of the adhesive sheet
  • Peel off the center paper of the adhesive sheet. Do not peel side strips.

Place plaster onto the centre of the adhesive sheet, with plastic film facing up. Peel off plastic film from plaster. Tampalkan plaster pada bahagian tengah Pelekat Tambahan dengan plastik nipis menghadap ke atas. Tanggalkan lapisan nipis dari plaster.

Peel the side strips of adhesive sheet and apply plaster onto the affected area. Tanggalkan dua tepi lapisan jalur dari Pelekat Tambahan dan tampal pada bahagian badan yang sakit.

Manufactured by: Haw Par Healthcare Ltd., Singapore. 2 Chia Ping Road, Haw Par Tiger Balm Building, Singapore 619968. Product Registration Holder & Importer (For Malaysia Only): Tiger Balm (M) Sdn. Bhd. PLO 95, No. 6, Jln. Firma 1/1, Tebrau Industrial Estate, 81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Contents / Isi kandungan/: 2 Plasters – 10cm x 14cm & Backing Adhesive Sheets RH

Backing adhesive sheet get Ize Jelly Balm


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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 cm


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