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Rohini Fine Darjeeling Tea 400 grams


• Garden Fresh Darjeeling Tea Directly from India.
• Pure & Unblended Rohini Fine Darjeeling First Flush Tea.
• DIRECT FROM INDIA – Based in Darjeeling, India.

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Rohini Fine Darjeeling Tea 400 grams

Rohini Fine Darjeeling Tea is from Rohini Tea Estate, “the youngest tea estate of Darjeeling”. Rohini is mostly the first tea garden to produce the earliest first flush in Darjeeling.

The dry leaves are dark green in appearance and consist of finely plucked whole leaves. The cup is very mellow and fruity with a light body having a fantastic spring fresh flavor.

Rohini Fine Tea

Rohini Fine Darjeeling Tea

This first flush tea has a fulfilling experience that leaves behind a lingering and pleasant aftertaste with zero astringences.

The tea has a very good citrus finish and a very lively character. The bushes are fresh as they have just come out of hibernation from the prolonged winter of almost 4 months from December to March.

The low temperatures experienced during winters impart a very distinct character to this fresh Darjeeling first flush tea. During the first flush also known as spring flush, we have 100% growing shoots and get excellent buds with either a single leaf or two leaves and a bud.

The flavor is prominent as the weather is also very dry and cool which ensures very slow growth at Darjeeling Tea Estates.

The workers are very careful in their plucking to make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. But in this season the growth of Darjeeling teas is very slow and the workers bring in a very small quantity of leaves to the factory but all are very special.

The plucking is of such fine quality that the tea only needs to be hand sorted and the machines used to make the tea are very few. First Flush teas are known to be slightly oxidized.

It takes a lot of experience to make the tea perfect as wither and oxidation have to be just right or else the flavor could be either too light or too strong and bitter.

Rohini Fine Loose tea

Tea Details

Estate: Rohini Tea Estates
Tea type: Mild Oxidized First Flush Tea
Flush: First Flush
Cultivar: Mixed
Grade: Fine
Elevation: 3000 – 4000 feet
Fermentation: Mildly oxidized post rolling
Specialty: Traditional Darjeeling First Flush

Rohini Fine

Tasting Notes

Leaf appearance: Well sorted, Dark Green Whole Leaves with few tips
Infusion: Bright Green Clean Infusion
Liquor color: A very pale yellow
Transparency: Fully Transparent
Flavor: Very mellow, fruity & fantastic spring fresh flavor
Aroma: Fresh aroma of Darjeeling Spring Flush
Aftertaste: Pleasant and distinct after taste

Brewing Instruction

Water: Always use fresh water
Boiling: Temperature of the water: 85°C.
Time : 3-4 minutes
Leaves: One teaspoon (around 2.5g) /one cup
Multiple Infusions: 2 times
Milk : No milk, Condiments are not advised as it may ruin the natural flavor of the tea

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