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Buy Giddapahar Darjeeling Tea Online India. Premium second flush tea is the jewel of all black teas. An exceptional quality Giddahapahar tea plucked from the china bushes from the ‘high elevation’ section of the plantation of Darjeeling. This tea has all the ingredients that are necessary to make a perfect Darjeeling cup. The aroma is so pure you will relish every sip you take.

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Buy Giddapahar Darjeeling Tea Online

Buy Giddapahar Darjeeling Tea online India’s second flush tea is the jewel of all black teas. An exceptional quality Darjeeling tea was plucked from the china bushes from the ‘high elevation’ section of the plantation of Darjeeling.

Details of Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea

ESTATE: Giddapahar Tea Estate
CULTIVAR:  China Bushes
TEA TYPE:  Fully Oxidized Black Tea.
FLUSH SEASON:  Second Flush
TYPE OF PLUCKING:  100% fine leaf
SPECIALITY:  Traditional Giddahapahar Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

Premium Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea Second Flush

Premium Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea Second Flush Tea has all the ingredients that are necessary to make a perfect Darjeeling cup. It has the right balance of floral and Muscatel notes. The aroma is so pure you will relish every sip you take. Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea is a Loose leaf tea is a surprise offering the very special tea which is a mix of multiple clone varieties.

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Black Tea: Giddapahar Darjeeling Tea Online

Buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea Online India

Dry leaves are coppery black in shades with plenty of golden buds. The aroma of dry leaves is very sweet just like honey and sweet baked cookies. When brewed for 4 minutes we get a perfect golden cup that is aromatic. We can get aromas of wet pine wood, honey, and sweet floral hints in the background.

2nd Flush Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea

The taste is very smooth. It has a woody taste with a mix of white exotic flowers and a grape-like twang towards the end. The tea is just enough astringent to leave a lingering aftertaste in the palate. The best of all Darjeeling Assam.

Nearby to Kurseong is Mirik Town, known for Turzum Tea Estate.


DRY LEAF:  Black Brown Leaves
INFUSED LEAF:  Blackish Brown Leaves
COLOUR:  Orange Cup
ASTRINGENCY:  Hints of Astringency
FLAVOUR:  Strong Flavour
AFTER TASTE:  With a pleasant mild taste Muscatel


  1. Water: Always use cold fresh water.
  2. Boiling: Temperature of the water: 85°C.
  3. Tea Qty: Weight of leaves per cup: One teaspoon (around 2.5g).
  4. Brewing Time : 3-4 mins.
  5. Recommended Steeps: Two
  6. Additions: No Sugar or Milk.
  7. Condiments are not advised as they may ruin the natural flavor of the tea

PACKING: 200 grams

We would suggest all summer flush lovers try this beautiful offering this season.

Online India Best 2nd Flush Darjeeling Tea

DRY LEAVES: Fine sorted coppery black leaves with plenty of golden buds.
LIQUOR: Bright golden liquor with sweet woody and honey-like a sweet aroma.
INFUSION: Bright coppery whole leaves with a prominent floral musky aroma.

What is Muscatel Tea?

Originally the word Muscatel Tea was used to describe a special type of Wine which have a pronounced sweet floral aroma. So when black tea is known to be generally bitter how do we have Muscatel taste in Tea? Most of the tea is made in the plains where there is vigorous growth. The shoots grow rapidly and the development of special flavors and aromas does not take place. The growth is also rapid and plucking of extraordinary good leaf-like two leaves and a bud is also not possible.

Where can I Buy Darjeeling Tea Online India?

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Once the growth is checked we are able to pluck very fine two leaves and a bud and sometimes even a single leaf and a bud. The quantity of leaf is also very less in the factory so special and careful precise processing of the tea is also possible.

In the Factory, once we get a fine leaf comprising of large quantities of buds which later are called tips then we start the process of making fine quality Muscatel tea. Buy Gidahapahar Tea India,  especially in the summer season, once withered are rolled and oxidized multiple times to develop special flavors. The teas are mostly sweet and very smooth and some of them have the special finish of honey, or citrus and caramel sweet.

Buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea

In Giddahapahar Darjeeling, you also get quality Green Tea. Buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea Online India at lelow online

The flavours are sometimes prominent and the tea is rich and thick and you feel it all over your mouth and then the aroma consumes you and you realize you are having something really rare and special.

It is when you get a feeling like this you know you are having a truly amazing, buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea. Giddahapahar Darjeeling makes a lot of Muscatel teas which are honey-sweet from its AV2 clones. Since it is one of the highest elevated gardens in Darjeeling the flavor intensity is also very high.

Buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea Online India at the best prices only here.

History of Giddahapahar Tea Estate

The literal translation of the name Giddahapahar means Eagle’s mountain. (Gidda Eagle Birdpahar=mountain) but it is translated as Eagle’s Cliff.

This Darjeeling tea garden was established in the year 1881 and ever since has been under the management and ownership of the Shaw Family. The fourth generation of the Shaw family presently manages this tea garden.

Location of Gidahapahar Tea Estate

Giddahapahar tea garden is located on the gentle slopes of Kurseong valley which is at a distance of 4 kilometers from Kurseong town. IThe china tea bushes along with some clonal varietals in this garden are grown at an elevation from 4500 feet to 5200 feet from sea level. The tea bushes are planted in an area of 94 hectares out of the total 115 hectares of the garden area.

Other notable region Darjeeling tea gardens nearby are Castleton Tea Estate, Savitar Tea Estate and Jogmaya Tea Estate. Buy other Assam CTC Tea. Best selling tea shops.

Darjeeling Teas of Giddahapahar Tea Estate

Giddahapahar tea estate is known for its exquisite and characteristic Darjeeling teas grown from the century-old china bushes. Its first flush teas from china bushes are most famous and much sought after. This tea from the spring season has a light yellowish liquor, is slightly astringent and mellow to taste, which is the characteristics of an excellent Darjeeling tea.

Buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea

This garden also produces exquisite hand-rolled white teas mostly from its AV2 clonal cultivars. These white teas are named Giddahapahar Clonal Tips has a floral and smooth taste and are much sought after by tea lovers around the globe. On average, this tea garden produces 30,000kg of Darjeeling teas annually from its 94 hectares of cultivable land.

Certification of this Garden:

Buy Giddahapahar Darjeeling Tea Giddahapahar Tea Estate, which is located in the land of white orchid (Kurseong), is certified as an ISO:9001 and ISO:21000 company.

Ownership of Giddhapahar Tea Estate

Giddahapahar tea estate is owned by the Shaw family. This garden was under administration ever since it was founded in the early days of the year 1881. It is presently run by the 4th generation of the Shaw family, by Surendra Nath Singh and his brother.

Postal Address of Giddhapahar Tea Estate

Giddhapahar Tea Estate P.O: Kurseong, District: Darjeeling, West Bengal – 734203 – India

Here is a black tea from India, coming from the small family garden of Giddapahar, Darjeeling. They are known for their original classic tea plants, but recently, they’ve been experimenting with new clonal plants (AV2).

Rich in textures and flavors, these black tea leaves give a clear, amber colored cup, expressing sharp hints of fruit (sweet orange), notes of sandalwood, and subtle spices (pink pepper) followed by a persistent orange blossom aroma.

A fragrant tea that dwells pleasantly in the mouth long after each sip.

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    If you are a black tea lover, please go for it without giving a second thought. Just boil the water up to 90 degrees and brew it for 10 mins ! Indulge yourself into an awesome tea flavor

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