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Jogmaya FTG FOP I Special 400 Gms Darjeeling Tea


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Brand: Lelow


Jogmaya FTG FOP I Special 400 Gms Darjeeling Tea

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Jogmaya FTG FOP

1. Rinse a teapot with hot water.
2. Measure one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup & put it in the teapot.
3. Boil fresh water, as soon as it starts to boil pour in the teapot.
4. Let it brew for 4 minutes. Then stir once.
5. We recommend 4 minutes of brewing, but it can be brewed for 3 minutes or 5 minutes depending upon your taste.
6. Pour & enjoy, preferably without milk and sugar. Darjeeling tea may be drunk at any time during the day for a refreshing taste

jogmaya FOP Tea

Darjeeling Tea is recommended not to drink it “extremely hot”, it is appreciated a higher flavor once the temperature goes a bit down…..

Tea Type: Darjeeling
Quantity: 400 gms
Serving Size: 200 cups
Flavor: Floral
Type: Un Blended
Expiration Date: 12 months from the date of packing
Brand: Lelow
Form: Loose Leaf
Flavored Tea: Not Flavored

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